Vaccine Non-Consent FAQ’s

What if I have a question regarding the process?

If after viewing the instructional video you still have a question regarding this process you can become a member of Solutions Empowerment and join the Vaccine Community group, where you can post questions and receive answers from community members regarding this process and other related topics. If you are still without an answer you can email your query to https://solutionsempowerment.com/contact/ and we will endeavour to assist you. Please keep in mind that we are experiencing a high volume of questions after launching this initiative globally and it may take a day to respond. We take all questions seriously and are working hard to respond to everyone. 

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password please email https://solutionsempowerment.com/contact/ as your password will need to be reset. We suggest you write down your login details and keep them somewhere safe to avoid this and to ensure you have easy access to Rounds 2 and 3.

I have signed up to become a Member of Solutions Empowerment and I am getting an error message “Match is Required” when trying to access the automated forms.

Members get access to the forms for free, however it does take a few hours for your new membership to register in the automated system. Once registered you will skip the donation section and go straight onto Round 1. We download new member information twice daily. If you sign up it is recommended that you do not instantly try to access the non-consent automated forms, as your member details may not have been downloaded straight away. If you receive a message advising you that a “Match is Required.” We suggest waiting a few hours and trying again. If you are still having trouble accessing the forms, please ensure that you are using the SAME email you used to sign up to Solutions Empowerment and not a different email as the system will not recognise you as a member. If you are still having trouble despite following the above, please email https://solutionsempowerment.com/contact/ and they will assist you.

Do I need to be a member of Solutions Empowerment to access the automated forms?

No. You do not need to be a member of Solutions Empowerment to access the forms, however membership to Solutions Empowerment will provide you with these forms for free as well as provide you with a host of other benefits.

Do I have to pay to access the automated forms?

If you are a member of Solutions Empowerment your access to the automated forms is free, if you are not a member you are requested to select a minimal donation . This donation helps to support us as we expand this initiative and it is greatly appreciated.

Why can’t I see a Non-consent form specific to my Country

We are working around the clock to make available non-consent forms specific for our International community. As you can imagine, this takes time. If you do not see a non-consent form specific to your Country, please fill out the form below and we will endeavour to create one. We have been inundated with requests for Country specific automated forms, so please keep in mind that this may not be completed instantly. There are a number of Country specific details we require in order to produce these forms, so in your email please advise us whether you are interested in helping us collect the necessary data, this could help to fast-track your form.

I have completed Round 1, How do I access Rounds 2 and 3?

Rounds 2 and 3 can be accessed via the link https://solutionsempowerment.com/non-consent/ Keep in mind the necessary wait time required to commence each step. Round 2 is commenced 21 days after the mailing date you selected for Round 1 and Round 3 is commenced 21 days after the mailing date of Round 2.

What if I need to change my mailing date?

If you need to change your mailing date, you can do this via accessing the edit link. This of course can only be done if you have not already mailed your documents.

How do I post my documents?

Once you receive your documents via email after undertaking the automated form process, you must print the entire file. Autograph where your name(s) is/are indicated at the bottom of the “My Will Notice” and the “Mandate” in Blue or Purple pen. You will Notice that there are 5 respondents (The Prime Minister/President and 4 Ministers/Secretaries) You must autograph on each respondent copy. You keep the original and make a copy for posting. You can print the entire document twice if you prefer or sign an original and make a photocopy for posting, whichever is easier for you. Once you have completed autographing each of the required pages, you are to place ALL the documents in the one A4 (Registered/Trackable post)envelope and address to the Prime Minister/President using the address provided and post.

Can I include my spouse/partner and child/children?

Yes. The automated system allows you to select the members of your family you wish to include by name.

Will my spouse/partner and/or child/children be included if I do not opt to include them by name directly?

No. They will not be included by name directly if you do not select this option at set up. The form does have a generic inclusion for covering “your family” however unless you opt to include their names directly, their names will not appear in the form.

What do I do if I make a mistake on the form?

If you have made a mistake you can edit your document using the edit function, or you can make changes and initial them.

What do I do if I have purchased the wrong envelope type?

If you purchase the wrong envelope size. (It is stated to purchase an A4 size as the full document for posting is 48 pages) and you include the wrong tracking number at setup you can edit your document using the edit function. An amended version will be emailed to you with the correct A4 envelope tracking number.

We hope this information assists you in completing your Non-Consent process and thank you for being a part of this initiative.