No Laboratory anywhere on Earth has yet managed to provide evidence of an isolated Sars-CoV2 C2 sample, including the W.H.O. and any country’s State, Federal or provincial Health Dept. So if there’s no Covid isolate:

  • How can there be a valid Covid pandemic?
  • How can there be valid Covid tests?
  • How can there be valid Covid vaccines?
  • How can there be valid Covid Lockdowns?

Is this the greatest fraud conducted by government, big pharma and their owners against the common people of Earth?

Time to step up & say no more! I don’t consent! Stop it!

Sars-CoV2 must be the smartest organism on Earth!

It knows;

– You have immunity when you eat! As soon as you get up from the table get on that mask
or you’re a gonner!

  • It knows when you’re reached a mature age & then attacks you.
  • It knows distances & senses crowds – that you’re safe from it if at least 1.5m away from anyone else but if closer – watch out!
  • It knows colour codes – it senses people in blue uniforms, these giving the wearer immunity & it stays away from them!
  • It knows very specific numbers – such as;
    1. 40,000 people at the MCG to watch the footy, they are immune but the moment the crowd hits 40,001, bang – they’re all susceptible & likely “goners”, &
    2. Cafes – 20 people at a cafe are immune from the bug but you get a 21st person creep in, bang, you’re all goners!
    – It understands time very well – It knows you’re immune when travelling between the hours of 7am & 7pm but come 7.01pm all the State border restrictions & blockades kick in because “the bugs’ wake up!
    – It understands age extremely well, knowing you have immunity at a young age up until the day before you turn 13 years, then on the 13th Birthday, you become extremely susceptable & vulnerable to it unless you wear a mask, but you have to try to fool it with a tight sealing mask because;
    – It infects as many people who wear masks as those who don’t because it somehow understands how to get around, through or under the masks

All round, the Sars-CoV2 has proven to be far more intelligent than about 80% of the population of mankind!

Who’d have thought that the combined brain cells of 80% of the human population probably doesn’t amount to the brain capacity of just one non existant Sars-CoV2 virus!

Tis really a sad state of affairs isn’t it, when supposed modern day intelligent men & women cannot work out simple truth from Covidshit!

Maybe its time for the awake to take over the Earth from the sleepers