Testimonials & Successes

2021 Success Stories

We had a wonderful experience. We went to town again and had to go to the supermarket. The first supermarket was great and we were treated with the utmost respect without a mask without any hand wash and without signing in. The flour was sold out so we went to another supermarket and who did we see at the door but the same doorman who had harassed and belittled us a couple of weeks before. We boldly walked up to him and said “We have an exemption” and waved our exemption cards by him. This time he was as meek as a lamb. It was wonderful!!! I really feel standing our ground with him the in our first encounter with him and showing him and his manager all of the directives and a conditional acceptance then sending a letter to the owner of the establishment (all things we have learnt here) had a powerful effect, even though it seemed and felt like we had got nowhere initially. Surprise surprise sometimes results come unexpectedly. He definitely must have got put in his place by his bosses and this time there wasn’t a peep out of him. We still make sure we park well away from any supermarket entrance and carry a recording device with us at all times. We noticed as we were leaving a new doorman was at the door and filmed us as we left, but we didn’t care. Our vehicle was out of sight behind some bushes and they had no hope of gaining our identity. We were so happy as we had been prepared to face anything including being accosted by cops so it was delightful to have such a wonderful and easy time of it this time. We prayed to be peaceful and smiling as we approached any problem that might present itself and we feel very grateful to have had this experience that vindicated the processes we are studying and applying.


Thank you so much. I and my family will be eternally grateful that you have provided us with such a valuable service at such good value for money. Even if I had to struggle to pay for this service I would make it a priority as I would purchasing a car or food for sustenance to me it is that important. We had to save to pay for the trust and we would save for any other service if we needed it. We realise you are making sure everyone in any income bracket can afford your services. If anyone here attended a university course with the level of information and training provided here they could end up paying thousands of dollars. On this site we only pay $100 per year (initially a $200 joining fee) to remain in training and to learn how to create our own documents (that will stand up in court if necessary) for a fraction of what it would cost in the public realm. I recommend this site to anyone who is desperately seeking remedies and who is ready to put in quality hours of study and then apply what they have learnt in the public realm. One amazing feature of this site is the support the members provide to each other by sharing their stories and helping one another with their experiences and things that have worked for them. I can’t find another site anywhere that supplies all the features you supply and has honest and diligent people such as yourselves willing to share the vast knowledge and expertise you have, following the principle of Love Thy Neighbour.



Dealing with CENSUS

Canadian here. We had a census this year too. For all 3 notices in the mail I wrote (in red ink): “NO CONSENT – NO CONTRACT – NO OBLIGATION” on the front, and “RETURN TO SENDER – Unsolicited Mail – Please remove this address from your mailing list” and sent it back. I then had a census person come to my door, they came three times. First 2 times I didn’t answer.

Third time I answered and recorded the interaction asking who the census was addressed to. When she responded there’s no name associated with it, just an address I said “just the address? Ok, so what, would like to speak with the house?” She said, well no the “occupants of the dwelling”. I said “oh ok, the “occupants”, well what exactly is your source of authority? Because this is my property, my information is my property, so are you making a claim to my property here?” to which she responded that they all swear an oath to keep people’s information private/confidential.

I told her I don’t trust what the government says as these days it seems like oaths don’t really matter. She advised that I could go online and fill it out myself, and I said I wasn’t going to do that either because I do not consent. No consent, no contract, no obligation. She said ok and that she would pass that on to her supervisor. I said great, thank you, have a wonderful day. She left and I haven’t heard from Stats Canada or the census bureau since. This was probably like 2 months ago now.”


Vanessa was successful at acquiring her “All Rights reserved” licence and opening her bank account using the same signature.

Mark and Sonya,
You asked me to keep you posted. So I wanted to let you know I received my ARR licence in the mail this week. It has been quite the experience for me. Having built it to be something in my head, I focused on my energy leading up it, and making peace with not getting it, but doing my best.
I walked in, got a new picture taken, signed the way I intended and she didn’t even look at it. Then it arrived this week. It couldn’t have been simpler. 
With opening the bank account for the trust at Bendigo, all went smoothly too. Even though she disputed the signatures on the paperwork, I acknowledged her concern calmly and produced an affidavit declaring my signature. She filed it with the paperwork, and we heard from Bendigo a couple of days later with details of our account. 
I want to thank you both for what you do. You have made a real difference in my life. I know you are under an enormous amount of pressure. 
Please know I appreciate what you do.
Sending much love and blessings, 


“I’m not sure about the passport but I’m about to do mine as I let it expire.
However, for the license, it’s pretty simple. I walked into the Transport Department (I’m in Qld), told them “I lost my license and need to get a new one, and would like a new photo and signature please” (I also updated my address at the same time as my other one was old.

I was a bit nervous to be honest but was super polite. I just kept waffling on and asking the clerk about their day etc to fill the silent void (I suppose to subconsciously remove the opportunity for them to ask any further questions) and then signed my new signature on the digital pad.
Made sure each element was ‘touching’ so there was no opportunity for any cropping on their part.
The clerk didn’t bat an eyelid and I received it in the post not long after 🙂 Super easy.

I was prepared and went with my bank cards already signed with the new way, just in case they needed further reassurance that it was my current signature. Hope that helps 🙂”


Trust Creation Feedback

hi Mark and Sonya,

Thank you very much for setting it up. Confirming I have received the package with the deeds.

I’m very impressed with the quality of your product. Very well done! Awesome job. Thank you.

Kind regards


Hey guys,

I was issued a mask fine despite politely stating my exemption about a month ago (Queensland).

Didn’t elect to go to court (although I hear they don’t even make it that far)

Instead delivered a Notice of CA to the Snr Sargeant the following day.
Got a reply stating the fine was justified.

Delivered a 2nd Notice in person, had a firm chat and showed video evidence of stating my exemption.
He still denied any wrongdoing but 2 weeks later I get a letter advising the fine had been withdrawn.

The fine was issued on the 1st day of mandatory masks in SE QLD, and my fine was reported locally, so it’s appeared to be an obvious fear tactic to instil compliance.

What a shame.


I have done all the Non-Consents and helped many others doing theirs, also helped a friend business owner stand up against threats to close his Business by the end of the day for not complying with QR rubbish. We stood our ground, served them with conditional acceptance etc. That was 6 weeks ago, they have not been back.


“I completed the non consent to vaccines and lockdowns process a few months ago and what it gives me is peace of mind and the ability to relax as I learn from all the other webinars. I know that now I and my family have an equitable estoppel agreement and private default judgement with the adversary that we can use in court if necessary and if not in court to show anyone that tries to impose “mandatory” vaccines lockdowns etc on me or my family. I have now had my license signed all rights reserved as has my husband and we have put our possessions on a UCC1 listing after hunkering down and studying that, we have also paid for an unregistered trust for our house and cars. I have learnt how to address officials in the correct manner and we have travelled on a plane without a mask. At the same time I am helping others complete their processes if they need it. The Non consent process also taught me to write my own non consent and conditional acceptance notice to our power company (using the non consent to vaccines etc as a template and also using Observation Deck’s books from youtube) when they were trying to force a digital meter on us. I am now preparing to try to get a declaratory judgement in court for that. So for me the notices immediately gave me a remedy when I felt we were going to be forced to take a vaccine, and I was so frightened and knew nothing about how the system really worked. I know now that it is all just a commercial enterprise, businesses taking over our towns, countries, police forces, armies and economies, with us as the consumers and that we have the ability to say no, through correct legal procedures, to any offers of any “mandatory” products. I have learnt so much from being on this forum and as I keep watching webinars, taking notes, practising scripts, I feel we are prepping for whatever might be coming to us in the future.”

Kind Regards


Successes story’s with ATO tax amendment and council rates!

Hello All,

I just wanted to share with everyone my successes story’s as I believe it should help those that are potentially going stand their ground with whatever their situation may be.

I only joined Solutions Empowerment in November 2020 and I just spent every spare moment I had listening to the the webinars that best interested me, I listen to as many as I could because I just really enjoyed to learn. So after a month or two I then bought a package deal that got me 6 modulus.

There were two modulus within those 6 that I really needed, the first being the tax amendment and the second being dealing with the council. I have had success with both and I just can not get over how great I feel for putting in the hard work and to get the results. I could rave on for hours about this but I will leave it there haha.

I will elaborate on both situations as I feel that I should because I am sure there may be questions.

