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    I am in the UK and have received the download for Non consent to Lockdown forms.

    Am I correct in thinking I need to print them out, sign the appropriate parts, put a thumb print on, and scan them back to my laptop before sending to MP’s by email?

    Sorry if it is a daft question but I know that at work simply sending an email that needs a…Read More

    • There is an email programme you can purchase called read/notify that ensures your emails can be used in court. http://www.readnotify.com/readnotify/rn5machelp.asp

    • Hi Scott, Im doing the same and would sign just to be sure. If the email is also evidence of signature doesn’t harm to have to twice! How did you get on with having a notary witness you sign the declaration? No notary where I live in Essex has said they will sign it stating it has no legal standing. How did you manage with getting someone to sign yours?

      • Hi Esto, Do we need to get it notarised? I thought it just needed a witness signature from some one we know.

        • Well none of them in Essex will do it once they see the paperwork. So if someone on here can help us please. Is it sufficient to just get it signed by someone we know?

      • Continued to Estoperpetua… I remember discussions last year about notaries starting to refuse to witness and stamp the documents and the replies at the time were along the lines of…it is not their job to determine if it is legal or not, their job is to witness a signature. Let me know if it definitely needs a notary. I will need to start…Read More

        • Same boat. Got it all printed out and ready.No notary would sign so couldn’t get them sent off and now have to print again as dates wrong. Doing the lockdown and vax forms yes.

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