ABC Newsradio interviews AFL Solicitors re 4 cases in Supreme Court

Tony Nicolic represents 4 plaintiffs (construction / healthcare industries) mainly concerned about lack of trials of the jab – we don’t even have short term clinical data. He has photos of horrific injuries. People without pre-existing conditions after the jab end up with thrombosis and being cut open to release pressure off their veins, myocarditis etc. These people are not ‘vaccine-hesitant’ or anti-vaxxers. They come from all walks of life (doctors, police, paramedics, nurses, disability workers etc). They are concerned about the lack of safety and efficacy data. The injection will not stop transmitting covid or getting it therefore jabbed people will be taking covid into the very sector we are trying to protect. He has 5,200 emails in his inbox and he has to farm out enquiries to other solicitors. He has heard from professors and doctors that the regulators are censoring them re alternatives – thousands of them – that cure covid. He expects a ruling around 28th – 1st October. 7 mins. Thanks to Ammun for this.

Almost 75 percent of unvaccinated workers to quit if companies make vaccines required – survey

The poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News found that almost three-fourths of unvaccinated employees would quit if companies require the jab. More than half of U.S. employers said companies will have some sort of COVID-19 vaccine requirement by the end of 2021. The largest union of police officers in New York City has threatened to sue Mayor Bill de Blasio over his vaccine mandate. Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Patrick Lynch said the union will protects its members’ right to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.
It’s a slippery slope the tyrants are treading because if they lose unjabbed workers then in a few years they will have no workers!

Experts say no science in lockdowns

Asymptomatic people do not spread disease. Lockdowns causing more world hunger. How false positives lead to a casedemic due to CDC recommendations to run cycles over 40. So why are we still using it? Masks ineffective, no evidence for social distancing also. Vxxx dangers. Very well made video.

Thanks to Enca for this link.

New York Demo – We will not comply

MASSIVE protests in Amsterdam streets against Green Pass – 1 week ago

Possibly more than 50,000 in the streets of Amsterdam! That’s just under 9% of the population! This is INSANE! Shoulder to shoulder for 3km. Police and former police lead the march of tens of thousands against the Green Pass and lockdowns here in Amsterdam! Watch Full Video of huge demonstration underway in #Amsterdam against COVID mandates and the possible introduction of vaccine passports. The revolution is beginning!

Thanks Grace for this.

Sydney demo July 30 – huge

Not seen in mainstream media. 35,000 people. Priest correctly says the Government is not primarily concerned about health because if it was it would realise that more people die from lockdowns than covid. Lockdowns also destroy community and the country we have fought to build and which we love. 9 mins. We can expect police to inflict violence on us as our forbears had done to them in their efforts to ensure freedoms for us.

Declaration of Ezekiel

2,700+ Church Leaders and over 14,000 churchgoerss signed letter to Australian Prime Minister opposing a vaccine passport mandate. Of course gutless and cowardly Scomo refuses to mandate it on a federal level but allows businesses and states to implement it if they want.