With the council dealing my approach was once I received my rates notice I was to then began the three step process of the demand notices, so that is what I did and to no surprise the council failed to reply on all three occasions, I gave the councillors and the CFO 21 days on each notice and after the 21 days had expired on the final notice I then sent all the councillors and CFO a email. I have not had a reply via email nor post to this day. Also please note I did not have a mortgage loan for the property.

I also did a tax amendment for last years return, so I went to the local court house to get a JP to sign one of the documents within the module you need signed, I chose the court house because I wanted to be out of my comfort zone, I just felt if I am going to learn then I had better start at places that will make it harder for me rather then easier. The court house situation was quite funny because the woman at the counter did not feel comfortable signing my document, so she went and got her superior, they both questioned what it was I wanted signed, after them trying to get out of it I then started to make them understand that they do not need to know what it is for or what is on the document because their job is solely to witness the document and to witness my signature. I did it by asking them the questions rather then making the statements, I hope that makes sense. Once I had put them in the position of them to make the judgement of the questions I was asking they quickly signed. Also note that I was suppperr polite and extremely friendly.

I had only done the one year amendment because that is all I felt comfortable doing, also know I did not try to claim all the tax but about 75% of it, again that is what I felt comfortable doing. My return was over 10,000 Aus dollars so I am more than happy with that.

Ok so that is that with the tax and the council.

I have had success to put on my licence the by (my name) and the all rights reserved, I just went into the transport department and again was smiling happy and super friendly, I just then told the clerk that I was there to update my licence. signature. The lady then said ok no problem please sign here and so I signed their screen thing, took a new picture and she then gave me my new licence.

Have has success with the mandatory mask too, just said I have a medical exemption and that was that.

So are you now not paying rates?
No I have not paid nor have I heard from them. I got the first notification being the rate notification itself, that’s is when I sent my first demand notice, it was within the 72 hours too.
From there I received a reminder notice from them but did nothing about that because they had my first notice already, I just left it as I was not going to waste my time replying to that as well. So all in all it was two notices from them and that was back in February. I sent my email in late May and so far so good. My email to the CFO and the three councillors that I addressed it to was a well written email so I am confident the matter is resolved. As I said before this whole website gives you the information to hold your ground and to see the real world that we live in. The best money I ever spent because now when I have anxiety attacks from the lies I hear I know I can defend myself to some degree. I mean talking and paper can’t stop a bullet but I am hoping it does not come to that lol My wife is from Europe so my next project is the Declaration Judgement as I want to be able to take her to see her unwell mother. I will be sure to update my success story once I have this in my position. I just want to thank again Mark and the team as doing all of the processes are not the most pleasant so I can only imagine what Mark went through when he was starting out and learning from scratch.

Hi Sonya,
Here is a success story from some one who used DIY exemption cards for
masks on planes. The cards aren’t from Solutions Empowerment but are
cards that were on the internet in 2020 in response to the edicts being
handed down. I shared them with this member and here is his story. I’m
sure he was more confident to hold his ground because of the invaluable
teaching on your platform.
Just used those [exemption] cards [for masks] successfully at Airport.
AFP took photo of it from my phone. They wanted to know more about it I
said it was self explanatory and I only discuss matters of a medical
nature with a trained medical professional. AFP turned away and I was on
my way. No qs asked in plane either about why no mask


“All I can say is that I used the ARR licence successfully when I received an infringment.

Aside from just NOT opening the letter and send back with ‘do not consent = no contract’….I decided to open it. I sent a letter stating that I, Living woman (etc) was ‘travelling’ in the vehicle due to my inalienable rights to do so, and reject the infringement. Somethign to that effect.

I then, photocopied (magnified it so it’s really big) my ARR license and sent it off.

Never heard back.
Now, I just don’t open the letter. Infringement/fine notices arrive without any return sender name (sneaky, aren’t they?), so, many people open it to find out where/who it’s from. I just note down the GPO box number, Google it, and a whole lot of ‘infringement’ links will come up. So, then I know to NOT open it and Return to Sender (with: Do not consent = no contract).

However, on this occasion, I did open it and I sent a letter with ARR licence.

But, easiest way is to just never open the letter! Google the PO Box number to know what it is!”


Hello team, 

I spoke to Mark this week in regards to setting up a trust. We are finalising the details and will send them through. 

He asked me to share the wins my 6 year old has had, I penned a few paragraphs for you xx

Much love

Abbey xx

I wanted to take some time to share with you the power of new knowledge gained and the impact it is having on my children.

My 6 year old is generally quietly spoken and can be a bit of a people pleaser… something I possessed that I have passed on and am now working towards dismantling.

But by heck, does she understand the basic concepts of rights and offers. The world of acts and statutes is complicated. But Law is easy, do no harm, love thy neighbour and practice your rights and standing.  

Before I took my children out and decided to home school, the school playground had been shut down for ‘covid’. Yellow bunding ribbon, the whole kit and caboodle. A-6 was not impressed and did not comprehend the reasoning. So she explained her standing x

–          Kids need to play and laugh, and to have fun to be healthy

–          Kids need good germs and bad germs to be healthy.

–          My body needs bad germs so it can learn what they look like so my body can send           them out the next time.

–          Kids need to be in the sun to be healthy

Needless to say, she had a win! The playground was open the next day.

She is able to express that ‘not all rules are made to be good for everyone’, so we have to ask ‘are these rules good for me’? She also understand that ‘rules’ do NOT have to be followed because they are called ‘rules’. A prime example is simply not standing on the stickers in the shops or speaking up in her own way when mum is offered a mask at the shops.

She asked the staff at the play gym why they were wearing masks. The staff member responded with “everyone has to do it at the moment and it is a bit of fun”. She did say “no, you don’t have to”, and then asked:

–          Why did you say we have to?

–          Is wearing a mask healthy?

We have 5 daughters (the 6th child is on the way). Throughout this journey, the new comprehension of my duty to share real life knowledge and power with my kids has hit me pretty hard.


Dear Mark,

Please find attached a copy of the documents in relation to the withdrawal of my court matter after I served a “Notice of Conditional Acceptance upon Proof of Claim” and an Affidavit of Truth. I have a disability Parking Permit because I had undergone surgery on my Knees. However, on this particular day when I returned to my vehicle I noticed a piece of paper wrapped around my windsceenwiper and upon opening the door discovered that the rubber stopper that holds the Disabled Parking Permit to the windscreen had failed.

Do you think these morons would see sense in this? No, because it is $600 and one point. It’s all about raising revenue. I stated to them that I have already paid to use the Disable Parking Bay when I received my Disability Parking Permit. I further stated that commonsense should prevail and all the unlawful parking ranger should be able to do is to punch my registration into the computer he carries to generate revenue for the corporation to see if the vehicle has a valid permit. It is that simple!

Standing up to these parasites is the only way to go and it shows that when you do they back off because they know that they do not have the authority to prosecute. One very important question I ask is, ‘Where do you get your authority from, because I can’t see any mention of Councils or Local Government in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1900 UK’. They are the real criminals.

Kind Regards,


We stopped 5g upgrade!

Dear Mark we stopped a 5g tower from upgrading by 2200% in Banjup. Telstra have been trying to upgrade since March 2020. After a series of pleas and blocking letters they seemed to stop. But they reassessed and at 2600% and started again. After several letters they responded that they considered this matter to be at an end. Finally after you answered my question read by James Kelly on a zoom webinar with Choosing Freedom, you suggested that blocking is seen as dishonorable and that we must accept their offer of an upgrade and place our own conditions. As a group of 10 households we did that by imposing a levy of $750 per week on every dwelling in Banjup and neighboring Atwell so that residents could rent outside the suburb or do remedial works on their dwelling or just be compensated.

That was in September and it is now April and they have not upgraded. They have not responded and therefore passively accepted.

Thanks again, you are the Best


Hi Mark and Sonya,

Wanted to share a result with you from today. Think it is worth celebrating. 🥳🍷

One pirate down and a few more to go.

Currently dealing with Census data pirates. Any webinars coming up on that? Would be useful 😉

Thanks again for the power and insight you have shared Mark.

I feel freedom at my fingertips.

Wish you and your families many blessings.

– A Member from UK

Final Bank Correspondence PDF


The result below where a Magistrate recognised he had no (in personam) over the man or the subject matter (in rem) and he threw the matter out of court was the result of applying the “Non Consent” process
Works like a charm when applied correctly and the user holds their position.
It was the 2nd appearance. The 1st appearance, the Magistrate typically exhibited/vented his anger at Bruce & adjourned the proceeding. Yes, was a traffic matter.


