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What is a name?


At the conclusion of a protracted court case on the Gold Coast, a judge in summing up the case declared that ‘despite the man acting as ‘defendant’ passing away during the period of the long trial, it did not change the status of his persona’.

Well, didn’t that create uproar from the public? Notice precisely what the Judge was saying.

The legal system uses words with deadly precision, does it not? He admitted publicly that the body was ALWAYS DEAD, because it is NOT the body that has life, but the spirit within! Is that NOT telling us something? Where we listening?

Now, whether you or I are people of faith or not is irrelevant … if the Judge, the legal profession and the ‘establishment’ believe this to be true, then could this information NOT be used against them as their ‘Achilles heel’?

Here’s another little snippet of valuable information that can be used for your protection against any public adversary or challenger.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Ireland and Her Dominions in Her Coronation Oath in 1953, declared that the Authorized King James Christian Bible is the greatest book this world affords. Whether or not you believe this to be true or not, again is irrelevant. The Queen believes it to be so and is she NOT the head of the Commonwealth and much of the Western world (including the USA which appears to be a British Securities listed British Corporation). Therefore is she NOT foresworn to uphold the mighty Laws and Commandments of the Creator and Heavenly Father? Are all Her subjects in the public who take an Oath of Obedience and Servitude to Her, NOT also required to uphold the Laws and Commandments of the Creator? See where I am going with this? What a powerful weapon! You will learn more on this as you continue to browse our site.

There is only one way your property is spelled under the English language format and that is in title case, by which, the initials of each name are in all caps and the remainder of each word is in lower case. John Henry Doe for example. Any other format is a corruption and a legal fiction including the TITLES. MR, MRS, DR etc. JOHN HENRY DOE or J H DOE or any other derivative of the name that identifies the living soul, for the purpose of communication, is an adulteration and does NOT identify YOU UNLESS you CONSENT to it, either by agreement or by silence. Remember ALL names are a fiction and have a legal status to varying degrees.

Capitis diminutio maxima – JOHN HENRY DOE – the maximum loss of status equivalent to a total slave.  Look at all your government issued ID. Alarm bells yet?

Capitis diminution media – John Henry DOE – the medium loss of status and rights

Capitis diminution minima – John Henry Doe – the minimum loss of status equating to loss of family status – private name but retaining rights as a citizen

Your private name without ANY loss in status is John Henry. You may also use John-Henry of the tribe/family Doe.

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