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Top things they don't want you to know


*    Did you know that part of the fine you pay goes into the judges' pension fund?

*    Did you know that many court documents are 'signed' with a rubber-stamp?

*    Did you know many attorneys have this rubber-stamp so they can fake the judge's signature?

*    Did you know the IRS maintains a criminal investigation file on every Federal judge?

*    Did you know that the Post Office is not authorised to serve process?

*    Did you know that they are not bonded for that, they are not paid for it?

*    Did you know the postman cannot see into the envelope, so he cannot swear to the contents of what he             delivered (and he usually doesn't see who received it)?

*    Do you realise that 'service by mail' is therefore illegal?

*    Did you know that 'receiving' mail is a voluntary act, and you have the right to refuse mail?

*    Did you know that you can report crooked judges to the Court Administrator? Use a complaint form.

*    Did you know you can report crooked judges to the Insurance Commissioner?

*    Did you know that many of the judges haven't signed the correct oath of office as specified in the state             Constitution?

*    Did you know that in many of these judges' oaths, the words 'and impartially' are gone?

*    Did you know that if you do not have an attorney to represent you during sentencing, you cannot lawfully        be sentenced?

*    Did you know that you can ALWAYS remain silent because the State judge cannot grant you immunity             from Federal prosecution?

*    Did you know that the judges do not hold the full judicial power of the state?

*    Did you know that they hold the military power?

*    Are you aware that a mere signature is not defined by law as Evidence Rule 902.

*    Did you know that if you have a complaint about an attorney, you will get much better results if you file           your complaint with the Professional Liability Fund (the insurance arm of the Bar Association) as well a         the Bar Association?

*    Did you know that the PLF has a formal complaint procedure, and they actually pay out money?

*    Did you know that the state Bar Association (run by the state Supreme Court) lets drug-addicted attorneys and judges continue to practice, and keeps them out of jail with a special program, the Attorney       Assistance Program?

*    Did you know that the original purpose of the Bar Associations was to weed out the most incompetent of         the incompetent?