G’day Mark, I had success at Magistrates’ Court yesterday.  I was in and out in less than 1 minute, long story short, the magistrate couldn’t get jurisdiction over me and told me to leave the courtroom.  PS the supreme court is currently reviewing your writ for the 6th time… I should hear back from them soon.
Just want you to know there’s nothing wrong with the writ you did, it’s bloody brilliant, they just keep ‘inventing’ new problems with it every time we file it to deter me, it’s pretty obvious.  I spoke to them about it and they know I’m onto them.  I have a feeling it’s gonna happen this time 😉  Cheers mate 
Hope ya well mate talk soon


1. 4.11.21 P F v Bankwest/CBA Supreme Court. P.F. Amended Defence & Counterclaim accepted by Supreme Court Victoria out of time after leave was given to file it on the basis the original was filed on time on.

2. 11.03.21 P F v Bankwest/CBA Supreme Court. CBA’s application for Order for Default Judgment rejected by the Supreme Court.

3. 11.3.21 Hi Mark, Fina finally got her money from the tax man by cheque. Thanks again for helping her with it take care there

  1. 3 January 20. “On 3/1/2020 the Tribunal made the following order.

“The operation of the orders for payment of money made on 24/4/2019 in matter number HB 18/40815 is stayed until further order of the Tribunal. M Eftimiou, Tribunal Member 3.01.20” after filing an application & supporting affidavit to set aside a previous order of early 2019 – Orders made EX PARTE! False Claim was for $80k, now set aside.


  1. 7 January 20. NCAT hearing of landlord’s Application for Orders claiming valid service of Termination Notice on tenants, MP & SJ, dismissed. NCAT Member’s decision to allow three month additional tenancy. Win re: Part1. Part2 for cross claim for award for breach of oral long term tenancy yet to be heard.


  1. 15 January 20. NSW Police v PS adjourned. Charges re: PS rescuing NK from age care facility where he was kidnapped to.


  1. 23 January 20. Hearing of tenants, MP & SJ’s, NCAT cross claim for award for breach of oral long term tenancy. MP away in Melbourne. Settlement agreement attained that included the landlord would not enter property until tenants had vacated, bringing to an end constant trespass & harassment of the tenants by landlord & agent. Tenant’s claim in Magistrate Court for damages to be heard.


  1. 19 February 20. Re-instated M H’S license over the telephone with SPER rep.


  1. 30 March 20. Re: case “1” above. NCAT NSW hearing Sol..t v Ish..k. Our application for an award of damages adjourned when NCAT Member realized a “set aside” Order was in place & proper process was the Plaintiff had to appeal the NCAT Order. No chance in h… the Appeal will succeed, so Sol..t application will subsequently be heard & an award achieved! Ours is the ONLY affidavit in proceedings! Doesn’t winning smell lovely!


  1. 31 March 20. Supreme Court Brisb. K.A. v WPAC. WPAC Statement of Claim answered by our Defense & Counterclaim – bearing extremely lateral & exotic pleadings! WPAC application for summary judgment served LAST NIGHT. Our application for summary judgment filed last Thursday, with supporting lengthy affidavit of TONS of evidence, showing State Courts as illegal & a fraud! Case adjourned till 9 June 20! Part of Orders – Plaintiff to serve a 78B (High Court application to transfer case out of Supr Court – hahaha!) on Defendant’s counsel. Our evidence would have exposed the fraudulent Court & must have scared them!


  1. 18 April 20. J.T. on Gold Coast received notice from Qld Police his traffic infringement was withdraw on the basis of “One Notice & Affidavit (templates learnt from your classes). I do feel the officer who wrote the correspondence letter (whom the notice & affidavit was not directed to) must have stepped in & cleared it for me somehow?”


  1. 22 April 20. Nick in Melbourne successfully stopped police entering his home & dojo. https://vimeo.com/410593764


  1. Yes! Let’s plan on a catchup. I have some yarns to share with you. Do you remember the time you got arrested at a roundabout in Queensland and the wallopers damaged your wrist in the lockup. When I heard that news I was upset and was pulled over for a RBT near Katoomba. I gave the wallopers a hard time. It went on for six months and the local caught ordered the wallopers to pay me $950.00 in compensation. I used material taught by you.


  1. 2 June 20. Supr Crt Appeal, Brisb D B v WPAC. Decision re; Bank possession of property reserved overnight. Still not made on 18 June 20. Likely in cyberspace.


  1. 17 June 20. 2nd round in Supr Crt Brisbane K V v CBA re 2 mortgages. Bank’s application for summary judgment dismissed. Matter scheduled for trial. Unlikely to proceed when forensic evidence of bank fraud is filed.


  1. 18 June 20. T.B. I’ve had a recent win, my NCAT case against Service NSW settled with me before the scheduled hearing.  They’re paying me a settlement fee to withdraw the matter.  i was back and forth with their head lawyer for ‘The State of NSW’ and held my position.  Sneaky woman was trying to get me to trip up but I got the better of her thanks to your methods.


29 July 20. H. S.: Thank you for Your help and for the Information.

     Just before we were going to prepare the next demand notice, we

     checked our account first. <After sending the bank a Demand Notice to return

       H.S. property, his cash>


Yes !!! The Adelaide Bank has reversed the $2,979.00 back into our account today.


  1. 10 September 2020. Adrian M v CBA. Application to Supreme Court, Brisbane by Adrian for Orders to Injunct the sale of his property, while at same time, hearing application by CBA to dismiss it. Lawyers exhausted their efforts to proceed with sale of property, unsuccessfully & to no avail. Matter adjourned without return date on extremely persistent oral application by Adrian, by asserting he refused & denied consent for any matter to proceed. Have always said persistence pays!


  1. September 2020. Mulara case in Sth A Supr Crt. Mulara’s claim against ATLA https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-26/control-extended-aboriginal-corporation-police-investigation/12705576


  1. 12 & 13 October 2020. 2 day trial SH Pty Ltd v L City Council – District Court Qld, S.M. facing 5 charges, 108 cars on property & living in caravan & shed. Orders sought by Council: Eviction, charges, removal of cars. Orders to adjourn to 15 Nov 2020. Plaintiff to submit submissions. S.M. will also file submissions & an Affidavit. Fee Simple title stalled the Council & won the day!!!



  1. 10 January 19. NP: “Just got back the with-held tax for the first job. Thanks mate. Instils loads of confidence”. NP Melbourne


  1. 16 January 19. KU v AAT Fd Crt Crt Brisbane. KU won his case based on 2000 pages of evidence. 2017 decision by AAT that KU pay $18500 annual child welfare payments to ex (of a 1 month relationship ) overturned & $500 annual payment resumed. KU himself on Centerlink for the 3 years & doesn’t earn $18,500! Sunshine Coast


  1. 17 January 19. GF v Dep Comm Taxation SCA Melbourne. Meeting at ATO head office with two solicitors (1 senior), GF & I in attendance. 4 case law examples dismissed during negotiations & 3 cases where either proceedings discontinued or adjourned sine die presented by our side. The following week’s ATO proceedings adjourned by ATO lawyers for 4 weeks. No further notice from ATO to date (19 Feb 19). Lawyers told that any proceeding will be adjourned sine die! Melbourne


  1. 22 January 19. “There is nothing else I need because I see that you are seriously well represented and look forward to meeting with you, Zoltan and Mark again then”. Comment by St George Bank appointed mediator prior to meeting with bank. St George v DW where there are 4 bad (by design) loans to the bank that caused DW to fall over financially. A meeting set up to get DW compensation to restore his financial position to pre-loan time. Sydney


  1. 18 February 19. “This guy filmed the process you teach in court and took authority and got his case dismissed”. Jan R. Sydney



  1. 19 February 19. Tuesday Night Nerang Presentation. Male announced before all attendees that his wife had received that week a cheque from ATO for all her with held tax for 2018. Nerang


  1. 20 February 19. “Another girl got her (with held) tax back so will …. “. N. P. Melbourne


