Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice — Blood Money 8 — Man or Thing?

We wanted to begin this discussion with the reasons why it is always wrong for a man to be equated with a thing, even a thing as familiar and accepted as a name.

Man stands above all things on Earth, and if we are to believe ancient scripture, our purpose here is to be caretakers of each other and of the planet.

It’s a pretty simple custodial job with lots of perks, but we still manage to bung it up. After stumbling around for a long time and not reaching any good conclusions about our own behavior, we were given ten simple laws to obey, and couldn’t manage that much.

Then, in an effort to reset things, we were given a hands-on example of what we could and should be —- and the standard of law was further simplified to only two basic things: love your Creator and love each other, and we are good to go.

Now, these are simple concepts any baby can understand, but such is the perversity of our species that ego enters in, we start thinking about me, me, me, and before we know it, chaos erupts, and we are left with a situation like the one presented today.

Men have schemed to reduce other men to the level of inanimate things and sought to redefine living flesh as corporations, which could then be bought, sold, traded and manipulated at will.

This was done in a two-step process which reduced living people —Americans and Englishmen and many others around the world—- and redefined them first as “persons”, and then, secondly, self-gratuitously redefined “persons” to mean “corporations”.

In this way and with deliberate animosity, living people were unlawfully and immorally converted, and their names were used to represent “persons” — both foreign Indentured Servants subject to bondage, and Municipal corporations of various sorts.

These changes in the definition attached to common words, and especially to Proper Names, have served the cause of evil and fraud throughout the world and resulted in the abuse of literally billions of living men and women over the course of the past century and a half.

The Perpetrators of this scheme are perennially found to be spouting words such as, “It’s for the Greater Good.” and “Sacrifices must be made for the Greater Good.”— while hypocritically lining their own pockets.

Make no mistake, the practices of “securitization” and “monetization” that are currently run rife in the world are all illegal, and are the result of legalizing gambling — specifically, allowing private insurance to exist.

The current scam got its start with the Dutch East India Company in the very early 1700’s —and what is known as The Bottomry Bonds Scandal. The Company insured non-existent ships and cargo, collected the money when these were “lost at sea”, and promptly disappeared over the horizon, never to be seen again.

Today, we see a reprise of this same scheme, in which non-existent Special Purpose Vehicles and Cestui Que Vie Trusts and Public Utilities and other “derivatives” have been named after living people. These things have been bonded, insured, assigned values, and used as collateral for loans to governmental services corporations operating “as” governments, without really being governments.

In our case, for example, our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America, was initially misrepresented as The United States of America, Incorporated — a Scottish commercial corporation chartered in 1868. Later, we suffered misrepresentation by the US, INC, U.S. CORP, USA, INC, USA, Inc., and so on.

The same thing has occurred throughout the world.

And the end result is the proliferation of things purportedly “standing for” living men and women, without their knowledge or consent, and all supposedly having value and being “insured” as having value. Just like The Bottomry Bonds Scandal, these “ships” do not exist and the insurance policies are vacated as a result.

Once again, The Company proposes to defraud everyone concerned and disappear over the horizon, seeking refuge in China.

We say that it is more than past time for this criminality to stop. Men are not things.

If the insurance industry cannot be better managed and regulated than this, it needs to be outlawed again.

The insurance pay off, in “Life Force Value Annuities” in the amount of $950 Trillion Dollars, was delivered to Prince Philip by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA in April of 2017, three days before the Prince stepped down from his public duties and entered private life again.

This money was purportedly supposed to pay off the bonds enslaving the people of the British Isles and former Commonwealth Nations— including all the improper bonds established on Americans who are not and never were wards of the British King despite rumors and assumptions about our “missing” government.

Instead, The Company has reinvested vast amounts of money in China and rat-holed the rest, leaving the victims of this impersonation scheme — the living people having the same or similar names — to pick up the tab.

We are now in physical possession of the labor bonds used to perpetuate this madness. These bonds represent an estimated one pentillion dollars worth of debt owed by the non-existent corporations, and which is, on the flip-side, also representative of one pentillion dollars worth of credit owed to the victims of this scheme.

As you can see, the $950 Trillion insurance, even if it were properly applied to service the debt, does not begin to cover it — with the result that all the corporations on Earth, including the bogus ones named after us— are insolvent.

Now, either the truth is that we are each, individually, and collectively, of unimaginable value —and are owed all the pre-paid credit we need to live and thrive and survive and fulfill our destiny as caretakers of each other and of the planet, or, this is just another huge criminal boondoggle brought to us by the leadership of The Company— which needs to be recognized as a pirate operation— and shut down whether its in China or The United States or Bern, Switzerland.

Looking at the pretty pieces of paper used to promote all this, all neatly alphabetized, all representing such unimaginable debt on one side of the ledger and such unimaginable wealth on the other side of the same ledger, gives rise to philosophical rumination about The Truth.

Who among us, when faced with the death of a loved one, or even the death of a beloved pet, hasn’t known The Truth?

