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My Ref:LK000129012018

ChiefExecutive Officer                                   and


GoVia,an Australian private Company, ABN  067242 513 

Post Office Box 2125

Mansfield BcQueensland 4122 Australia       (Collectively “You” OR “Your”)


29January 2018





withnumber 000000000


DearChief Executive Officer,


Uponcollecting our mail <date> from our local Post office we see yourdocument titled “TOLL INVOICE” dated 21 December 2017 seeking for an amount ofpayment of $18.26 from the estate titled “JANE SMITH”.


Wewish to settle this account post haste and offer to pay the above amount toGoVia on the basis GoVia or your good self deliver to us within 10 days of thedate of this notice;


1.    An opportunity to examine the original bonafide wet ink signature completed document that establishes a contract betweenGoVia, or your good self and the legal estate titled “

2.    JANE SMITH” that gave rise to our consent toconducting business with GoVia or your good self, and

3.    Sworn or affirmed evidence we consented in anyway to conducting business with GoVia or your good self, a claim we deny, and

4.    A list of all key executives within GoVia so weknow who to target for liability of any false claims or damages to our estateor ourselves caused by you and/or employees of GoVia, and

5.    Sworn or affirmed evidence you were transparentwith us in regards to full disclosure of any alleged, implied or expressedcontract and the terms and conditions disclosed therein,

6.    Sworn or affirmed evidence your document titled“TOLL INVOICE” is not evidence of your attempts to commit fraud by reason;


i.      It lacks a living soul’s signature, and

ii.     Was issued in the absence of a pre-existingcontract thereby making it impossible to commit a breach of (a non existent)contract, and

iii.    The structure of the language within it doesnot comply with proper English Grammar as disclosed within any AustralianGovernment Press printed English Styles Manual and therefore is a perversion ofthe language commonly called “Dog Latin”, being fraudulent use of the language.


Naturallyshould you fail to deliver the above particulars to us or provide us fulldisclosure in the above specified time, under your duty of care, it shall betaken as;


a.    your assent, agreement and acknowledgment thereis no contract between you and the estate titled “JANE SMITH”, and

b.    your TOLL INVOICE will be immediatelywithdrawn, and

c.    you agree to deliver to us immediately a Noticeof Discontinuance disclosing and confirming the withdrawal of the TOLL INVOICE.



Here’s what you need todo

Youneed to deliver to us the particulars sought above in order to receive ourpayment or discontinue pursuing the above account.

Naturallyif you elect neither but continue efforts to recover the amount of your (falseand unsubstantiated) claim;


1.    This demand notice will be used in evidenceagainst you as a token of good faith payment offer, and,

2.    We shall invoice you for our time replying toyour unsubstantiated claims pursuant to the attached document titled “FeeSchedule”, and

3.    Should an invoice be issued by us pursuant toparagraph 2 above, we will pursue recovery of the amount disclosed within theinvoice, and

4.    Should the matter proceed, you will be broughtby subpoena to any proceeding to answer questions under oath pursuant to yourwilful avoidance of full disclosure, negligence, solicitation and potentiallypiracy, and

5.    GoVia may be liquidated by reason it is adefault debtor to us.


Itis our understanding;


1.    GoVia is a private company, and

2.    Under the rules, principles and doctrines ofequity, any party/ies wishing to conduct business in commerce with anotherparty/parties must do so by implied or expressed contract, and

3.    The rules of equity prevail (Judicature Act1876 (Qld) s5(11), and

4.    There is no contract in place between GoVia,its employees and the estate titled “JANE SMITH”, and

5.    There is no implied contract between GoVia, itsemployees and the estate titled “JANE SMITH”, and we deny and refute any claimto the contrary, and

6.    A contract cannot be applied, compelled orforced on any party by another party, that is unilaterally, but must beattained by consent of all parties. And

7.    Statute, codes, Acts and legislation is notlaw, is only colour of law and does not apply to living souls, men or women nornon residents and non citizens, AND

8.    By YOU threatening us or the estate titled  “JANE SMITH” with paying your unsubstantiatedfee disclosed within your document titled “TOLL INVOICE” when there is nocontract between the parties in place, you are committing offences against usand the Commonwealth of Australia, including but limited by, threats withmenace, assault, piracy, debt bondage, and

9.    You are not liable for the offences,oppression, threats and commercial damages you cause us, and the estate titled“JANE SMITH”, and

10. You are failing your duty of care to us, webeing General Executors and Beneficiaries of the estate titled “JANE SMITH”,and committing acts of negligence should you fail to answer and deliver theevidence we seek and direct you to produce in this notice.


Naturallyif we have erred in our understanding and you deliver to us sworn or affirmedevidence to the contrary, we will upon receiving your evidence immediatelytender payment for the amount disclosed within your document titled “TOLLinvoice”.  


Take Notice, we do notconsent to and will not participate in your fraud.


Yourprompt attention to this matter is appreciated and we look forward withanticipation at the evidence sought from you and directed by us to deliver.

Very BestRegards





                                                                                                                                   All rights reserved






Attachment      A   Copy of GoVia statement titled “TOLL INVOICE” dated 21 December 2017.

                       B    Fee schedule dated <date>.

                       C    Copy of Snapshot of ASIC ABN search on GoVia