Watch this brilliant Sketch – If Bill Gates was a mechanic. Sound Familiar?
The ones who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it

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The corporate UNIDROIT government defines their documented Serfs/Voters  as “Illiterate PERSONS” and addresses them in debased DOG-LATIN,  see here;

Deceitfully governing Legal PERSONS through the use of debased DOG-LATIN is a pernicious crime, legally defined as “Trafficking in PERSONS”, see here;

The definition of Person is legally defined as “Corporation”, see here;

The definition of Human Being is legally defined as “Monster”, see here;

The Bible categorically states at least 26 times, of which, one entry is clearly interpreted as ‘it’s a sin to respect Legal Persons’, see here;

This is how One can honourably transition their political status back to lawful literate Person-Hood, see here;

Legal is used to grammatically/verbally define Admiralty/Maritime law of the sea jurisdiction, AKA “Inland Piracy” in regards to “Trafficking in PERSONS”.
Lawful is used to grammatically/verbally define Common Law of the Land and Soil jurisdiction; Law for living Men and Women to be honourably Governed by.

LAW and law are used to grammatically define Admiralty/Maritime law/LAW of the sea jurisdiction!
Law is used to grammatically define Common Law of the Land and Soil jurisdiction!
LAW (Land Air Water).

Underlined literature is debased Dog-Latin!
Literature in Italics is debased Dog-Latin!

It would be wise to pull out the family Will and check to see if you and your loved ones are being plundered by Pirates, (Will’s create much angst and hardship amongst families for this reason)!

Debased Dog-Latin is a foreign language similar to English, but is certainly  not English, and cannot be lawfully used in conjunction with English.
Two languages on the same documentation is known in Law as Glossa, defined as 
‘the Poison in the text’.

If it’s not English, it’s not Common Law of the Land and Soil jurisdiction, therefore Racketeering ‘Inland Piracy’!

If any harm whatsoever happens to the readers of this document, or their family and friends in upcoming times, they can’t claim illiteracy!