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Addressing the Court


7 Short Paragraphs You Need to Read, Over and Over and Over, to Avoid Pleading.



Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of attending Court on foot of issues such as “Parking/Littering Tickets”, “Rates”, “All/any of the Road Traffic Acts”, “Revenue/Income Tax Matters” etc., which are as you may already be aware ALLEGED CRIMINAL OFFENCES, the Judge will ask (on most occasions), “how are you pleading, Guilty or Not Guilty?”, or “how do you plead, Guilty or Not Guilty?”.



How can you answer this question, if YOU DO NOT HAVE THE EVIDENCE and/or FULL DISCLOSURE OF ALL THE EVIDENCE AGAINST YOU?  The only logical answer to give the Judge is to ask, “How can we make a plea, until we have FULL DISCLOSURE of (ALL) the EVIDENCE?”.


The Court/Judge WILL WANT you to make a Plea, as to Guilty or Not Guilty.  By making a Plea you are conceding to the Jurisdiction of the Court, and allowing the Court to make a Judgment, irrespective of the alleged evidence the prosecution may have against you and/or rely upon.




********  MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CRYSTAL CLEAR to the Court on ALL occasions, that you cannot and will not make a Plea as to Guilty or Not Guilty.  MAKE IT ABSOLUTELY CRYSTAL CLEAR to the Court that you demand/order to be furnished with FULL DISCLOSURE of ALL EVIDENCE (i.e. A Gary Doyle Order): ALL meaning ALL. ********


No Court of LAW and/or Competent Jurisdiction can lawfully proceed without establishing Jurisdiction, and without both parties getting into the argument (proper), as in an accuser accusing, and the accused making a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty.  A Court that proceeds without LAWFUL JURISDICTION is reduced to being a “Kangaroo Court”, wherein; it is a “court held to give the appearance of a fair and just trial, even though the verdict has in reality already been decided …”.



By NOT MAKING A PLEA of Guilty or Not Guilty, you CANNOT be FURTHER persecuted by the Court, imposing double penalty points, additional fees, fines, charges etc., as you have NOT conceded Jurisdiction to the Court to make a ruling.  On seeing/receiving FULL DISCLOSURE of the ALLEGED EVIDENCE against you, you can still latterly decide to plea Guilty/Not Guilty if you feel there is overwhelming evidence against you or not.



Should all the People who read this article and information Critically, and take the appropriate action in Court (1) by NOT MAKING A PLEA and (2) SEEKING FULL DISCLOSURE of ALL OF THE ALLEGED EVIDENCE (A Gary Doyle Order); then (3) copying, and sharing this article with anyone and everyone attending Court; the Courts would very soon grind to a halt, and a vast amount of Revenue for the Court and State would dry up.