Hi Folks,

Here are two short but impressive videos

1. Someone demonstrating precisely how to “Hold One’s Position” when confronted/affronted

– exercising one’s right to NOT conduct business with any party one don’t wish to conduct business with. If there’s no prior contract in place, there is no law on earth that compells one to conduct business with another, by reason that the Rules of Equity prevail. NOT the Rules of the Common Law and NOT legislation, commonly called Statutes, Acts and Codes. The Rules of Equity! What is fair, just and equitable. Equity requires “consent”. So if you don’t wish to do something, and you haven’t signed a contract obligating you to perform to someone’s directions, demands or commands, then you do NOT have to perform. You may simply say “I don’t consent” or “I’ll do so when I’m presented with evidence of a contract”. No-one has authority to use force of law against you in the absence of a contract (whether the contract was written, oral, implied or presumed). Naturally, rule of ;aw is set aside under a declaration of (bona fide) martial law. The current lockdown as a result of an alleged pandemic when the culprit virus – SARS-CoV2 has never been isolated anywhere & there’s no significant deaths anywhere in the world re: the virus, is not genuine bona fide cause of action to declare martial law, therefore such a declaration is void & a nullity.

If you’ve done no demonstrable wrong, but someone is presuming or implying there is a contract between you, (which may occur sometimes without your knowledge or awareness, such as by you not replying to or either denying or expressing your non consent to some “offer”, “statement”, “comment” or “direction”) your silence is taken as your assent and agreement of the other party’s authority to direct you to perform or do something. Remember, silence is fatal in commerce. If you are presented with a statement of offer (“I need your licence…”) and you remain silent, or you don’t express your non consent to the offer, then you assent to it.

2. This sketch is simply a visual demonstration of one form of expression of your non consent to the offer to be vaccinated against SARS-CoV2.

The authorities have all already admitted around the world that all CV19 vaccines do NOT give the recipient immunity from the alleged disease. Many people have thankfully awoken to the fact there is no bona fide pandemic. Only 0.01% (1 in 10,000!) of those who catch the alleged disease die, and only about 1% (1 in 100) of the population have caught the alleged disease, so only 1 in 1,000,000 (0.0001% of the population) people on earth have died so far. Compare this with about 50% (that’s half!) of everyone on earth that died from a true pandemic – bubonic plague in 1341 – 1345!

The big news is… the vaccines have killed far more people than what the alleged CV virus has, & a tidal wave of deaths are yet to come!

Again, in order to preserve and protect the lives of your family members and yourself, all you need say to anyone that offers you to have a CV19 vaccination, or wear a contaminated, spike protein bearing mask, or scan your mob phone on a scanner to enter a store or place of business is:

“No thankyou, I don’t consent & I have a medical condition that precludes me” or simply “No thanks” or “Are you aware you face at least 5 years in jail, for attempting to compel me to do something without my consent, and what no law on earth compells me to do?”

When you:

1. Know your rights, and
2. Know how to exercise those rights, and
3. Know the “rules of the game” operating within commerce (operating universally);
4. you know how to “hold your position”

you become “impenetrable” and unstoppable.

The public record is then created concerning you that they know:
1. You are resilient & fierce
2. You are too costly an exercise for any corporate pirate to engage and spend their resources on to force business upon you or get you to comply
3. You know how to exercise your rights
4. They are vulnerable to litigation or other penalties should they attempt to compell performance from you when they know they have no jurisdiction, or authority of cause of action, over or against you
5. You are to be left alone and in peace

Notice: Solutions Empowerment doesn’t condone the use of force or guns to express your non consent. However, what can be said is that both Federal Law and the Bible express in writing that if you are assaulted or threatened for your personal safety, you have the right to self defence.

The easier route is to comprehend the principles, doctrines and rules of equity so you can obtain the outcome from any transaction that you desire in a peaceful manner.

For information, and application of the information, relating to the above, as well as live and visual demonstrations of, and successful applications of, exercising your rights, join the website “www.solutionsempowerment.com” and watch the 60 – 90 minute recorded webinars (over 50 webinars and growing – each on its own subject matter) for free to our members. As a member you can attend the two free live webinars each month, as well as the two free, live one hour Q & A sessions with me each month! These are both recorded and posted for future viewing.

Thousands of people are changing their lives all around earth by learning, and having learned, the skills to negotiate and settle matters in commerce, thereby enabling a far more peaceful and prosperous life.

Look forwards to seeing you there.
Kindest Regards
Mark Pytellek (& team)
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