  1. 22 February 19. Assisted in all day settlement meeting between DW & St George Bank lawyers. All 4 Units (combined current market value $1M but sold to DW in 2013 for $150,000 EACH, with a combined LOAN of $1.9M! – Promised combined monthly income of $18,000 but in reality achieving only $6,000! – bank fraud!) Heads of Agreement achieved & signed whereby properties to be repossessed by the bank with NO RESIDUAL DEBT to DW! DW not entirely restored to pre purchase disposition but reasonably close & DW was satisfied & extremely relieved afterwards. Could have negotiated for additional settlement terms at a risk of failing to attain settlement but Aces (in deck of cards) in our hands & if litigation required, would grant large payout to DW but 1. May take 1 – 3 years to achieve & 2. at huge cost that was unsustainable by DW. Sydney


  1. 13 March 2019. Confirmation in writing from CSA lawyers Court Order for small debt to CSA was satisfied & caveats removed against house of K. U. CSA earlier withdrew its proceedings to pursue sale of the house. File is closed & one Aussie man potentially saved from suicide. Sunshine Coast


  1. 20 March 19. “You’ve helped me in the past with an issue I had about the court summons for not submitting my BAS and tax returns on time. I did as you said and submitted the missing paperwork and then wrote a letter – with a sincere apology 😉 – and the issue seems to have disappeared!” A. M. Northern Rivers


  1. 22 March 19. My 27k NAB credit card now shows a balance of $0. Now for my Am Ex. J. L. Sydney


  1. 15 May 19. “You will be proud to hear that:
  2. Quinn was acquitted on that “destroying evidence” case in court.

With jury and all…

He never realised this but the lawyer told him afterwards that if he was found guilty he probably would have gone to jail for 2 years….

  1. Quinn is now in court for that assault and break in charge. He’s defending himself, no liars involved and apparently he is killing it! The “victim” constantly losing his cool and proclaiming that “yes, he was planning on putting Quinn in hospital” 🙂

We expect a judgement (jury) on Friday.

Partly also thanks to your good efforts 😉 Western Australia


  1. 23 June 19. K.V.B. in W.A. Showed me her current ATO statement of account showing a zero balance after she had delivered her “A4V Money Order” with the earlier statement of account, disclosing an outstanding balance of over $250,000, to the Commissioner of Taxation! Great win!


  1. 15 July 19. Maroochydore Mag Court. K I. “Arrested in Court for failing to appear!” nonsense. Is state tyranny against people. A telephone call to office of Qld Attorney General at 3.30pm resulted in his release by 4pm. Was told by QPS officer he would be held until court proceedings the following day. BOLLOCKS!


  1. 5 August 19. Flew to Adelaide to assist 21 yr old mother try to regain possession of her property, her daughter, from Dep Child Protection who took the new born at birth under the “guise” of being premature! Has never had her baby & not seen her for 12 months. Kidnap! Meeting attained visitations effective immediately. Next step is recovery.


  1. 5 August 19. Sydney District Court, J.L. v Amex. Credit Card debt by statement of claim by Amex, dismissed by Notice of Motion for Declaratory judgment in 1 minute. Amex had no evidence of debt haha!


  1. 14 August 19. NSW Dep Primary Industry & Fisheries has wiped out most of NSW fishermen, as has Qld & W.A. legislation so Chinese can take over Australian waters & fisheries. Legislation amended so Fishing License permit 60 days fishing a year not 150 days! Formally unrestricted days! Private Meeting organized (by stealth approach to get in through the door!) with Registrar of NSW southern region & his uniformed enforcement soldier! Knocked them out at meeting so 2 fishermen can now fish unrestricted & make a living. Hope to make a precedent very soon from this case!


  1. 2 Sept 19. Also I would like to either send you a gift (need your address) or if you would rather put some cash in your account to say thank you for what you have done for me. Its been two years now since we started this process. I know its still going but wow how you helped me and my family get through what would have been devastating I can never thank you enough. Regards S J


  1. Sept 19. J U, 21 yr old lady, successfully adjourned an application by DCP for full custody of her 3 yr old daughter till age 18, for 2 weeks to the shock & horror of Magistrate & lawyers for DCP.


  1. 18 Nov 19. MP. NCAT tribunal hearing over alleged breach of tenancy Vacation Notice. Notice never served according to the rules. Successfully adjourned hearing to 2020. Long term tenancy sought. Agents attempt to evict after 6 months lease expired. Three month notice served but again not compliant to the rules. MP going for breach of agreement for long term tenancy – further 12 months.


  1. 20 Nov 19. 84 year old man, deprived of his liberty without his consent at old people’s home so state of NSW can plunder his estate, rescued by family by taking him out without authorities knowledge & fleeing interstate. Media already alerted & will run story on Current Affairs


  1. 18 Nov 19. NCAT hearing Murwillumbah. MP v Ray White. Claimed breach of Termination Notice. Hearing adjourned to 7 January 2020. Lease expiry 3 Nov 2019. New Notice of Termination served on 22 Nov 2019 giving 3 additional months of tenancy, implying & validating original notice was invalid & confirming claim by MP. MP’s 97 page affidavit served on JD, Rental Manager & senior bitch, Ray White Murw & copy to NCAT. Going now for breach of long term oral tenancy agreement.


  1. 5 December 19. MP spoke to Principle of Ray White. JD demoted to agent.


  1. 6 Dec 19. R & G v Kyogle Council. Reclassification to Rural Res. Increase rates. Compromise achieved. Grow & sell some herbs = farm classification.
  1. 2 January 18. Merv H. Qld. Delivery of document titled “Notice & Demand or Else Cease & Desist” stopped Council Infringement Notice for claim of $570,000 in penalties.


  1. 12 January 18. Quinn. WA. Quinn v WAPS – District Crt. Police (3 delinquent police officers) matter in small town (700 people) Geraldton, business family targeted by police drawing up false charges, assaulting police, burglary, possession of weapon. Hearing 12 January 18. Evidence submitted & served on police prior to hearing. Key charge of assaulting police dropped prior to proceedings. Two charges adjourned till May where anticipated they will be withdrawn also.


  1. 30 January 18. Ian P v Public Trustee. Sydney Fed Crt Crt. Attempt for Sequestration Order regarding bankruptcy Ian P – adjourned two weeks. Aim to annual Bankruptcy Notice with tender payment of promissory note.


  1. 2 February 18. Kev v CSA. Evidence delivered by Kev enabled complete reinstatement of Centerlink payments plus a lump sum reimbursed for error of withheld amount previous 12 months, despite a vendetta by CSA against him. Very happy man.


  1. 13 Feb 2018. Fed Crt Crt – Kev U v CS Registrar –Stay of AAT orders until AAT review of extension of time to Object to CSA decision heard.


  1. 13 Feb 2018. Ian P v Public Trustee. Sydney Fed Crt Crt. Attempt for Sequestration Order regarding bankruptcy Ian P – adjourned two further weeks on Ian’s refusal to proceed.


  1. 20 Feb 2018. Kev v CS Registrar. AAT allowed application for extension of time to Object to CSA decision & gives the stubborn CSA opportunity to amend its decision re: payments to narcistic ex. Meanwhile Initiating Application & lengthy Affidavit filed in Fed Crt Crt 23 Feb 18.


  1. 19 March 2018. Kerrie. Upon request by Kerrie, after claim Landgate in WA doesn’t permit titles to be held in Trusts, we contacted the office of Landgate & spoke to a SENIOR officer to identify the process to have title held in Trust. Process CONFIRMED. Cannot have one State of Australia buck a national trend, process or protocol.


  1. 29 March 18. Quinn – Mag Crt WA – assault charge dismissed by Quinn using his own video footage as an exhibit to Affidavit! Magistrate watched the recording & abused the accuser before dismissing the charge!


  1. 5 April 2018. Anthony M’s wife received her with held tax from the ATO & had big celebration. Amended Return filed & with held tax remitted. Followed the process. When challenged – filed an affidavit – declaring her status & standing. It was NEVER rebutted!


  1. 10 April 2018. Kev U v AAT. At a conference call meeting by telephone, Arbitrator between Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) (for Child Support Registrar) (CSA) v Kev U, the Arbitrator over ruled the decision of the AAT to dismiss the application for extension of time to review of the AAT decision in favour of CSA. Now Kev U’s review application of a (poor) decision of the AAT will be heard. Is a huge win against the “unbeatable” AAT.


  1. 10 April 2018. Mark P v Tenterfield Shire Council. Tenterfield Shire Council now, after 5 years of written communication & phone calls, are reviewing decision to reimburse Mark P for amount of money paid at auction to secure a property that was sold under false & fraudulent pretenses. Auction conditions were “sold UNENCUMBERED” & mark P inherited the previous owner’s water rates liability for $2,800. P.S. a Creditor’s Statutory Demand for Payment of Debt about to be served on the Council, as of 17 May 2018.


