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Everything in Commerce is fictional



Everything has been created by attorneys and bankers/central banks to form an organization it calls government and this “fictional realm” includes ALL written laws governing commerce and trade. Yes, they have created ALL the rules that make up “The Rule of Law” but they have hidden in plain sight THE most important rule of all. When I say everything in commerce is fiction, I really mean EVERY THING. Because all of those written laws regulating commerce are fictional, fake, make believe, NOTHING within that commercial world can be real and I mean NOTHING … including YOU!

I have made an astounding discovery that I am now sharing with you and everyone else that cares to know what I do. I have yet to see anything like it written anywhere else online or in a book.

I have learned that I have been doing EVERYTHING wrong … but so is everyone else so I was not alone and since I first wrote about this, I have learned many more things that confirm I am correct about what I am going to explain in detail to you now. I now control the legal business entity that operates in that fictional realm FOR me in commerce and this allows me to transact business in this state for a profit LEGALLY for the first time in my life. 50+ years of living a lie is long enough in my humble opinion and it was obvious to me when I found it what I had been doing wrong all along. It explained why my ass was handed to me so many times before in court and then provided me with the ability to turn the tables around 180 degrees.

You see, there is a law on the books that they never told us about and I found it hidden in plain sight, right under our collective noses. That law clearly states that in order to transact business legally, everyone MUST use a legal name that has been registered  properly with the Secretary of State to create a legal business entity that can then be “used” to legally operate in that fictional realm. This is something we all MUST do … with the specific exception of attorneys, judges, clerks (officers of the court) and high ranking bank officials (officers of the banks) which makes complete sense because they are the entities that have all the  privileges and THEY makes all the rules.

If we don’t follow those rules though, there is no exceptions and we suffer the penalty of failing to do so.

Filing that legal name that appears on the Certificate of Live Birth by using the Assumed Name Certificate is 100% legal and makes absolute sense in what seems to most people as a world gone totally mad. It explains why we have been at a disadvantage and allows us to connect all the dots which were missing before. No one can force anyone else to do ANYTHING, everything is voluntary and that of course includes transacting business in this state. But if you choose to participate in that game of commerce, you had better educate yourself first and know what you are doing. This is mandatory for ALL  business entities, including corporations, but my business is not a corporation and requires no license to operate legally. It does require that the legal name be filed to create that legal entity though and everyone has no clue what they are doing to themselves.

To claim that YOU are a legal name is a lie because a legal name is a non-living entity. There is no incentive for any government employee to inform us of this requirement and very few of them know what I am telling you anyway.

This legal requirement is universal and every state has their own version of the “dba” which depending on the size and population of the state, may be handled by the county clerk ’s office which is a sub-entity of the Secretary of State’s office.

It is the ONLY way the “system” can work properly for them because when people discover that they are screwing up, they stop doing what they had been doing and this puts a damper on the state’s ability to collect tax revenue eventually leading to a serious decline in earnings. Let’s not fool anyone, the government is a 'for profit business entity' and it’s big business now so this is not something that we can expect its employees to accept easily, but the truth is, those employees have no choice. There is no immunity for any government employee, including judges. In California, the legislation that mandates legal compliance for all legal names transacting business in this state of a profit may be found in §17900 - 17930 of the California Business and Professions Code. This is where the law refers to the legal requirement to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the county clerk’s office and this legislation has been modified dramatically in recent years  because it was obvious that people were beginning to “see” that the problem was with the “use” of that legal name.

The form for California is designed to prevent you from filing properly and this of course is intentional. Alex Padilla’s office is ripe for a huge lawsuit because it knows I have found fraud within that state mandated form the county clerk claims everyone MUST use. The government agency that generally registers ALL legal business names “in this state ”(which means “in the United States”) is the Secretary of State (SOS). The government created the legal name expressed on the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) but failed to inform me that it represents an entity, not me. The legal document that I used to file that legal name and represents the founding business documents for my business entity is called an Assumed Name Certificate  (ANC). I filed the ANC online with the Minnesota SOS and I know by experience that this is the ONLY way to properly register that legal name in the “United States” and be in compliance with the law. The other state’s various “dba” forms are traps luring in people and causing them to “ believe” the purpose of this legal requirement is so that other people know who they are doing  business with … but that is just a trick. The Minnesota ANC is an official government document certified by SOS Steve Simon and serves as validated evidence proving that my business entity is  properly registered as required by law. The importance of compliance becomes self-evident if you end up in court because that is where it REALLY matters but I will explain that later. The Minnesota’s SOS has the same official validation as ANY state SOS has in the United States and may be used with any “legal name” that originates from the COLB regardless of what state in which it has been created. It also does not matter if you were born in another country and wish to file in Minnesota because a “legal name” on any birth certificate is still a legal name. This is great news for people who wish to stay in the USA but have no “legal papers” to establish a legal  presence. “

Naturalization” is another trap. The Minnesota ANC is valid in each and every state to transact business in the United States for a profit without having to pay an “income tax” while also offering solid proof it is 100% compliant with the rule of law. The legal name is actually a product  created by the state referred to and by the Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) but this is  NOT a REAL name which is why it’s called a legal name. It is in fact the “REAL” name flipped around 180 degrees and then disguised as a “First Middle Last” (FML) name, a name which is definitely NOT you. This has created a lot of confusion as to what the difference is between a “real name” and a “legal name”.

Here's a reported quote from Mark Zuckerberg: “There is some confusion about what our policy actually is,” the CEO wrote during a Facebook Q&A. “Real name does not mean your legal name. Your real name is whatever you go by and what your friends call you. If your friends all call you by a nickname and you want to use that name on Facebook, you should be able to do that.” So we can see now that Facebook is very much interested in you telling them what that “legal name” is but Mark is simply muddying the waters  by not really explaining the “legal” difference and why 2 names exist to begin with!

The FML name is legally defined in CFR § 100.12 Identification (52 U.S.C. 30101(13)).

Identification  means, in the case of an individual, his or her full name, including: First name, middle name or initial, if available, and last name; mailing address; occupation; and the name of his or her  employer ; and, in the case of any other   person , the  person'  s full name and address.  Nowhere in that definition will you find the word  “surname”.

This means that a “surname” is NOT the name used for id-entification purposes and that a FML name may ONLY be used in that way to identify itself in a business transaction. The word surname was derived from the root word “sur” which serves as a

prefix meaning “over or above” and occurs primarily in words with French influence. i.e. surcharge; surname; surrender; survive. This ROOT-WORD is the Prefix SUR  which means OVER, ABOVE & MORE. This Prefix does not indicate greatness or superiority. In No. 2, it is a belt tied over a saddle. In No. 14, it describes an article of clothing that goes over other clothes. SUR is not used as a suffix. 1. Surcharge : SUR charge (sur chari) n. An addition over and above the price 2. Surcingle : SUR cingle (sur sin g’l) n. A belt drawn over the saddle to keep it over the horse’s back  3. Surcoat : SUR coat (sur kote) n. Overcoat; coat over 4. Surface : SUR face (sur fas) n. The top layer; as, the surface of the water 5. Surfeit : SUR feit (sur fit) v. To sicken with having too much, with excess 6. Surmise : SUR mise (sur mize’) v. To guess; to have superficial opinion based on little evidence 7. Surname: SUR name (sur nāme’) n. The name placed over the given name; aka “family” name; NOT a “last” name 8. Surpass : SUR pass (sur pas’) v. To get ahead of; to transcend; to pass over

Written by:  Herich, Douglas Joseph, a living man - dba DOUGLAS JOSEPH HERICH

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