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Join the ever growing community of Men & Women reclaiming their inherent rights. Solutions Empowerment provides you with information, resources and templates to help you tackle the ever increasing burden of financial debts and liabilities, banking issues, fines, court appointments, driving offences, taxation obligations and other matters including inherent rights and vaccinations. Please note your membership/subscription will automatically renew on the expiration date (1 year) – if you do NOT wish to renew, please manually cancel the subscription before then.

The membership fee is $129 AUD now, with an automatic annual renewal of $99 AUD.

Members-only benefits

Access to self-help / self-empowering Website + Community

  • Foundational Knowledge mini-course (Start here)
  • Live Webinars (recorded for later) + Live Q&A (ask any question, also recorded)
    • Approx. 12 per year, plus archive of over 50 in the past
  • Access to further (possible) purchases* through the online shop
    (*purchase desired modules additionally, depending the area you’d like to learn)
    • 50 + Modules
    • Non-registered Trust creation
  • Private Community Forums & Groups
    • Chat and discuss with your fellow men & women, be a part of a community where all want to learn, and help each other. There is no professional guidance by SE through this channel, it’s purely to bring one another together and share.
  • Resources (non-consent generator included)
  • News/blog updates
  • Email Updates with occasional special deals / discounts / etc.
  • P.S…. We’re getting some BIG website upgrades & new features in Q2 of 2022

The membership fee is $129 AUD now, with an automatic annual renewal of $99 AUD.

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