  1. 30 April 2018; S A – “We implemented the advice and used the docs you sent re getting rid of “child welfare ” department. It worked. Thankyou so much. Warm regards”. The strategies we suggested stopped the Department of Child Services NSW from taking S A’s two children.


  1. 30 April 2018. Doug M v QPS. – Doug H had a speeding fine with drawn in Southport Mag Crt by the police prosecutor. Doug followed the “Non Consent process”. That’s the 12th recorded win in a row using this process that we are aware of!


  1. 30 April 2018. Mod – Through written notices requesting proof of claim, Mod had two parking fines against his mother withdrawn by local council.


  1. 2 May 2018. Phil G, was to have his appointed position as administrator to his mother terminated but after discussions & drawing up & filing submissions to QCAT that held various parties accountable, the QCAT meeting was with drawn, the matter being settled for a further 4 years.


  1. May 18. Quinn. WA. Quinn v WAPS – District Crt. Police (3 delinquent police officers) matter in small town (700 people) Geraldton, business family targeted by police drawing up false charges, assaulting police, burglary, possession of weapon. Evidence submitted & served on police prior to hearing. Remaining two charges dismissed.


  1. 24 May 2018. NSW. “Mark, Thanks for your assistance and prompt replies in our hour of need today. The text we sent FACS this morning, which I also emailed you to check over, resulted in Mental Health Department phoning to apologise for any inconvenience and saying they would close the case. 

Heard not a peep from FACS.. cowards. Warm regards S”. Two

children prevented from being taken into Mental Health by NSW


11 July 2018; We had brief meeting with said solicitor before court and found there’s not a chance in hell that he will play it our way. He read out the points on her affidavit from 1 – 10 and stated that no one writes affidavit this way and if she presents this to magistrate it will create question about her mental health. 
 He gave us the documents that FACS gave him on which they build their case.  This is helpful for us. 
From these documents we can see it’s apparent that we prevented them kidnapping the young ones by following your advice and issuing non consent notices and threatening to sue.  So thanks for that


  1. 5 July 2018. Victoria. “S. I got pulled up on my way home from Melb Workshop doing 120kms and a suspended licence. I used some of the tactics and they let me go hahahahahahahaha!!”


  1. 2 Aug 2018. Supreme Crt Brisb. P v P. Judge ordered property to be returned to Plaintiffs (us). Respondent’s lawyers withdrew from claim  for costs after we delivered P.N. 2 weeks prior to proceedings against $5k in costs! So liability was acknowledged as discharged!


  1. 2 October 2018. On 10 Feb 2015 a tram hit M P’s car from behind. M.P2. was witness in the car. M P went overseas & returned July 2018 to receive a demand notice to pay a damages claim for over $4,000 from KDR GC Pty Ltd’s lawyers to KDR GC. A reply Notice written & delivered by witness on 28 August 2018 remains unanswered. Claim withdrawn.


  1. 28 September 2018. Attempt by ATO to wind up S M’s company in Fed Crt Brisbane was denied & adjourned till 16 Nov 18 to enable evidence for company’s solvency to be filed. Of 22 ATO cases heard on the day, 19 companies liquidated.


  1. 26 October 2018. Tony S had charges with drawn in Mag Crt after applying the “Non Consent” process on ONE application in court.


  1. 4 Nov 2018. Kelly received all her “with held” PAYE tax back.


  1. 6 Nov 2018. Two year ongoing traumatic & titanic battle between Kev U v CSA in Fed Crt Crt finally over. CSA with drew & discontinued all claims with no costs. Battle ½ way. Is Kev’s turn to file for damages.


  1. 9 Nov 2018. Enforcement hearing against K P abandoned today when K. P. received email communication from Supreme Court expressing the litigant law firm had discontinued their action AFTER we filed formal complaints & supporting evidence to multiple parties in alleged authority. K.P. very happy!


  1. 15 Dec 2018. Hi Mark

Hope your keeping well, firstly some good news City bank accepted my mother’s offer with your letter and instructions of $2,000 to finalise $16k account. A big thanks to you Mark, you literally saved me and my family from going through hell. Can never thank you enough. Cheers S.J.


  1. 20 December 18. “Hi Mark. Just got my wife’s with held tax back. Very excited. Thanks”. Anth M.
  1. 8 February 2017 – We learned from Merv H, while attending another matter at a round table conference, a cocky-egotistical Council lawyer had been sacked by Council after the previous round table meeting in 2016 with two Councilors & the lawyer. Lawyer was extremely rude & belligerent to my client & myself at that meeting. Issue with council settled in early 2016.


  1. 8 February 2017 – Merv H – round table meeting with two officers of Workplace Health & Safety, a division of the Office of Farcical Trading, whereby claims were made by said officers of a breach of various acts with subsequent serious penalties ($100,000’s) was “settled” at the table when said officers couldn’t provide proof of claim nor proof of standing, authority or jurisdiction in the matter! YOU’RE YOUR POSITION!


  1. 13 February 2017 – Supreme Court Queensland – ruled in applicant’s “our” favour to appoint a second defendant & direct them to return stolen property.


  1. 14 February 2017 – Peter W beat police once again by having police prosecutor with draw 4 charges in court, including unlicensed driving upon evidence before the tribunal showed he had a valid license. Used the “Non Consent” process. Example of poo-lice harassment.


  1. 15 February 2017 – Tony – NSW. A mortgage settlement successfully negotiated around table at extremely favourable rate & conditions for borrower after tremendous pressure applied by court paperwork forced the lender to the negotiating table. From a massive debt (non disclosure agreement in place), the borrower will be debt free within 15 months. Loan cut in half!


  1. 16 February 2017 – Tony. NSW. claim for (alleged) large credit card liability of $60,000 dismissed in District court by effective paperwork, using English Style’s manual & ‘source’ doc.


  1. 23 February 2017 – Federal Circuit Court – Jason C – Default Judgment prevented against Jason for narcissist mother obtaining 100% custody of children after making false & slanderous claims/allegations against father. Father not seen young children for two years! Attempted overturn of 2013 FINAL orders for shared parenting. Case turned around with documents titled “Minutes of Orders” & very substantive affidavit with abundant evidence. Interim urgent Orders likely on 7 March 2017 for shared custody as per orders of 2013.


  1. 2 March 2017 – Qld Appeals Court – Supreme Court – “S” V ATO – Barrister & 4 solicitors for ATO pushing for dismissal of Appeal, prevented. Power of Attorney (POA) denied opportunity to “present” for the appellant. Appellant not capable of articulating pleadings. Matter saved-recovered by POA through the application of the “doctrines of equity” by ONE statement.                                      “If the appellant is unable to deliver a competent pleading against one learned barrister & 4 lawyers, is denied assistance by legal representation by virtue she is on a disability pension & can’t afford legal representation, & even if she could have afforded it, the lawyers she sought assistance from all endorsed her process but NONE wished to come forth to articulate her pleadings, the ONLY assistance she could muster were friends who have a level of competency & understanding & are not paid & therefore affordable but were prevented from assisting her, WHAT IS HER EQUITABLE REMEDY?”

Legal maxim in commerce: The one making the claim (Judges) MUST provide a remedy (Equity!). The Judges were COMPELLED to now provide her a remedy & DID so!

The THREE Judges conferred with one another & then asked S “Are you relying on the VERY EXTENSIVE Outline of Argument (O.O.A.)?” She was instructed to say “Yes”. The O.O.A. (19 pages) answered all the bulldust in the lawyers submissions & showed up their sophistry. The barrister immediately whined that they had not had time to answer the O.O.A. Judges stated “you had opportunity to make all your submissions already!” Ie. Too late for them to add more rubbish. Matter then adjourned with a “reserved decision” based ON THE PAPERS.                                                                                                20th March 2017 – Judgment against S, now under Appeal.


  1. “PS if you are ever going on a trip south west WA please be in contact and I can show you around the 250 acre property we saved from the bank via the invaluable info from you. With thanks, Joe S”.


  1. Monday 13th March 2017 – Met with “Compliance Officer” Adam Long. Stopped a lady & children being evicted from living in a shed on a property – by making phone call to a Councillor after the threatening meeting with numbnut arrogant Council Chief Compliance Officer (ex cop), & offering to meet compliancy requirements on the basis of affording us two months to do so, with the Councillor. It was said “It wouldn’t look good in the media – “mother & children evicted into the street by B S Council”. Councillor happily accepted my proposal & Deal done!


