Marks reply:

Must see the below “The UK is doing what?”

Do you really believe what will be applied to the UK will be restricted to the UK & not applied universally?

It is up to us to write individually to the key Ministers and protest such action and demand their immediate resignation if they fail or refuse to reply to our Notice and Demand, confirming that such draconian
action will NEVER occur in your country.

1. We’ll draft such a letter THIS week that can be applied universally

2. Next, every regional community ought form an Association that can gather strength in numbers & then the Association can write on behalf of its members which gives far greater weight

3. We need to set up training cells or schools in every city, with trainers teaching students to apply the role of Commonwealth Public Official (peace officer) and peace officers in a private peace officer role that can intervene when a member of the public is assaulted, accosted or affronted by public authorities, such as police officers or authorised person

4. To set up alternative private communication systems – our app will be launched on 1 July 2021 and may be a useful too

5. Get prepared to sustain yourself, with adequate dry food, fresh water supply, of grid power source, medicines ie. Expect the best but prepare for the worst

6. Form communities outside cities and towns so its members can support one another

Sadly folks, there have been a couple of people reply that we are excessively fear mongering! Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course, but if we don’t educate, make available information or otherwise help our neighbor, are we not acting negligently?

Would you rather not know what the possibilities are, what the enemies of mankind are preparing for us, or is living “oblivious” to what is transpiring around us, the reality of the world so its easier on the mind, but gives rise to the risk of being a victim, more palatable?

We have a plan to form a principality, as a refuge and safe haven.

For a plan, we will only share this by protonmail at and shortly on the new phone app. Look at the UK article below & reflect on its implications.

Kindest Regards