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      Hello everyone,


      The school our daughter goes to, is telling us she needs to have a PCR test (negative result)  in order to return.

      We know they can not force this, but we are trying to locate the section of the Victorian biosecurity act 2015 to see which section mentions that you need to show symptoms in order to get a test.

      Also if anyone has a template letter which they could share, that would be fantastic.

      Best regards


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      Biosecurity act 2015 is federal legislation not victorian, section 60 Imposing a human biosecurity control order on an individual                                                                                                                                                                                                (2) A human biosecurity control order may be imposed on an individual only if the officer is satisfied that:

      (a) the individual has one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease; or

      (b) the individual has been exposed to:

      (i) a listed human disease; or

      (ii) another individual who has one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease; or

      (c) the individual has failed to comply with an entry requirement in subsection 44(6) in relation to a listed human disease.

      (3) To avoid doubt, an individual may fail to comply with an entry requirement in subsection 44(6) even if the individual is not able to comply with the requirement.

      (4) An officer may include one or more biosecurity measures specified in Subdivision B of Division 3 in a human biosecurity control order.

      Heres where you can find the legislation http://classic.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ba2015156/                     Here is the link to section 60 http://classic.austlii.edu.au/au/legis/cth/consol_act/ba2015156/s60.html

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      Here is a link that may help you as well with a templet’s, you will see on that site pcr testing, click on that link to download the templates and information https://www.advocateme.com.au/templates

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      We received the below from our school principal this morning. I have drafted a response which I would welcome feedback on – also happy for you to borrow and use as you see fit. The contents are a combination of a range of sources / references I have combined. Please also consider my adaptation of point ‘6’ and let me know if you think this is suitable.


      Dear Parents and Caregivers of Year 4,


      We have been advised that a confirmed COVID-19 case attended our school, and your child has been identified as a potential school-based contact.


      Contacts will be required to complete a standard (PCR) test within 24 hours from when they are identified by the school as a contact. *** We recommend that all household members are tested.


      If the PCR test returns a negative result, the student can immediately return to school, with evidence of the negative result provided to the school.  Please submit this via the link here:




      It is strongly recommended that contacts complete five days of rapid antigen tests in the morning before they attend school.


      You will be able to obtain these rapid antigen testing kits from testing centres from Monday 22 November.


      Students may be picked up on receipt of this communication.



      Dear XXX ,

      Thank you for making the school community aware of the positive COVID case in XXX’s class at school. I write to advise you of the following.

      I do not give my consent for my offspring XXX to have the SARS-CoV-2 Lateral Flow or PCR tests. I would like to share important reasons why I am not consenting.

      Our offspring, have not been in contact with this student/s who has not been at school since Thursday 18th November. Both offspring are healthy, well and have no symptoms of COVID-19.

      1.    In general, RT-PCR testing is completely voluntary and not mandatory. Currently, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 or are deemed as a “close contact” to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, governments across the states and territories generally have issued directions to deal with the circumstances that require you to self-isolate or self-quarantine.

      As an example, in Victoria, the following directions cover those requirements:

      “Who should be tested for COVID-19?

      ·         People without symptoms should not be tested except in special circumstances as directed by the Department such as part of an outbreak investigation/response (active case finding)

      ·         All close contacts and returned international travelers prior to the end of quarantine as directed by the Department. Returned international travellers are also tested early in their quarantine period

      ·         Prior to surgery as directed by the Department

      ·         As part of Department-led enhanced surveillance (to investigate how widespread COVID-19 is in certain groups in the community)


      2.    I am not aware of good evidence for mass asymptomatic testing in schools, so please share with me anything to the contrary. Could you also assure me that there is no risk of harm, either due to injury or contamination, or else let me have any relevant information?


      3.    Importantly, as part of those requirements the only entity that can make an assessment as to your diagnosis or close contact status is a qualified individual from the Department of Health in your state and territory. Workplaces and educational facilities are acting beyond their authorisation, if they are setting workplace policies that go beyond these guidelines. Employers and schools do not have the legal right to make such determinations or diagnosis. Therefore, they cannot compel you to quarantine, or request that you have a test to clear yourself of a medical status they suspect you of having.

      4.    If you suspect that my offspring has COVID-19, you will need to notify the Department of Health. I note here, however, that this must not be made in a wilful and deliberate manner to cause me any prejudice. I also note that you are neither an Authorised Officer under the law, or a medical practitioner, authorised to carry out diagnosis and/or close contact determination.

      5.    As an educational facility, you do not have the legal right to direct me to do an RT-PCR test, in the absence of a government direction or determination that I am a diagnosed person and/or a close contact, pursuant to the applicable directions by the Chief Health Officer.

      6.    My offspring do not have any symptoms and do not present with any signs of fever, cold, coughing or sneezing. We have the right to refuse being tested, if you cannot provide me with a direction to be specifically tested from the Department, from an authorized person. I also note the extensive issues with the RT-PCR test reporting false positives when someone who does not have symptoms is tested. Therefore, the test itself does not guard against risk. What guards against risk is an assessment of whether or not my offspring have symptoms. I am happy for someone with medical experience to give me a call to make such an assessment. Subsequently, a medical clearance in relation to symptoms and fitness for attendance at school should be prepared. Upon receipt you are required to return my offspring to schooling without an RT-PCR test immediately.

      7.    According to the Government of Canada, as well as the “What do They Know” the PCR test swabs are sterilized by ethylene oxide which is described by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a carcinogen. In other words, a potentially cancer-causing chemical toxin.

      In essence, EPA says the following about the carcinogen Ethylene Oxide:

      “EPA classified ethylene oxide as a human carcinogen in December 2016. Studies of workers show that their exposures to ethylene oxide are associated with an increased risk of cancers of the white blood cells (the infection-fighting cells of the immune system). Studies also showed an increased risk of breast cancer in females.”

      “Evidence in humans indicates that long-term exposure to ethylene oxide increases the risk of cancers of the white blood cells, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, and lymphocytic leukemia. Studies also show that long-term exposure to ethylene oxide increases the risk of breast cancer in females.”

      “EPA, as well as the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the National Toxicology Program, classifies ethylene oxide as carcinogenic to humans. Evidence in humans indicates that exposure to ethylene oxide by inhalation increases the risk of lymphohematopoietic cancers (including non-Hodgkin lymphoma, myeloma, and lymphocytic leukemia) and, for females, breast cancer.

      EtO is mutagenic (i.e., it can change the DNA in a cell). Children may be more susceptible to the harmful effects of mutagenic substances.”

      8.    There are risks with any test. PCR tests require a swab deep into the nasal cavity with a potential to harm the olfactory bulb that helps with sense of smell as well as nasal bleeding. Both tests are meant for testing people with symptoms.


      I look forward to your timely response.



      References and links related to claims in the above:

      Testing swabs https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/covid19-industry/medical-devices/testing/test-swabs.html#a5

      EPA – ethylene oxide  https://www.epa.gov/hazardous-air-pollutants-ethylene-oxide/frequent-questions-health-information-about-ethylene-oxide#carcinogen

      Direction from Deputy Chief Health Officer in accordance with emergency powers arising from declared state of emergency  https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/202101/Diagnosed%20Persons%20and%20Close%20Contacts%20Directions%20%28No%2015%29%20-%203%20January%202021%20signed.pdf


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      Thanks for your reply @Morag. Sorry it doesn’t appear visible on this forum for me.

      My mum thinks that my letter will cause the principal to report me to the department and subsequently authorised people will turn up  at our house or contact us… putting a target on our back. Do you think this might happen?


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