  1. 4 April 2017. Peter W facing 5 driving offences. 4 dismissed & 5th to be heard on 29 May 2017. Will get it dismissed on evidence.


  1. 10 April 2017. Peter W’s $120k car – held by police compound, & demanding $5,000 to release it (extortion), was returned to Peter today WITHOUT COST. After the hearing on 29 May 2017 a damages claim will be lodged against Qld Poo-lice Service (QPS).


  1. 10 April 2017. Jaye W received $15,000 tax rebate from ATO of the tax with held by her employer using standard directions given her by us. One happy lady.


  1. 22 May 2017. Jake W – $12,000 SPER account balance zeroed by BOE $1.05 process, he received a statement showing zero balance.


  1. 29 May 2017. P.S.  “The BOE & PN seemed to have worked.  That’s 3 bills of around $15k dealt with using the process (slight variation of your own).  One other earlier attempt was done in a related way, but was still successful”.


  1. May 2017. Mark P. Two toll charges withdrawn in Queensland – basis of stat dec – “Not the driver”. Of course I wasn’t the driver. Only the traveller!


  1. June 2017. Mark P. Two speeding fines with drawn by Tasmanian Police Service – on basis of lack of jurisdiction by reason – license signed “All Rights Reserved”.


  1. July 2017. Sonya J. $15,000 Credit Card balance discharged A4V process. Statement of Account showing zero balance.


  1. 10 July 2017. Ian P. Successfully Stay a warrant of possession on property for 8 days Supreme Court Sydney. On 18 July 2017 Successfully Stay a warrant of possession on property for 5 weeks pending negotiations. TBC.


  1. 20 July 2017. Sarah M stopped wind up of her company by sending cheque with cover letter titled “Notice of Payment Offer” for an amount of $500 per month. Cheque was deposited by the ATO.


  1. 28 July 2017 Peter W successfully had false Charge of 0.05 blood alcohol withdrawn by police in Wynnum Mag. Court. 0.05 was false by reason 2 drinks in 5 hours is not sufficient to get attain a high reading. False reading caused by chemicals at workplace. Evidence collected & formal submissions tendered gave rise to dismissal of charge.


  1. 21 August 2017. Ilya successfully defended (false) claim by plumber for unwarranted fees at QCAT tribunal using correctly & competently drawn up affidavit & evidence.
  1. January 19 2016 – Andrew W had ‘WITH HOLDING INFORMATION’ charge with drawn by prosecutor IN COURT with ONLY three documents, a Notice of NON CONSENT, a court script and submissions. Any traffic or simple offence can now be with drawn by following correct procedure.


  1. 29 January 2016 – Ross G – served Mag Court a duly accepted and completed contract, being former incomplete sealed Court Order, & the was Order annulled.


  1. February 2016 – Merv – Council matter with directions to remove trucks/machinery & shed from farm property. Meeting with councilors in Council board room – stopped the complaint. Ask the two Councilors & their lawyer the right questions, their refusal to answer attained their assent to no jurisdiction. $570,000 infringement annulled!


  1. 4 March 2016 – Michael H – achieve private settlement with lender after 3 year titanic legal battle. Michael retains property & will challenge banks again when he has assembled a “war chest”.


  1. 2015 – Dec 2016 – Ivan – Office of Fair Trading (OFT) – Two officers at a meeting sought answers as a result of a n alleged complaint. Complaint never produced. Asking the right questions stopped OFT proceeding with its claim for of large financial penalty for unproved-unsubstantiated charge-offense at several QCAT conferences & tribunal meetings. Not yet settled.


  1. April 2016 – Narelle & Colin – Qld. As a result of financial hardship, the couple elected to follow directions to liquidate properties & discharge most if not all mortgage liabilities & deal with any residual liabilities after asset sales were settled. No residual liabilities & sufficient funds remaining & directed to purchase real estate at heavily discounted prices & trade real estate. Very relieved & happy couple.


  1. March 2016 – 29 November 2016 – Kev – multiple conference calls with Child Support Agency (CSA) & QCAT – attempting to plunder Kev by creating –fabricating a claim against him in order to plunder his estate, despite a private contract with a lady of a one month casual relationship that resulted in a baby. Private settlement of $100,000! Paid to the lady. Now she wants his house!

Beginning late 2015 – Child Support Agency (CSA) claim was stalled by administrative process. Private settlement attained prior to pirates CSA sticking its nose in the trough. Invitation to attend a QCAT meeting on 3 August 2016 by conference call duly accepted in July 2016 & terminated within 3 minutes of call commencement when authority & jurisdiction was challenged & non consent to proceedings expressed by Kevin on three occasion. Rules of Equity PREVAIL.


  1. Aug 2016 – Danny regained possession of farm after being evicted by bailiff & accomplice police, following judgment against him by banksters. Dirty War & Dirty tricks brigade by the banks. Matter also before High Court. TBC.                

10 Aug 2016 – titanic battle in Supreme Court Sydney for 4 hours. Judgment reserved – for two weeks & then in banks favour. Appeal afoot.


  1. 23 August 2016 – Kathy H – Council matter since Aug 2015 to remove trucks/machinery from farm property. Threatening $300,000 fine for non compliance. Administrate process done during 2015 followed up by boardroom meeting on 23 August 2016 with two Councilors & their solicitor. The meeting was terminated within minutes when the Councilors & lawyer refused, failed or neglected to provide evidence to any claim of authority & jurisdiction to pursue a claim. Claims of the lawyer’s ‘costly litigation’ was met with our statement of ‘at your expense’. The meeting terminated the complaint & all further action.


  1. 15 September 2016 – Jethro – meeting with 2 officers of Bankruptcy group ITSA in attempt to bankrupt Jethro – in execution of bankruptcy notice as a result of Default Judgment in favour of council (prior to our involvement), despite issuing a promissory note in FULL & FINAL satisfaction of the alleged liability. Bankruptcy successfully stalled for one week, being now nearly 4 months!


  1. October 2016 – James Y – credit card monthly payments dramatically reduced by acceptance of a redrafted offer to pay & the cheque was deposited by the bank.


  1. 18 October 2016 – informed Ross G in custody over false charges – traffic. Lawyer’s Mag Crt bail application failed by virtue of false claims by police – risks of absconding & risk to community. My bail application finally accepted by Supreme Court. Ross finally released 29 November 2016. 1st Supreme Court bail application & affidavits lodged 1st November 2016. LOST by the court! 2nd set created & lodged 7 November 2016.


  1. 3 November 2016 – Jake W – duly accepted & completed a menacing SPER Statement of Account bearing an amount of $12,000 liability (Debt), added a Bill of Exchange bearing a sum certain of one Australian Dollar & successfully discharged the liability. Confirmation in writing.


  1. 14 November 2016 – Hobbo – duly accepted & completed a menacing $2,000 SPER liability (Debt), added a Bill of Exchange bearing a sum certain of one Australian Dollar & successfully discharged the liability.


  1. 15 November 2016 – Warren D – duly accepted & completed a menacing $3,000 County Court of NSW “Notice of Penalty” liability (Debt), added a Bill of Exchange bearing a sum certain of one Australian Dollar & successfully discharged the liability.


  1. 29 November 2016 – Peter W – Traffic matter before Mag Court – successfully adjourned till 9 January 2017.


  1. 30 November 2016 – Bianca K – Completely false charges of shop lifting & assaulting police – overturned & only conviction was obstructing police, a not guilty plea entered. Conviction being appealed.


  1. Stalled ANZ & Esanda since Aug 2015 in taking two farms & chattels per 9 loans & CC’s. Lodged 3 applications for Default Judgments against the banks & 1 against the ATO. Registry has refused to issue the Default Judgments. All cases currently before the High Court by way of 78B – Constitutional Issue S51 – promissory notes & BOE Act. Two Statement of Claims lodged by Tony for remaining alleged personal loans & credit cards. No Defense lodged in either case. Notice of Motion for Order for Default Judgment EX PARTE lodged in all three proceedings. Registrar refuses to make the orders permitted under the UCPR. Is an abuse of process that the Court refuses to make the Default Judgment.

