• Hey Janet, I have just pulled up your previous notice for the electricity company. I was about to write up a A4V as payment but see there is no payment slip. So I looked up your post and at your affidavit and it looks to me like you are requesting them to not install the digital meter offer. Wish I knew that was what they were doing a while ago…Read More

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  • I am on here periodically so I appologise if this link has been posted before. On telegram there is a 20k site for teachers to get assistance and make a stand on the 2nd of Oct I believe https://t.me/NationalEducationUnited And nurses can make their anon experiences on: https://t.me/NursesSpeakOut Also on telegram

  • Right now I would love to upgrade my car! I used to have a great bank manager old school. I used to ring him up and playfully abuse him for issuing late payment fees…he would always undo them. But he is no longer living. He would have been a bank manager I would have asked! But I am seeing a huge amount of banks just up and closing. Better be quick!!!

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  • Hi lovelies, I know the Qld registration form for live birth has been posted here before but cannot locate. Surprisingly the Vic one uploaded is still there!! We need this for my son. Thank you if you can assist 🙂

  • OK getting real here about a parking fine that has evolved into an apparent suspension of license from SPER. Sent the fourth letter with invoice and another offer to settle including the Organizational Representative in the letter. Ok so now looking at an affidavit and another form to fill in. Two issues have come up. Cannot find the first offer…Read More

    • SPER are a PITA. Just talking on the phone with them is enough to inspire an aneurysm. I feel really sorry for the people that choose to be employed there. when it comes to SPER. I have only 3 words. Discharge the liability. Discharge the liability. Discharge the liability. Discharge the liability. Speaking from extensive experience, nothing…Read More

      • So re: 1’st offer from SPER. Simply email them and ask them to resend it. Easy. Say you need it for your records or whatever. This is also how you get a brand new statement of account from them, with 72 hours to respond. 2. Council would have been easier to deal with than Sper. They are more able to respond to leverage, and able to withdraw…Read More

      • Anandrah Ok great. You have been saying this for a while but specifically what has discharged it? If you know of specific successes please name the routes. But I do have the first statement as it happens it just doesn’t have the date they sent it out to me. But you know I am in this to learn and take it further. So the affidavit…I neglected…Read More

        • Here’s a comment that may help? …In the Bills of Exchange Act, which is a principal overarching law governing our entire society ( commerce ) the excerpts Mark provides indicate if a payment to discharge a liability is not accepted, the liability is discharged. So, having your payment returned puts you in an even better situation. Now you got…Read More

          • Thanks Morag-Janet of the Hill Family. I don’t have a problem with the A4V so far with the council. I discharged with A4V with West pak but did end up going to the Ombusman. I am due to send the 3 rd notice. So far no issues and put in all the relavent points of it already being discharged. My Q’s about BOE is regarding SPER and I will address it…Read More

        • Hi Kazazz. ‘you’ve been saying this for a while’ RE discharging liability. Well nice to know someone is reading my offerings 🙂 I only say it because it’s what Mark says. There is a lot of detail in the manual and it’s possible to get a lot more specific about things he may only touch upon in a webinar. I also speak from experience. I’ll try…Read More

          • Anandrah thanks again for your responses. So I sat down to fill out the Affidavit and the Stat Demand for payment of debt and remembered I had ignored the Council requests for payment for parking fine. (I wondered would this be an issue if it went to court?) So as is the process when writing up the Affidavit the list of evidence is described with…Read More

            • Hi Kazzazz. Thanks. Okay well this all sounds very familiar to me 🙂 I’ve been through this with various revenue collectors and those state run ones are just like dealing with a wheelbarrow full of old cement. Don’t worry about council. Retain what you have and keep going with SPER. As mentioned, there are two avenues you can take. If you go…Read More

            • In my experience. It’s easy to get very emotionally attached because of the unjustice of it. And because of the way they respond. And because of the amount of time of wasted. And one wants an outcome that can account for these things, some redress. The other thing, is its easier to get really caught up in all the details. Hence, Notices, working…Read More

  • Hi there to everyone. I have a query regarding the shop and the contents on offer. I am currently going through the process of the Promissory Notes for a large liability Discharge. I have so far gone through 2 A4V’s 2nd nearing completion. I have looked at the shop to look at buying the module and see that it is now double the cost? than it was.…Read More

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    • Sorry an error the itemisation has never been available now or in the past.

