Hi folks,

Re: the rallies around Australia last Saturday, it appears there were;

10,000 people at the Melbourne rally
up to 40,000 at the Sydney rally
unconfirmed – but up to 100,000 at the Brisbane rally
People are stepping up because they’re angry at what is occuring worldwide & in Australia & are expressing
their disatisfaction at tyranny as well as expressing they don’t consent to trespass of their rights!

Sadly some of the urgently important videos I’ve received on my mob phone through “whatsapp”
don’t upload to my email address. The text message is uploaded, but the bitchute videos are left behind.

Y’day I received a Bitchute video on the mob ph concerning the deployment of the ADF troups around Sydney scheduled for today to stop anyone from leaving Sydney.

Effectively Sydney is now in total lockdown, worse than a prison, as even in prison one can talk to other inmates, but in Sydney you’re not permitted to congregate nor speak in the open to another soul, to do so risking a term of imprisonment.
Businesses are forced into shutdown. Lives are being shattered. These are geno…cidal practices by our governments by definition –
Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) Div 268 (125 sub sections) – specifically:


268.3 – “Genocide by killing”
268.4 – “Genocide by causing serious bodily (starvation) or mental harm (torture – stress)
268.5 – “Genocide by deliberately inflictin conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction”,
268.6 – “Genocide by imposing measures intended to prevent births” (Vaccines)

Crimes against humanity

268.8 – “Crime against humanity—murder.
268.9 – “Crime against humanity—extermination
268.10 – “Crime against humanity—enslavement
268.12 – “Crime against humanity- imprisonment or other sever deprivation of physical Liberty”
268.13 – “Crime against humanity- torture” – (physical and mental)
268.18 – “Crime against humanity—enforced sterilisation
268.20 – “Crime against humanity—persecution

War crimes

War crimes that are grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions and of Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions
268.24 – “War crime—wilful killing”
268.25 – “War crime—torture”
268.26 – “War crime—inhumane treatment”
268.27 – “War crime—biological experiments”
268.28 – “War crime—wilfully causing great suffering”
268.29 – “War crime—destruction and appropriation of property”
268.31 – “War crime—denying a fair trial” (If trials are permitted, decisions go against the victim,
evidence of judicail bias)
268.33 – “War crime—unlawful confinement” (Quraantine – home detention)


270 – “Slavery” (Forced into lockdown & all ancillary to the lockdown)


1. This is a war, and
2. Is this the supposed freedom your forefathers fought to protect by destroying the armed forces of Germany in the last war?

Shouldn’t we all be free today – as the supposed tyranny was taken down in the last war! Or … was Germany trying to take down R’child while the allied soldiers were misled & told poppycock in order to have them defend the worldwide R’child empire?

Regardless, its time everyone stepped up.

If you attend a rally, ensure you are there peacefully, or you can be detained. Naturally if you are assualted, you have the right to defend yourself and use the minimum force necessary to protect your property (your body)
Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth)
Chapter 2.3
Division 9.5 Claim of Right

“Any person Under a Claim of Right may use the minimal force necessary to defend their property” –


If the offender refuses to back off or step down, you may use a 4 X 2 inch timber or anything else to
defend yourself, if that’s what it takes

Nobody has the right or authority to tell you what do do without your consent, if you are a man or woman,
unless you’ve harmed someone (under the second great law-commandment: “Love thy neighbor”.

You have the right to freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and much more.
NOBODY has authority to restrict, suppress, diminish or trespass your right to do so.

If you attend a rally, ensure:

  1. Attend with several friends for mutual protection
  2. Have cameras so you can record events as it unfolds & upload immediately to youtube if you are threatened or attacted
  3. Be prepared with “T” shirts , flyers & postcards
  4. Network with leaders
  5. Educate as many folks as you can
  6. Click on the “Freebies” link at the top of the front page of the website “www.solutionsempowerment.com” for free downloadable posters
  7. Spread the word to others that by being a member of the website, enables free access to over 50 prerecorded videos on a huge range of subject matters, including “How to hold your position” under any circumstances – particularly relevant to these rallies, but also how to competently negotiate settlements with your adversary, how to avoid infringements & fines and much much more
  8. Email to your database any iion about up coming rallies so the numbers can swell to over 100,000 in each city’s rally. People power has often been the game changer & resulted in victories for the people, & victories in the protection of rights of the common people.
  9. Be proactive
  10. Tell someone, family or friend, who isn’t attending a rally that you are attending, in case you are apprehended so someone can come for you & bail you out again quickly
  11. Ultimately, stay safe. No-one is productive sitting in a watch house or jail.

Hope this information is useful to all of you, especially those of you who are proactive

Kindest Regards
Mark & team
Solutions Empowerment