In NONE of the three proceedings has the bank proceeded with recovery of the property.                                                                      In one proceeding the Bank’s Notice of Motion to strike out Tony’s cross claim was successful in August 2016, despite the Judge acknowledging the payment process & initially reserving his decision & despite the Bank never lodging a Defense or evidence to establish its claim. This proceeding is being appealed & raised to the High Court by way of authority under the 78B of the Judiciaries Act 1903, being a Constitutional issue. GAME ON! TBC.


  1. Sonya – Qld – October 2015 to present. Delivered a promissory in full & final settlement of an ATO liability for $70,000. Statement of Claim filed in District Court for an award for breach of contract for $300,000 by Sonya to which the ATO failed to lodge a Defense. Application for Order for Default Judgment EX PARTE filed in the proceeding. Registrar refuses to make the order permitted under the UCPR. Abuse of process.                             Meanwhile the ATO filed an application for Order to strike out the statement of claim & successfully achieved it at the trial on 1 August 2016. The judgment is currently being appealed & the proceeding moved to the High Court by way of 78B Notice.


  1. Many other small issues settled by various processes.


  1. Feb 2012 – Discharged a Magistrates Court Order via SPER for $1,600 after 36 months & 34 court appearances, (facing 2 years ‘inside’) – BOE
  2. Feb 2012 & March 2012 – Discharged a matter before the Magistrate Court in a matter whereby the RSPCA was racketeering against an owner of 13 horses claiming falsely negligence. Best lawyers employed by the RSPCA (3 lawyers). Instead of 3 year jail, 3 year ban on horse ownership, criminal record & a $210,000 – $400,000 penalty, none of the former & a $2,000 slap, discharged by BOE ($1.05)
  3. Number of smaller matters
  4. May 2012 – Discharged a lawyer’s excessive account. The excess above & beyond quoted of $16,000 was discharged – BOE
  5. May 2012 – Discharged a $110,000 liability that befell a former owner of a property that arose from a shortfall in the forced sale – action by la ender when the owner fell into arrears. Property sold for less than market value & less than the mortgaged amount. – BOE
  6. June 2012 – Discharged a $2,069 liability on a Magistrates Court Order after 12 months of stress appearing before the courts – monthly (for 25 alleged offences, facing 2 years ‘inside’). – BOE
  7. June 2012 – Discharged a $1,300 liability on a Magistrates Court Order after 42 months of stress appearing before the courts monthly (75 alleged offences, facing serious time ‘inside’). – BOE
  8. July 2012 – Discharged a $350,000 tax liability – BOE. In September 2012 another separate tax account of $450,000 was presented by same tax payer. It was brought before the Federal Magistrates Court. Magistrate sided with us but ‘reserved’ his decision. Still reserved. BOE delivered
  9. July 2012 – BOE delivered against $500,000 mortgage. Default Judgment already in 2010. Reversed by the lender on its own accord! Action brought by lender. Matter adjourned August 2012. Currently remains pending a hearing date.
  10. July 2012 – Successfully prevented a woman & her children in Adelaide being evicted into the street by virtue of being in arrears of mortgage by $400, UNCONSCIONABLE, with 2 hours notice before bailiff due to appear
  11. August 2012 – BOE delivered against a Co’s $1.7million ATO liability & $450,000 OSR tax liability. Receiver’s already appointed in March & stripping & strangling the company. Stopped company being wound up. Legal action commenced by both tax offices. Defense & Counterclaim lodged for December hearing Federal Court hearing against ATO but with drawn by company’s lawyers & lawyer’s Defense lodged admitting liability. Court adjourned till June 2013. Co. Director’s vulnerable to criminal prosecution for offences against the Corporation’s Act 2001 (Federal). Not settled. Defense lodged against claim from OSR in Supreme Court for January 2013 hearing. Claim with drawn after defense lodged. – BOE
  12. Numerous other smaller matters discharged or settled – guiding many others to their successes
  13. Some Judgments resurfaced. Not challenged later for lack of resources or will.
  14. Nov 2012 – Discharged a $320,000 liability to the DPP – BOE

Other people’s results:


  1. June 2012 – Melbourne. Bankruptcy overturned in Sydney by virtue of an offer by Trustee for bankrupt to pay liability on certain conditions – David.
  2. Multiple Civic Compliance infringements discharged – David
  3. SPER liability discharged – Brian.
  4. Two court matters involving council & a tenant won in court. – Joe
  5. Small victory against customs – Adam M.
  6. Tax win – Paul C.
  7. October 2012 – 3 court matters in the UK settled in court. One stopped Co. Wind Up. Another succeeded against a water rate bill.
  1. Peter W – Qld – January:                                                                
  2. A) Recovered car from Harvey Towing, acting for police. $2,400 fees to release the car withdrawn. While car was POSSESSION of Harvey Towing, a hailstorm damaged the car roof. A successful claim of $6,000 was paid by police insurers. A good year! B) Suspended license reinstated OVER the phone, using essential service argument & holding senior officer liable.
  3. Leigh E – Qld – Feb: Tax liability reversed. Nil liability.
  4. Sam D – Qld – Feb: 2 unlicensed driving & other alleged driving offences – 1 month suspension & 2 X $200 fine – expected, potential, jail and up to $4,000 in fines.
  5. Xen F – Vic – Feb: 3 X Credit Cards discharged, one for $50,000, one for $45,000, and third for ?
  6. Wanda – NSW – April: Stolen Goods recovered WITHIN 7 HOURS by Police after writing & delivering a glowing notice supporting the NSW Police Service. DIPLOMACY! Equitable principles.
  7. David M – Qld – April – Decision ‘reserved’ by Justice of Federal Court against the unbeatable Child Support Agency (CSA). Not required to make $50,000 payment to ex. Prior private agreement circumvented by ‘hungry’ ex in collusion with pirate (CSA).
  8. Michael M – NSW – Supreme Court – Defendant against lender for possession. Successfully adjourned for 2 months despite Judge wanting to dismiss the 2 Defenses (4 separate pleadings, one of inappropriate jurisdiction to be heard, S78b successfully stopped the proceedings). – Hearing dated 15 July 2015 – application for summary judgment by lender denied. Therefore no order for warrant of possession. Four hour marathon proceeding with belligerent ATO – Crown barrister raising continuous controversies but neutralized by the equitable 2nd witness principle of silence to a key qualified question. Promissory note delivered to lender in 2013 AND securitized, mortgage discharge not recognized by lender. Matter, out of necessity, settled privately late 2015. 
  9. Mark P – Feb & April 2015, alleged unlicensed driving charges discharged. ‘NO CONSENT NOTICE’ process.
  10. Chris M – May 2015 – Stopped Public Trustee taking possession of farm property in Victoria. Trustee NOTICED in writing it had no jurisdiction to proceed without consent of the major equity holder of the title. Recovery action successfully terminated.
  11. Andrew F – July 2015 – CBA in Default of loan agreement. Claim lodged. No Defense. Application for Default Judgment against the lender pending.
  12. Ivan – Consumer Affairs – Trade Practices – going after private car trader. 2 hour meeting. Meeting terminated without fines or court criminal proceedings issued.
  13. Nate – October 2015 – Land Court Qld decision on outcome of 2013 trial on resumed home for road widening. Department Transport offer of $400,000 at today’s value for resumption personal home rejected by sister-owner on grounds if she accepted offer she would be financially harmed by virtue the new replacement home would not be exempt from capital gains. A Formula calculated the value of sister’s home in 25 years in todays terms of $700,000 to allow for paying capital gains tax in 25 years time. Decision of court to make order granting $125,000 additional to original offer. Extra $125,000 can be leveraged in one year to gain what was foregone through legal avenues. Land mark case!
  14. Mulara – November 2015 – turned around unconscionable contract that was signed ‘under duress’ in District Crt Sth Austr – with competent paperwork.
  15. Peter W – November 2015 – allegation for ‘RESISTING ARREST’ charge was with drawn prior to Mag Crt proceedings by Queensland Police Service police prosecutor on basis of well drafted Complaint and supporting Affidavit with Exhibits.
  16. Andrew W – December 18 2015 – allegation for ‘UNLICENSED DRIVING WHILE SPER SUSPENDED’ charge with drawn by Queensland Police Service police prosecutor IN COURT with ONLY two documents, a Notice of NON CONSENT and a script, despite having his licensed suspended at the time of the alleged offence. Confident that any traffic or simple offence can now be with drawn by following the correct process & procedure.

