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      Ian Finley

      Looking to see if anyone has experience with utilities rights of way, we recently bought a parcel of land with a right of way attached to the deed. This is not simply a right of passage to maintain utility equipment but specifically excludes a number of activities that are not permitted within the right of way, how do we object to this infringement on our land use, after all it is by a corporation.


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      Didn’t you just agree to it when you bought the land and signed the deed?

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      Ian Finley

      yes we did agree by ascent, the documents were originally signed many years ago, this however does not change the fact that a corporation cannot legally enforce their own land use agenda on the landowner surely. There must be a way that we can renegotiate the terms of the contract.


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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>I think you can apologise for not having a clear overview of the situation and that you’d like to re-negotiate your agreement? And then put down what you’d want. He talked about apology somewhere, I think the last q&a by mark in the q&a tab, he has it there. Not sure what the situation is he’s talking about, i just happanned to jump to that part of the video. Still new :)</p>

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