Hi Folks

Keeping you informed in regards to the upcoming launch of our new website. We’d love to give you the best website experience possible. In recent times we’ve received some great feedback concerning subject matters for the recently released Knowledge Modules, as well as hearing some of the good and not so good from some members experiences.

We want to know how all of our members feel about our products & services. Your feedback is important to us as well as being anonymous. Please provide your honest feedback.

We trust your patience during this phase will be well rewarded and you’ll be delighted by the many improvements made, based on hearing from you right now with what you’d like to see from Solutions Empowerment. Thanking you all for your feedback and support.

* We’ll keep the feedback running for 2 weeks until 30th June 2022. We’ll read every single feedback with appreciation.

Kindest Regards
Mark Pytellek
Solutions Empowerment