• Dear Tax Community, Well, I Am Feeling A Little Deflated, As I Am Trying To Get Conquer The ATO And All Their Fraud. I Have Been Through The Webinar, Twice, Taken Notes, And Read Every Comment Posted On The Matter. Morag Has Also Emailed Me Trying To Help. My Conclusion Is, We Are Entitled To Claim Back All Our Living Expenses As I Am A Living…Read More

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  • Please can someone tell me if I am supposed to bank the $10 cheque that was sent to me by the settlor upon opening my private trust? Thank you.

  • Dear all,

    Well, having just received the census form through the post, do NOT wish to give this information over to these people. After just having been notified that the federal gov are about to pass our private medical details to the states, to then be given to a third party to enable a vaccination passport to be made, I want to lock down all…Read More

  • Hi everyone,
    I have just completed all four rounds of the non consent process. I could only see two of my deliveries confirmed on the Postal website, so took my other six receipts into the local post office. They were able to see more than I could and printed off another five receipts confirming delivery. I was instructed to phone 131318, the Aus…Read More

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      • Thank you:) I am now trying to get all the docs together that Mark has said we need to carry with us, but I am not clear on a few points. I am not sure which are the three notices that were sealed by the JP. In all of the rounds, the JP sealed two documents, both of which were affidavits. There were a total of four notices sent in all the round 4…Read More

        • just carry the affidavits that are sealed and also carry any other documentation that will help you eg case law laminated. Scripts to use in any confrontation, your all rights reserved license, any exemption cards as a first line of defence, the police code of conduct with highlighted sections and a recording device. Always travel with at least…Read More

          • Dear Morag, thank you for your response. Does sealed mean signed? What is your all rights reserved license? Thank you. Kindest regards, Lindsay

            • Hi Lindsay, sealed means your signature and your affirmation is witnessed by the JP or Notary. They put their stamps on the document as well as signing it themselves. The JP usually gets you to read out and affirmation or oath at the end of the document, then they sign and stamp it. They sign each page of the affidavit and you should sign each…Read More

    • Well your lucky all five of mine are lost. Latest update from Australia post on five of my documents sent. Great they have pretty much lost most of them.

      Update for Investigation –
      Dear Leigh,
      Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning.

      I regret to advise we must declare a number of your Registered Post articles are Lost In T…Read More

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    Hi everyone, reading all these comments it looks like unless we have receipts, the tax office are refusing to refund our tax, even if people are saying its productivity of labour, which cannot be taxed? Have I got the correct understanding? Can we use bank statements as a receipt, as when we pay our bills, which is sustenance, we dont receive receipts. Finally, is it possible to ask Mark to issue an update for us all as to our next steps of advancement, since the initial plan is not holding up. It seems as though, those stepping out, and following the process are getting met with the same issues, and do not know what to do. Is this fair to say? Comments very welcome.... Lindsay

    Hi All

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    • I think this is much easier process for Business, partnerships and contractors. I am going to move to contracting with my company so I can use this process. But while I am on the subject of taxes I have a tax debt created by my accountant who did not have a clue as to what she was doing. The tax department has been hounding me for years about it.…Read More

  • Thank you J, I’ll give that a go.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have read everything here on the site and I am still confused. I need to open an account for my new private trust. Marks said in the webinar we need a business account. But then others are saying we do not need a business account. Business accounts require ABNs and TFNs, yet our trust doesn’t pay tax.

    The other accounts suggested…Read More

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    • I believe you need an account for funds that belong to the trust to pass through. I’m not sure if they are mandatory if you aren’t running a business through the trust. You’ll have to ask Mark when he sets ithe trust up for you.

  • Fabulous Mark,

    I will be writing to them soon. Can you tell me if the Council can tell you whether you can cut down trees on your land? I have lots of them, and apparently they state you can’t cut them down if they are within certain distances of the boundary fencing. The trees are a fire hazard, as they are huge, and burn with such heat, being…Read More

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    • Make sure you really know your stuff before you take on the council. Just keep learning and one day you’ll feel you’ve got all your bases covered and you’ll be able to go for it. Just start with small fry like fines or demands from utilities companies and practise on them before you tackle the big ones.

  • Dear All,
    I am in the process of completing the round 1 docs for non consent to the CV19 jab. I can see I have to change the name of one of the members of parliament, but cannot see how to do this. Can we change it electronically, or do we just change the document with black pen, and initial the change?

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  • I have just become a member, and have tried, several time to commence filling in the round 1 document for ‘No consent to vaccination.’ It wont let me in, saying my password or email address are incorrect. I know that is not so, as I have just logged in using the. Please help? Thank you.

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