    • Not a bad idea. Would be nice to know what it is you’re getting before paying such sums. Full non misleading disclosure should be offered. Perhaps there are also other resources out there at our disposal that can be of some help without having to pay for the kinder surprise? (ie: Alphonse Faggiolo’s work and his telegram, or Robert Odeck & his…Read More

      • Freedom Goy yes that is all anyone should expect from a business that is offering a service is full disclosure. Still waiting to hear. Yes I agree there are others but Mark has had such success and so much experience the reason we all want to be on his team. Just hope they will aspire to offer this. Other wise other sites will take precedence…Read More

        • Others have had successes as well as far as I understand, even though we may not hear about them. Alphonse speaks of his friend Steve Emerson who apparently has won over $40 million in settlements. Not sure if all, but I believe some of the matters dealt with covid related mask orders. Others might also say simply being left alone by the state…Read More

          • Thanks for your responses but I have to say that mask related issues are not something to worry about. It is not mandatory to wear them as a person let alone a man or woman. Simply holding position sees them go. However most believe the BS and pay the ridiculous fines. I have done a c.c., the Rates are near completion with a Money Order and now…Read More

            • Many people here in Canada that are dealing with covid related charges/fines are being railroaded in kangaroo courts, other people being discriminated against and losing employment for non-compliance with mask issues, so I imagine to the individuals dealing with these matters they are something to worry about. This was just one example, but I…Read More

  • Your case is different but…I questioned a debt that had been threatening for 2 years bc my son didn’t attend school in the new year except first day. It appeared they calculated the payments over the holidays. It was a difficult time to get a remedy as I was being passed from person to person. So eventually I said ok the next person who doesn’t…Read More

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  • Anandrah it says it is not avail in your country! But it still has the title Noosa Magistrates Court. Strange that you can get in!

    • you must have a foreign IP then, try an internet connection hosted locally

      • Well that is interesting. I am with iinet and they have made some recent changes. All of their tech assistance are people from Sth Africa it seems since aapt days.. I will check it out. But I haven’t had this issue before.

  • Hi does anyone know from the UK what the equivalent in Australia is for the dsar: data subject access request under the freedom of information act? About to send my 3rd letter for both parking fine and speed camera fine. I am expecting them to continue on to court. For both I have included my live birth cert and all rights reserved license and am…Read More

    • it’s possible for things to be dropped before they get to court if you put enough pressure on in advance. You can also direct them to provide a Chapter III Court of Competent Jurisidiction as your right pursuant to the High Court ruling Asics versus…I can’t remember. This is impossible for them to provide yet they MUST because you direct them…Read More

      • Awesome responses thank you regarding the dsar that is interesting. So my understanding of going forward after the 3 letter process is hazy. Is the next process creating a affidavit of truth displaying the aquiescence of the corporation unable to provide proof of claim and file this with the court? There is a statement of claim and there is a…Read More

        • Thankyou RE: knowledge. I have no special access to anything unavailable to anyone else. Statement of Claim is used for a civil claim, for any reason. So that’s not applicable. A default judgement is exatly that, ‘default’, it happens automatically after certain conditions are met. For example non-response. that why it’s possible to get a…Read More

          • Okay! Thank you I will sit back and digest this and discuss it. Great info and thanks for your time and efforts here. They were issued in January. Nothing in these regards sinks in until getting into the practice and yes this is for practice for the future possible ambushes that we all will be looking towards I imagine! One of my careers has been…Read More

            • Thankyou. Well you may like to see it progress to a court hearing. That would be safe practice, not much at stake. See what its like having your live birth document in the court room, and then you get to share it with everyone. The worst case scenario is you have a liablity to then discharge. I was asking about the date of the fines because if…Read More

    • S A R : subject Access Request

  • ThaT VIDEO IS DELETED. Any info on the “Notice to Admit Facts?” Anyone used it?

