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Sheriff, Bailiff or Police at your Door


There have been many requests regarding what to do when you are being served by a sheriff, bailiff or police officer regarding outstanding warrants or orders. Below we give some examples that we have had some success with.

NOTE:  This is intended for educational purposes only.  Research what is underline. I found Blacks Law Dictionary very useful for this purpose but it is useful and interesting to compare meanings in various other books as well.

Knock, knock, knock on your door.

B/S:  "Are you Mr. Joe Bloggs?"

Y:        "No,, sorry I can't help you."
You are not a 'name', you have a name, and you certainly are not a Mr anything.
Mr is a corporation, do yo look, feel, sound like a corporation? Of course not!

B/S:    "Would you know how I can reach him?"

Y:         "Sorry, I have no idea, you may have to contact police or relatives. Sorry, I have to go now as Benny Hill is on the telly  now. Bye!"
It can be as simple as that. The police can looking for the entity name and then left when they couldn't attain it.

Sometimes the police officer may say something like:  

PO:      "I know you (your name)".

Y:          "Well  just put that down on paper and sign it under your commercial liability attesting to that fact so if you injure   me, by your actions, I can hold you personally liable".

PO:      "I don't have to do that".

Y:          "You're right, you don't, but I take it upon your refusal that you admit your guilt and that you accept you don't know who I am otherwise you would sign that document".
He then starts to back off.  At the end of the day, no-one wants to be held accountable/liable for their actions.

Well, back to the story!

BS:        "I have a warrant for the arrest of/order to take possession of this house. The locksmiths behind me will change the locks, you are required to leave".

Y:          "Oh really? Well I conditionally accept that as long as you will sign this affidavit (whip out the prepared 'affidavit for claimant', a document prepared by you whereby the claimant confesses to accept liability for what they do.
They will NEVER sign it and leave brown stains on their undies!
You may also say that:  '
you hold them liable for genocide'.
No one can be compelled lawfully to be thrown onto the street. Laws prevent this kind of abuse. It is also a breach of the mortgage contract.

PO:       "I'm not  signing that,  its not law!"

Y:          "You're right, you don't have to sign it and I cannot force you, but obviously if you do not sign it, I take it that you have something to hide otherwise you would sing it wouldn't you?  So...what are you concealing? Isn't that your admission of guilt? I take it that you know precisely what you are doing is unlawful and I don't consent to your actions. My intent is to peaceably notice you not to harm yourself though I can't stop you from doing that, so this is my duty of care notice to you that should you proceed in your unlawful action, if you cannot or do not provide your proof of claim, that I will hold you liable under your own commercial liability for damaging me to the tune of your claim plus three times damages. Do you wish to proceed on the terms I have just given you?"

PO:      "Get f......, etc."
They will often get quite defensive and abusive by now and loath to proceed!

Y:          "Well if you don't sign this affidavit but wish to proceed I will sue you personally. Now  what is your name and/or badge number and where is your card?  Which office are you from?  Where are your assets and what is your insurance indemnity number."

By now they will be back-stepping so stay confident and don't fold. YOU MUST BE FIRM. No pussyfooting around because they mean business and they mean to harm you so YOU MUST HOLD YOUR POSITION and they will back off! As they leave, take down their registration number for your protection.

Council Heads of Departments have been held liable personally for injuries they had caused other people.
YOU have incredible power, but YOU must exercise it and use it wisely, scare the pants off them. NO-ONE likes to be held accountable/liable. NO apologies for repeating the message here folks.