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      i went too court today to get adjournment achieve private settlement. the judge didnt give a flying f#$% about anything i had too say. he cut me off hlf way through me apologising the matter was before court as i intended to have matter settled privately & was awaiting further certains & particulars ect. only gave me hlf amount of time i required too effect a private settlement & told me i should definetaley be getting legal help or it wont turn out very well for me. i have first notice & default notice already signed for & ignored, just have too wait few more days too send final notice wait 7 days then put it with affidavit get it notorised & submitted to court before next hearing. im worried im gonna get steamrolled & locked up next hearing(even though ive created an equitable estoppel. I CANNOT HAVE THIS HAPPEN!!! as im a single father and my sons only reason hes not being passed around docs like another dog. can anyone please help me out with some remedies or explain too me the whole “it best not to go too court as its a slippery slope” statement & how this is achieved. ive purchased holding position & dealing with court modules is there any other module i should get too help?
      hope too hear from someone soon. kind regards, Inherited Repression.

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      You’ve stated in no context the condition of your charge. Is there a victim? What evidence have you submitted? What claims have you made? Your details are too brief to give anything near an accurate or helpful reply. I don’t mean this in a rude way but your grammar and sentences come across as rudimentary. I know some people have a problem with spelling and writing but can be greatly intelligent in real life, so I’m not judging you for that. Sometimes it is best to seek legal help if you truly feel you’re wrongfully done by. I can’t give any advice neither can anyone enough as for anyone reading it’s just a guessing game.

      I’d suggest you seek some sort of legal council though.

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      Charges are unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured, posses dangerous drug(pot) & posses thing(an empty bag). I haven’t submitted anything yet as I’m still in process of getting 3rd & final notice ignored.

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      Do you have dash cam footage?

      Do you understand what implied consent is? Have you got on recording your refusal to consent ?

      Were you operating in commerce or ever agree that you were ‘driving’ or ‘operating’ or any of the legal terminology to imply you consent to commercially operating the automobile?

      Did you answer any questions? If you did – you’re consenting.

      You can be both respectful and non-compliant. Were you respectful to the arresting officer?

      You need to have done all the above to a near perfect standard, all on recording, to have any real chance to beat it by yourself.

      Forget about the three stage notification of non-consent. That is for mainly dealing with implied consent of state legislation when you’re just a man or woman walking down the road  (for example)..

      Road stops are a different game with a different approach.

      The fact is you have a duty of care to your fellow inhabitants of this earth. To requirement to be licensed (with reserving your rights in whatever way if possible) means you’ve been tested as capable of using a (possibly deadly) machine.

      The requirement for insurance is helpful to your fellow men/women in the sense that they will pay for someone’s unfortunate injury should an accident occur. This is also not an unreasonable request.

      For these reasons I do travel in my property with a license and registration/insurance. This doesn’t mean I consent to unlawful stop and searches without reasonable cause. By default those rights are waived by signing their drivers license contract unless you reserve your rights. Even still reasonable cause can be fabricated, which is why you need to record every journey, start to finish, to nullify any false claim made against you.

      If you haven’t done all of the above, or are not aware of all of the above, you need to do more research before becoming another statistic for the ‘freeman delusion’






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      driving is usually a quite specific definition. It generally describes the movement of passengers or freight for a fee. Is there any evidence that you were required to have a drivers license? What was the probable cause to be stopped? Perhaps an affidavit path is better. iamhassentyoutome.

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