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  • Why is there an ICE WAll at the 60th Parallel? Well done Santos!

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    • Thankyou Kazzazazz. I probably won’t have time to view this but I started. Respectful enquiry – what difference do you think it makes, if the earth is not round – or if we learn or can demonstrate the earth is not round. It’s great to have a challenge to established mental constructs – healthy and dynamic – I’m just unsure what practical…Read More

      • Yes I’m with you on “what difference does it make in the scheme of things?” The main thing is that it dares to display that they have audaciously lied to us. Why? and then the next Q is what else have they lied about? We know as we venture further and further that everything we have come to believe is a lie. When we completely understand this we…Read More

  • Hi Jay for some reason it seems there isn’t allowed to have more than a couple of comments per discussion I don’t understand that I thought this was a type of forum. Your discussion on the Q apps is a very serious one and apparently Federal overrides State if they differ. Businesses state they will be fined if they do not implement these state…Read More

    • if you look higher up the thread you can find a ‘reply’ button from an earlier comment which you can use when it appears there is no more scope to add comments. For businesses there are resources on operationstop.org regarding this issue. It just comes down to individuals – refusing to take a phone, or saying their phone doesn’t work/doesn’t…Read More

      • It is hard work either way whether a business or a patron. As both require standing up and stating that at a federal level of legislation it overrides the state. Businesses would need to deal with an impending fine if they are found to not comply it may not even need to go to court. Patrons also if it is their favourite place to go. Me I am happy…Read More

        • Thankyou. Even the alleged shifting of the responsiblity away from the individual onto the business is part of the fraud. A serious solution is holding the ministers accountable for their crimes in this regard. A private administrative process via a Notice of Conditional Acceptance for example would be one route

  • For those of us in Queensland I am so shocked by the compliance of the majority allowing the QR scan before entering a pub or restaurant. I was informed today that they must comply with Liquor and Gaming Commission Directives or they will be fined. Looking up the above:
    Check In Qld app
    “Download the free Check In Qld app for your business to…Read More

    • You may enjoy distributing this 🙂

      • Yes excellent. I am never armed with these notices when needed. spur of the moment decisions to eat out and any I had before I had given away! Anyway I will be going back to that business and handing out the one you down loaded and the other that shows a more basic overview that Federal law over ride State directives. I have written up the…Read More

        • Thankyou. Great to obtain access to the places you deserve to be patronising. Path of least resistance, particular for functions and events I need to be at, I feign ignorance because ‘ I don’t bring a phone to these things’. And have just used someone elses phone – even the establishments phone – and I note there is no requirement to use…Read More

  • Having trouble posting the other link for some reason it is Masks & QR Codes You Tube Tom Barnett

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  • Here is another link to another amazing vid

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  • Okay so it’s our turn here in QLD for the BS. There is stuff happening to people and their jobs bc of their stand about not wearing a mask. Perhaps you have all seen these vids by the amazing Tom Barnett. I continually refer people to them and refer to them myself so I will post them.

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    Kazzazz replied to the topic Claiming property in the forum Q&A Sessions

    If you are fighting it does that mean you are set for court or are in court? My Q’s would be what is their evidence and what is yours? I would be going through the webinars: application for order of judgement for summary judgement and A Notice to admit Facts are in the webinar. As for getting your bond back a friend I know rang the RTA as the Real…Read More

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    Kazzazz replied to the topic Holding Position Webinar in the forum Webinars

    Parking Infringement: Matt How did you go? I have let mine go to the point of it being sold to SPER. Because Councils are hard to deal with. I am not saying don’t take them on but just not yet as this requires practice to understand the processes.

  • Been trying for 30 mins to get into the meeting. First time t have trouble. It stated waiting for the host to start meeting.

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