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4. Tolls Final Notice 2




<Your Full Title Case Name>©TM  (“We”, “us” and “ourselves”)

Mail Registered Post No.: <Reg Mail #>           C/o- Post Office Box 0000

Town, Queensland 4000

My Ref: <Your initials>0001<date>


Scott Charlton

Chief Executive Officer and

Go via/Linkt (whoever or whatever the hell that is) (Collectively “you’’ and “your”)

Reply Paid 87288


Within the universal maxim of law ‘notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to

principal is notice to agent’. All addressed parties Jointly and Severally as well as their Successors, Nominees and assigns.



Re: Your offer for us to pay your “Road Toll”

With respect to toll fee/infringement/account number <number>

Dear Scott & Linkt,

We received a further and third correspondence from Linkt when we collected our mail on <Date> at the local Post Office which we elected to not open for refusal to claim it being you failed, refused or neglected to answer our previous correspondences titled “NOTICE & DEMAND FOR FURTHER & BETTER PARTICULARS & NOTICE OF NON CONSENT” signed and dated 18 June 2018 (First Default), “DEFAULT NOTICE AND DEMAND FOR PAYMENT OF DEBT OR ELSE NOTICE TO CEASE AND DESIST SOLICITATION” signed and dated <Date> (Second Default) and “FINAL DEMAND NOTICE AND NOTICE AND DEMAND FOR PAYMENT OF DEBT OR ELSE NOTICE TO CEASE AND DESIST SOLICITATION” dated <date> (Third Default, an equitable estoppel and default judgment) nor did you deliver to us for the third time evidence of any authority to issue any toll notice or statement of account to us or how any claim to such authority applies to a man or women without first attaining said man or woman’s consent to conducting business with you first.

Your third correspondence, bearing what purports to be a toll notice but was unopened and returned to you by us inscribed/MARKED: “UNCLAIMED, MAIL FRAUD, NO CONSENT TO OFFER TO CONTRACT, RETURN TO SENDER FOR CAUSE WITHOUT DISHONOUR” across the face of the envelope. Our intellectual property was clearly visible through the envelope window, being evidence of breach and trespass of our copy right – trade name property.  

You also agreed to pay <Your Full name> a sum of $1,000 Australian within 21 days of the date of our invoice for same (see attached) for each solicitation made by Linkt and/or its employees and ONE MILLION DOLLARS for each breach and/or trespass of our copy right-trade name property without it first delivering proof of claim of its authority to issue said claim – via document titled “toll fee” or “statement of account”.

You have delivered two toll statements of account without delivering the further and better particulars we sought in order to establish your authority and jurisdiction to make any claim against us. This has incurred a debt to us of three million and three thousand Australian Dollars. Find accompanying invoice for same.

Take Notice you have been directed on three previous occasions to deliver to us specific further and better particulars in order to establish that you have authority and jurisdiction to pursue any claim against the estate titled “<YOUR FULL LEGAL NAME>” but you have refused, failed or neglected to do so on every occasion but instead have elected to continue to solicit our estate for business.

Should you not immediately cease and desist your harassment we will;

1. File a formal complaint with the Office of the Ombudsman and the Office of Fair Trading, and

2. We shall file application for a restraining order against you, and

3. We may list you with Equifax as default debtors, and

4. We will pursue recovery of the debt you owe us.

Here’s what you need to do

You will need to pay your debt for the amount disclosed within the attached invoice by close of business on <21 days from the date of your notice & accompanying invoice> by bank certified cheque made out to “<Your Title Case Name>” or by direct deposit to the account disclosed within the invoice, or notify us in writing all tolls have been withdrawn against us and no further tolls will ever be issued against us or our automobiles by same date.     If you are unable to make the payment by close of business on the <21 days from the date of your notice> you will need to contact <Your legal name or a friend> on <Contact #> for alternative payment arrangements by close of business <21 days from the date of your notice>.

We look forward to either your payment by the date disclosed above or your correspondence in same time confirming our automobile with registration number “Your rego #>”” is entered within Linkt’s records and flagged as “exempt from Road Tolls and never to be issued an infringement notice”.  

Once again, for the clear public and private record we NOTICE YOU this fourth time;

1. We do NOT consent to conducting business or participate in fraud with you, now or ever, and

2. You are to flag immediately and certainly within 72 hours of receiving this notice, on your records that the car with registration number “<Rego #>” or any other automobile affixed to the name <”Your Title Case Name” or YOUR ALL CAPS NAME”> is exempted from paying tolls and is not to be issued a toll notice or infringement ever, and

3. That if we ever receive a toll infringement or notice, you agree to pay us $1,000 Australian within 21 days of receiving our invoice, in compensation for our time taken to reply to your offer to contract as well as the amount disclosed within the attached document titled “Fee Schedule” for use of and trespass of our trade mark/copy right property, being our name, and

4. If you don’t wish or elect to comply with the above three directions then take the matter to court where we can expose your scam as a fraud against the Commonwealth of Australia and us.

Naturally if you do fail to pay your debt, or contact <Your Full Title Case name> by the time and date stipulated above or to deliver correspondence to us confirming the fees/charges are withdrawn and no further account statements will be issued against the car or owner of the car with registration number ““<Rego #>” we will proceed with recovery action for the debt at your cost.  

We thank you in advance for promptly updating your records to show;

1. *Our car is flagged as “exempt from all toll charges within the State of Queensland”, and

2. All current toll charges have been with drawn, and

3. We are not required to pay any toll charges within the state of Queensland, and

4. You will notify us in writing confirming all the above”.

We direct you and anticipate you will notify us in writing confirming all the four *above directions in writing by <21 days from the date of this notice>.

TAKE NOTICE the property titled “<Your Title Case Name>” and “<your lower case name>” is our intellectual property. Any title that is a derivative of our property, such as “Mr <Last Name>”, ““<your lower case name>”, and any other derivative of our property, if used for purposes that are detrimental to our estate or harm us, is taken as a breach of our trade marked property and we will pursue an award for damages committed against our estate by the offender/s for the sum of ONE MILLION AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS ($1,000,000.00) per offence per each offender, pursuant to our document titled “Fee Schedule” delivered with our previous initial Notice dated 18 June 2018.


If you do not understand the legal ramifications disclosed above we suggest and direct you to seek legal advice.

The ONLY exception we permit to the use of any derivative of our intellectual property is to either pay the debt you owe us or to confirm in writing our automobile has been exempted from all road tolls. Any other correspondence trespasses our intellectual property and trade names and will be vigorously pursued for the sum of the award disclosed within our invoice delivered to you for breach and trespass of copyright - trade mark property.

We reserve our rights and dominion at all times and never waive them.  


We thank you in advance for courteously and professionally addressing this matter in timely manner


Kindest Regards, without dishonour, ill will or frivolity,  


General Executor, Grantor and Beneficiary of estate “<Your Full Title Case Name>©TM”. All rights reserved, none waived ever.

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