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1. Tolls Notice Template




<Your Name>©TM  (“We”, “us” and “ourselves”)

Mail Registered Post No.: <Reg Mail #>           C/o- Post Office Box 0000

Town, Queensland 4000

My Ref: <Your initials>0001<date>

18 June 2018

Scott Charlton

Chief Executive Officer and

Go via/Linkt (whoever or whatever the hell that is) (Collectively “you’’ and “your”)

Reply Paid 87288


Within the universal maxim of law ‘notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to

principal is notice to agent’. All addressed parties Jointly and Severally as well as their Successors, Nominees and assigns.


Re: Your offer for us to pay your “Road Toll”

With respect to toll fee/infringement/account number <number>

Dear Scott,

It has come to our attention that Linkt and Linkt Brisbane are trade marks of Transurban Limited used under licence by Queensland Motorways Management Pty Ltd ABN 86 010 630 921 (QMMPL), QMMPL itself being an “Australian private company” and trading through Queensland Motorways Management (QMM) operating out of principle addresses “Post Office Box 2125 Mansfield Bc, Queensland [4113]” and “7 Brandl Street, Eight Mile Plains, Queensland [4113]”.

It appears to us a multitude of frauds are being perpetrated by all the above legal entities, in the name of business and regulation of the “public roads”.

These include, but are not limited by;

1. Fraudulent use of the English language, by reason of the use of “Dog Latin” in your communications, and

2. Trespass, by reason of using public roads, being public property, and charging tolls for the self enrichment of your shareholders, and

3. Misleading the general public into believing they themselves have some sort of undeclared, hidden, concealed and never revealed duty or obligation to pay “road tolls” when nothing is further from the truth, and

4. Perpetuate some myth that they themselves are a government entity or agent when nothing is further from the truth, and

5. Conversion & breach of copyright – trade name, being a trespass, of our intellectual property, our name.

You have committed numerous offenses against the Commonwealth of Australia and us including but not limited by;

1. Oppression, breach of the peace, threats with menace, genocide, fraud, concealment of fraud, treason, personation, and

2. Piracy and/or racketeering, and

3. Assault by association with others that commit the offense/s, and


4. Conspiracy to defraud, and

5. Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and

6. Slavery, and

7. Much more.

In order to respectfully meet all (alleged, presumed or implied) obligations and liabilities of <Your Title Case Name> to you, if any, you are directed to deliver to <Your Title Case Name> sworn or affirmed evidence supporting your claim of authority and/or jurisdiction to compel us to conduct business with you and that we are compelled to pay any amount of money disclosed within your issued toll notice or statement of account and answer the following so all our (alleged, presumed or implied) liabilities and obligations to you can be met;

1. A copy of the source document of your authority and jurisdiction over the man/woman answering to the name “<Your Title Case Name>”, and

2. The document that establishes a contract, duly signed, between the parties that discloses <Your Title Case Name> voluntarily waived his/her rights, consented to conduct business with Linkts and agreed to submit to your authority, and

3. <Your Title Case Name> did commit/obligate/contract himself to paying tolls, and

4. Toll notices and infringements are not invalid, illegal or repugnant to and comply with the Imperial Acts Applications Acts (Qld) 1984 and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Cth) (“the Constitution”), and

5. Payment of a toll by us is mandatory, lawful, legal and we can be compelled to pay it without our expressed consent, and

6. We are a customer of Linkts and precisely how that disposition arose, and

7. Your lack of full and complete disclosure to us prior to issuing any toll doesn’t invalidate any alleged, presumed or implied agreement or contract between Linkt and ourselves, and

8. Your;

a. Lack of full and complete disclosure to us prior to issuing any toll to us, and

b. Actions in misleading and/or deceiving the general public, by allegedly or purportedly acting as a government entity,

         is not a fraud perpetrated against the Commonwealth of Australia and the people.

Naturally you are not compelled to answer and deliver proof of your claim to your authority and jurisdiction to charge us a toll when challenged by <Your Title Case Name> or anyone else, however if you are unable or elect not to deliver to us proof of claim to the above 8 paragraphs, then we take it as your confession, assent and agreement;

1. You have no authority or jurisdiction to do so without our consent, and

2. You’ve agreed to an equitable estoppel in this matter, and

3. You’ve agreed the toll infringement is discharged, and

4. You agree to never issue us a toll infringement for any automobile affixed to our legal entity name, and

5. You agree to pay us any amount disclosed on our invoice to you for our time taken to reply to you as well as breach and trespass of our intellectual property, our name, should you continue to pursue recovery of your toll without your verification of claim.

It is our understanding, otherwise correct us if we’re wrong, the employees of your organisation operate within your organisation’s own code of conduct manual and likely drawn up along the guidelines of the Queensland Public Service’s own code of conduct ( whereby your employees have a duty and obligation to the general public to act with courtesy, integrity, impartiality, honesty, openness & transparency, fairly and with accountability.

Our concerns in this matter are;


1. Will you, your employees and Linkts abide by, uphold and comply with its code of conduct?

2. By failing, refusing or neglecting to reply to this Demand Notice answering the concerns expressed within the above eight paragraphs, but electing instead to proceed with your recovery attempts –

actions against us, is that not evidence of your intent and action to circumvent your code of conduct and commit fraud against the Commonwealth of Australia and us?

For the clear public and private record we NOTICE YOU;

1. We do NOT consent to conducting business with you, now or ever, and

2. You are to flag immediately and certainly within 72 hours of receiving this notice, on your records that the car with registration number “529XFL” or any other automobile affixed to the name <”Your Title Case Name” or YOUR ALL CAPS NAME”> is exempted from paying tolls and is not to be issued a toll notice or infringement ever, and

3. That if we ever receive a toll infringement or notice, you agree to pay us $1,000 Australian within 14 days of receiving our invoice, in compensation for our time taken to reply to your offer to contract as well as the amount disclosed within the attached document titled “Fee Schedule” for use of and trespass of our trade mark/copy right property, being our name, and

4. If you don’t wish or elect to comply with the above three directions then take the matter to court where we can expose your scam as a fraud against the Commonwealth of Australia and us.

We thank you in advance for promptly addressing this matter by replying to and answering our above concerns and/or updating your records to show;

1. Our car is flagged as “exempt from all toll charges within the State of Queensland”, and

2. All current toll charges have been with drawn, and

3. We are not required to pay any toll charges within the state of Queensland, and

4. You will notify us in writing confirming all the above.

Take Notice your failure, refusal or neglect to reply to this Demand notice answering our above expressed concerns will be taken as your First Default.

Kindest Regards, without dishonour, ill

will or frivolity,  


General Executor and Beneficiary of estate <Your Title Case Name>©TM and <YOUR ALL CAPS NAME>.

All rights reserved, none waived ever.

Attachment A Original Fee Schedule


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