From WA Feb workshop

  1. Peter S – WA  $41,000 of with held tax returned for 2013 – 2014 year
  2. Tim & Jacqui D – WA  $21,000 tax liability discharged using acceptance for value – money order process for 2012 – 2013 year
  3. Monique B – WA $3,000 Rates discharged using acceptance for value – money order process for 2013
  4. Uwe S – WA  Stopped possession of his property the whole of 2014
  5.  – WA  $30,000 credit card discharged (Not inpossession of paperwork)
  6. several other successes


From Vic March workshop

  1. ?         Vic   $30,000 credit card discharged (Not in possession of paperwork)
  2. David T – Vic   Mag Crt Case with drawn with out proceeding to court on the basis of a previous judgment that was altered and completed with new terms to favour the defendant
  3. Others


From NSW May workshop

  1. ?         NSW        $9,000 in rates discharged (Not in possession of paperwork)
  2. Otto H – NSW        Serious criminal charges re: drug distribution and trafficking allegations dismissed/dropped after administrative process – 3 Notices


From Qld April & Nov workshops

  1. Bob S Qld   a)2 tax liabilities discharged by A4V.  b) personal tax liability c) gst liability
  2. Alex S Qld   After attaining a Notice to lodge returns from

ATO, he called ATO to explain his position & was directed not to lodge the return as the ATO records showed he was not required to lodge a return as a result of having ticked the ‘No’ box on the previous return where the question was asked ‘will you lodge a return next year?

  1. Glenys C Qld   Nov 2014 – Held off possession of farm by bank since April 2013. Lawyers taken the case over.
  2. Andrew J Dec 2014 – Brisbane City Council v Andrew J: Notification in writing by Council that it had withdrawn parking Infringement following delivery of Demand Notice seeking P.O.C.
  3. Many others
  1. Feb 2013 – Assisted a couple in preventing a son going to jail for stealing school property, principles of EQUITY including a humble apology & offer to remedy the damage caused the victim – Good behavior bond in court – Gav
  2. Feb 2013 –$105,000 machinery loan discharged by tender of payment by promissory note (PN).
  3. March 2013 – Stopped immediate eviction of a shopkeeper from default of contractual obligations on a tenancy agreement – BOE, still ongoing. Company Wind Up Prevented. Supreme Court acknowledged tender of payment in full and final satisfaction of the liability & hence CONFIRMED the process, when a cheque (subset of BOE) was made out & delivered for a sum certain being a different amount to the expressed sum payable, & duly paid to the TENOR of the acceptor’s acceptance.
  4. April 2013 – Tax liability of $80,000 discharged by tender of payment by BOE ($1.05).
  5. April 2013 – Discharged farm debt – PN. Matter pending.
  6. May 2013 – Sandy & Elizabeth – Successfully reinstated farmers onto their farm property by process of resumption of peaceful possession of property by REMOVING THE CAUSE of action – delivering payment by PN to the lender for the full amount of the alleged outstanding balance of the mortgage, accepting, completing & delivering the former offer – Default Judgment, & written NOTIFICATION to all parties the cause of original eviction was removed & therefore immediate action for reinstatement & resumption of quiet possession & occupancy of the property. Huge battle of wills against the lender, receivers, caretakers & police. The Former Default Judgment was converted to a Judgment in favour of the farmer – Defendant. The Contract was abandoned by the court & so the Defendant resumed their entitlement to peaceful possession of property. Caretakers had vacated & abandoned the property prior to farmers arriving & resuming peaceful possession. Titanic battle of wills. Menace & coercion by police, receivers & others at the behest of the bank.
  7. June 2013 – Kathy & Barry – Stopped & prevented execution of warrant of possession of property in NSW, by way of appearance by phone conference to NSW Supreme Court proceedings. Judgment already attained against Defendant in Brisbane Supreme Court for Qld property. Owner fatigued & judgment remained challenged. Zero equity in both properties so directions given to return keys to banks & live free & stress free life. Any residual loan net of bank’s fire sale to be discharged by delivery of BOE. Matter settled without incident.
  8. June 2013 – Successfully directed an evicted property owner to resume peaceful possession of their property after delivering tender of payment by promissory note against the balance of a mortgage account to the lender & accepting, completing & delivering the court order to the court with accompanying payment (BOE – $1.05) for sufficient to support the simple contract. Contract accepted by the court in favour of Defendant.

Other people’s results:

  1. April 2013 – Melissa – Successfully beat a Victoria Police Service officer’s charge of theft. Court Order discharged by delivery of a BOE ($1.05).
  2. 2013 – Melissa – several other successes.
  3. June 2013 – Parking Infringement discharged by acceptance for value – Money Order process – Bret T
  4. July 2013 – Insurance Claim discharged by acceptance for value – Money Order process – Lindsey. Email confirming ‘the file is closed’

1. 1999 – First Success: Mark P – Speeding Charge Dismissed in Magistrates Court Beenleigh on basis of NOT being the Person on Informant’s Paperwork

2. 1999 – $300,000 George ?, Gold Coast Council Fine With Drawn in Magistrates Court Southport

3. 2001 – $80,000 ATO liability discharged by tender of payment of a cheque bearing an amount of $40 in each of three successive months! Liability discharged by way of DIFFERENT PERFORMANCE, hence the liability was SATISFIED. THE CHEQUES WERE DELIVERED IN full & final satisfaction of the ATO liability.

4. 2001 – First of 40+ credit cards discharged (between 2001 & 2008) by way of basic administrative process – written letters seeking further & better particulars which the respondent failed to answer. $1,500 obligation discharged, & many more since.

5. Many successes each successive year and settled privately without proceeding to court

6. Mark P – Qld 2003. When purchased land was settled, without mortgage (clause of agreement by purchaser to pay land tax – rates within mortgage document), the local council was immediately challenged with regards to authority or jurisdiction to make claim to land tax – rates & through its silence & refusal, failure or neglect to answer written notices demanding further & better particulars, it was found wanting & assented & agreed it had no right, authority or jurisdiction to collect rates in this case without the expressed consent of the owner. No rates has been charged or collected since 2003.

7. 2004 – 2007 – Lille K – Stopped Warrant of Possession of Property by Public Trustees. Over a $7,000 traffic debt. Property un-encumbered.

8. 2004 – 2007 – Lille K – A number of FALSE charges by Queensland Police Services dismissed by Magistrates Court, Beenleigh, for alleged road traffic offences & also alleged possession of stolen property & alleged possession of drugs

9. 2007 – Two people successfully recovered from Police Watch

houses, one in Queensland, one in Victoria, without charges, by holding the “person” in charge of the Police Station liable for wrongful arrest, piracy, conversion, personating and other offenses.

10. 2008 – Karen H V 9 Others – Supreme Court of Queensland.
Supreme Court Website in 2009 disclosed the case had been ‘settled privately’. Amicus Curiae stated to Justice at 2008 proceeding, after the Justice had expressed his dissatisfaction with the Defendant not appearing in person, that he was instructed to declare to the Justice that if he was unhappy about the Defendant not attending the proceeding at such short notice, that the Court was NOTICED the Defendant had withdrawn her energy from the proceeding forthwith.

11. 2009 – Chris H V ATO Federal Magistrates Court, Brisbane. $300,000 tax liability discharged by A4V process. ATO Statement of Claim successfully defended. $300 Court imposed infringement for failing to lodge Statement of Financials also successfully discharged by A4V process.

12. 2010 – Westpac abandoned its mortgage after 10 months of challenge by Peter B J M. Titanic struggle thereafter Westpac ORDERED by Supreme Court Justice to deliver original loan application, an impossibility. Peter’s lawyer took over the case, when amicus curiae unavailable, & sabotaged the case.

13. 2010 – NSW. Mental Health. Mother of three adult sons kidnapped by State of NSW. Being tortured, electric shock therapy, & drugged. Notice to D.O.N. & Affidavit of Claimant. Mother released within 24 hours.

14. 2010 – 2011 – ATO V Robert P, $2,000,000 ATO tax claim stalled for 18 months by amicus curiae. ATO claim accelerated to $32,000,000. DWM takes over the case resulting in immediate Default Judgment against Robert & service of Bankruptcy Notice. Amicus Curiae reinstated who immediately stays Bankruptcy Notice in Federal Magistrates Court, Sydney & lodges Notice of Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment. Lawyers then take over the case & instantly sabotage the case resulting in return of Bankruptcy Notice. Estate dissolution pending.

15. Many smaller successes in 2011