• It looks like I am going to have to take action with regards to being refused service/entry with our cats vet. For two weeks now I have been refused service as they refused to serve me unless I signed in either on my phone or on their app at reception. I was there to pick up a bandage for the cat. It has taken two weeks and me offering various…Read More

    • This is the Privacy Act in NZ I have attached the Australian Privacy act 94H You could look up the other wording, that I have here, in your Australian Privacy Act as well. Also read the terms of the contract you agreed to when you signed up for a “Best for Pet Membership” If there is no contract (full disclosure, a meeting of the minds and equal…Read More

    • You can show him some of these things and explain he is discriminating against you and that you could potentially sue him (which of course you don’t want to do). If he still refuses to see reason then start a three step Notice of Non consent and Conditional Acceptance process using Marks documents as a template and putting in questions that are…Read More

    • This is also from Mark’s webinar……”Cruden vs Neale; Every man is independent of all laws except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellow man without his consent. US SC 1796………..Thoroughly know your rights as a wo/man. No legislation applies to a wo/man. A direction is not law or legislation…Read More

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