Life is the greatest gift and greatest value there is. And man is the measure of all value on Earth. Without man, there is no market for commodities to buy and sell. Without man, there is no need for highways, feedlots, hospitals or drugstore chains. In fact, without man, there is no value –in a market sense– to anything on Earth.

So what is the standard of value, if not mankind itself? Who gives “value” to everything else?

As we face this great crisis, and everyone ducks and runs, and tries to hide from this denouement, chiseling and fighting and betting on this commodity or that, imagining destruction —- we have a better solution.

To begin with, all the bankrupt corporations must undergo examination, to determine if they are engaged in money laundering or other criminal activity, including holding criminal patents or withholding patents which are designed to prevent the development of new or competing technologies.

All the commercial corporations must either be liquidated or obliged to adopt lawful purposes language and conversion to B Corporation status. No corporations that exist merely to make profit for shareholders can be allowed to continue. That is not a socially profitable goal in and of itself and does not deserve the benefits of incorporation.

As a condition of accepting their debts and ending their insolvency, the corporations agree universally to willingly and without rancor pay their debts to individual people, as stipulated in the settlement of the 1933-34 bankruptcy enactments in The United States, which exempt people from corporate taxes and bills associated with corporate public services and fees, including mortgages which will be paid monthly using pre-paid credit on account and gradually phased out altogether in this country, utility bills, property taxes, income taxes imposed on non-federal, non-dependent people, college loans, needful commercial loans and other billings addressed to Municipal PERSONS.

The corporations will be repaid for their compliance with tax credits.

Our present program, Sign-In America, will be expanded and networked to provide relief to all those who qualify as either birthright or legally naturalized Americans, and similar programs will be made available worldwide to repatriate pre-paid credit in a practical and non-destructive way.

As for England, the Queen of Great Britain, Her Royal Majesty (on the Seven Seas), and Etc., etc., etc.—- and the British Crown Corporation: we are holding the bonds for over 1.2 billion British indentured bondservants, most of whom are not British and not bondservants. We assume that the Life Force Value Annuities received by Prince Philip were set up to provide for the sunsetting of these accounts and the release of the bonds affecting these individuals. And that is what it needs to be applied to, not more adventurism in China.

We suggest that Her Majesty’s Government consider the many benefits there are to simply being honest and doing one’s part in the world. It’s bad enough that we’ve all had to go through the past without dragging the past squabbles into the future.

To the Governments of Great Britain and Westminster, we say — lay down your arms, and don’t presume that your sins must be atoned for with blood. Stop being afraid and trying to promote the idea that gold is the only standard of value.

In this discussion we have demonstrated that mankind is the only standard of value, as living men and women give value to all things. That includes the men and women of the British Isles, whose wit and sagacity and cultural accomplishments can overcome the difficulties of these present times.

With the banks made whole again, there is no reason that the actual depositors cannot be honored, and no reason that currencies based on commodities cannot be re-established, and that a world currency based on our pre-paid credit cannot be established, too.

In such a world, all things have value, but mankind most of all, must reign supreme over all the things of this world and be most valuable—indeed, beyond price. In such a world as we hope to establish with the approval of all concerned, the only way for a national currency to gain value will be by reinvesting in the people and the natural resources of that nation, and the only way for the world pre-paid currency to gain value will be by the collective efforts of many nations to improve the lives and skills of their people, the health of the natural world they are heir to, and the sea that lovingly surrounds them.

So we say to the court of nations and specifically to the Queen and the Lord Mayor — lay down your arms. Cease and desist from these delusions of necessity and be at peace. There is no war in America. There is only a misdirected set of commercial corporations operating on two sets of mutually exclusive False Presumptions, battling with each other and causing harm to their employers for no sane reason.

There is no schism between labor and gold as standards of value. Both labor and gold and every other commodity belong to one master, and that master is not Baphomet. We, the living people of the world, are the masters of all labor and give value to all commodities, so there is no sense in arguing and fighting over payments in gold versus payments in labor — nor is there any reason to resist giving credit where it is so undeniably due.

We ask in the presence of the High Courts that the Government of Westminster cease and desist and be restrained from its commercial war on our shores, and that it be required to redirect its operations in America to fulfill its peacetime duties under our peacetime flag, and that it agrees to honor its obligations to the United States defined as The United States in business, to maintain “perpetual amity” and friendship.

Peace among all these commercial factions is long overdue and as the Priority Creditors we demand their instant settlement and return to their peacetime occupations as a condition of their release from debt.

This peace declaration condition requiring the Principals to be at peace also applies equally to the banks and public service organizations that are employed as instrumentalities of the Principals. If they wish to be forgiven their debts, they must agree to similarly forgive others and be at peace.

The Life Force Value Annuities, referring to the $950 trillion dollars collected by Prince Philip, must be employed to set off the debts accrued against the so-called corporate indenture accounts and used to set free the Americans and other people of the former Commonwealth, who in fact are not dependents of the Queen and not obligated to bond themselves in her service.

We ask that the corporations of the world be served Notice of Insolvency and that these conditions and instructions be fully discussed and amiably agreed to, and that all nations recognize that the American Peacetime Flag is being flown by the actual government of this country.



Legal definition of Person = Corporation, 1 minute video;