Australia: Military Lockdowns in Australia. In January 2020 we went into Full Global Martial Law. The Art Of War based on Sun Tzu. Taking down the Deep State and all of those who link to them. I have covered so much of this. Military will provide Food, Water and other Essentials during the STORM. Once complete they will be helping us all rebuild and bring in the Suppressed Technologies etc. Look up the Australian Casinos caught Money Laundering with Drug & Child Traffickers. All linked to the Golden Triangle. The Australian Labor Party headed by Paul Keating & The UK Labor Party would run guns under the Australian Secret Security Agreement for the Clinton Foundation & the Majority owners (FreePort McMoran) of the the largest Goldmine in the World known as the Grasberg Mine. This was to kill West Papuans so they could gain more control.

Australia Craig Roy, [04.08.21 08:14] I said I was going to write to you yesterday but I had energy work that wiped me out and I could not get back to you. I am going to write the following as though I know what I am talking about but I am not sure about most of it so the whole text will form part of the question as well as the complete question. It has to do with the constitution and If you wish to talk to others before answering and that takes time that is OK with me.

The Queen and the whole Royal family are gone so that means we do no longer have a crown. I will use the word crown from here on to represent the Royal family. With having no Crown and the Governor General is the Crowns representative here in Australia. The Governor General then has no power and no authority as the representative of the crown also all appointments the GG has made are null and void as the power that allows that to happen is not there. Also means that we cannot have any elections in Australia anymore as all the standing politicians have to go to the GG to dissolve the government (State or Federal) to have an election so no election can be called. I am not sure but does not the GG sign all laws after they have gone through the process? If this is so then all laws are also null and void.

I know one constitution has the Queen of Australia but that is a fiction as there is no Queen of Australia. All constitutions refer to the Crown and this is the basis of their power so they are all null and void as there is no Crown or Queen of Australia. All officers of Government, Court, Police, Military etc who swear an oath to the Crown are null and void also as they swear to the crown which is no longer. We have not had a referendum that makes us a republic and there is not a constitution for the Republic of Australia. I don’t believe in the constitution there is a remedy for the loss of Crown as no one conceived that there would be no Crown.

So does not all of the above put us in a constitutional crisis? As stated before in previous writing the USA now owns Australia. We could consider that we had a war with the USA and they won and are the conquering force which on paper makes us now part of the USA. I do not believe that this is what they want it is just an interim step to freedom for all. I think the USA will be caretaker of Australia and other countries until all the mess is cleaned up and then a new constitution will be written based on the US constitution and bill of rights.