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      I have redone my letters for vaccines and LD as mistakes were made and at the time the automated letters included lots of mistakes.

      Has anyone recently done letters for vaccines and or lockdown letters and who are they now sent to?

      Round one of the letters used to include emailing all of WA ministers etc then I was told not to email them and they were never included in rounds 2 and 3 and the written date was wrong on rounds 1 and 2 being that it did not update to the year 2021 I don’t like that the notices I sent out have the wrong date, which is important that the automated system got it right. So now I’m resending and now the people for eg Daniel Tehan who is now not the minister for education but is the minister for trade etc who is it supposed to go to (maybe both?) and why is Daniel Tehan no longer one of the 5 people we used to send notices too?

      Since last year as pioneers To sending letters I’ve spent loads of money and time and concern on this and now that there is a new module on the letters I’m wondering what’s changed?

      Ive since sent letters to WA premier and ministers even though Federal law supersedes state law I still wish to put the state I live in on notice…

      I also wonder why the letters did not have you sign on the right in the private as a woman, so I changed the letters to do this except the JP signing page incase this would not be accepted if ever needed. I also put my ARR signature on there as it is on my drivers license regardless of typed ARR. I also added my autograph on the first page of certification of mailing as it reads as such that I have compiled this and the witness has put this in an envelope… are only some of the minor changes…

      Can anyone please help? Cheers

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