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Birth Certificate

What is the point of origin of what is claimed by the public servant as our ID?  Is it not the Birth Certificate? There is the first entrapment. The source document that gave rise to the birth certificate preceded it. For the States of Victoria and New South Wales it is an 'Application for Registration of Birth Statement’, whereby the alleged authorities have no authority over the one who is in possession of it. The document evidences the newborn as being ‘LIVING’. Hello……………………is this not your remedy??? In Queensland, the same document is titled ‘Certificate of Birth’. If you approach 'Births, Deaths and Marriages' for a copy of your source document in the appropriate manner - as a Creditor, you will not only receive that document, but you may receive it free of charge, being the Principal Creditor and hence NOT chargeable for property that belongs to you! The $44 fee may be waived! The ‘State’, here meaning, ‘the Federal and/or State Government’, ‘the Commonwealth of Australia’,’ big brother’ etc.  makes presumptions and one of these being YOU  are a ward or chattel of the state. A presumption is an assumption of fact resulting from a rule of law which requires such fact to be assumed from another fact or group of facts found or otherwise established in the action. Blacks 5th. Ed. P618. A presumption is NOT fact or truth. It however stands as truth UNLESS otherwise rebutted. You are presumed a slave or chattel by the ‘State’ because you have NOT rebutted that presumption and by you remaining silent on the issue, or by failing to declare in writing that you are NOT a slave or chattel of the State, have therefore agreed that the all capitals (all caps) name on your birth certificate is you, when in fact it is a state created legal entity called a juristic person.  A ‘Trust’ or ‘Estate’ is then created.

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