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Watch: https://youtu.be/unzm_SKyn6s

The following youtube link is a typical example of the over reaching and oppressive “state” impinging upon the rights of men and women, acts that are all totally illegal, oppressive and even subversive and treasonous.

The Western Australian (and any other state) laws are not laws at all but legislation. They are illegal legislation and are contrary too and repugnant to the Constitution – see s51(23)(A) and hence where a State Act conflicts with Federal law, to the extent of the conflict or controversy, Federal Law prevails – s109 Constitution – the Constitution being the source of and the governing Law of the Commonwealth of Australia.

People need to understand their inherent rights, which they can only access and express as a private wo/man.

We, at Solutions Empowerment, go at least two steps further in teaching people their rights, through the website www.solutionsempowerment.com

That is:
1. The Rules of Equity prevails over the Common Law to the extent of any controversy between the two, in commerce, the Rules of Equity being a part of contract. Legislation is not law. No legislation on earth can validly trespass, impinge upon, diminish or otherwise over ride an agreement or contract, and
2. The Creator’s law – the Ten Commandments – summed up in the 2 great Commandments, these trumping all man made laws.

Nobody on earth can be forcibly vaccinated. Consent must be obtained first. If a party expresses they don’t consent to be vaccinated, that’s the end of the story, if the party is a man or woman. If the party consented or assented to being a creature of statute, doesn’t matter how often you express you don’t consent to being vaccinated, you have no right to refuse it. Is a bit like a belligerent slave telling his master what to do. You’re asking for a whipping! Ie the master being the state, the employees of the state doing the whipping!

Get it?

The fly in the ointment is – all law (Rules of equity, Rules of the Common Law, and legislation) is with the introduction – commencement of valid martial law, where a nation is threatened from without or within.

The key is “valid” martial law. The excuse used/to be used is the CV scamdemic. However, SARS-Cov2 has never been isolated and unless an infecting agent can be isolated, a disease cannot be validly said to occur.

The key again is the word “valid”. The problem is few people, if any, hold the government and drug producing corporations to account by commanding them to produce evidence of an isolated disease bearing agent. No proof = no disease.

No valid evidence of disease = no cause of action to claim or invoke martial law. END of story.
ie any declared martial law is invalid and a scam without causal evidence. These are simple legal and lawful principles.

So challenge the call to martial law. Demand/command evidence of a causal disease bearing agent and hence the disease itself.

1. Evidence of isolation of the CV disease bearing agent is identified, and
2. Any party wanting to vaccinate you accepts in writing that bears their signature, the liability for any illness, sickness, disease and death caused you by you accepting a vaccination, then you can elect to proceed with the vaccination. No-one will ever, take notice, EVER sign such a document, and hence neither are you required or compelled to accept a vaccination! Rules of equity (Equity – what is fair, just and equitable) PREVAILS. This is your remedy.

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