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      Hi Folks,

      We have received a number of emails concerning an Australian Government Department of Human services Form (typical of forms in other countries) concerning an Immunisation Registry.

      First, what business of Government is it to collect information about you, or more accurately, about your legal entity?

      It’s true that if you participate by completing the form, and especially, their way, then you are subject to their offer and jurisiction by showing you accepted the offer.

      If you don’t complete it, you are not in the Government’s control or jurisdiction directly, but the Government may, and likley will, make certain presumptions of control and authority over you by reason of your legal name, by default through your silence, being your assent and agreement.

      The easy solution is to complete the Form on your terms by amending the offer of an agreement by changing the terms, eliminating an detrimental terms, adding favourable terms, then counter signing it so as to form a Contract. To obtain a clearer insight of the process, you may watch the webinar on “Creating contracts” on the website “http://www.solutionsempowerment.com“, available free to all members.

      Please download and read the attached example completed form.

      Key points

      1. Identify why the Form is simply an “offer” to contract – prior to completion. The offerer’s signature is clearly disclosed at the top of the first page. Therefore to form a contract one must at least;
      A. Countersign the offer and
      B. Provide sufficient consideration to support a simple contract

      2. Alter any terms and conditions that are unfavourable to you (“child” is a creature of statute & draws your property – your offspring, into the public realm, or the BLOCK LETTER form of a name is not your property but the State’s property so using it also draws you into the public realm etc etc). Ensure you initial any changes you make. Any unacceptable terms, cross out with a straight line & initial.

      3. Add any terms and conditions into the Contract that are favourable to you and detrimental to them if they breach it (see clause 10. More clauses can be added on a separate page if there is insufficient room but for the sake of time, a simple example was produced for your benefit. Can also say “Any breach of agreement, the defaulter agrees to pay the defaultee $1,000,000.00 per default of this agreement)

      4. Ensure you “Z” out any spaces where the respondent could enetr their own conditions after receiving the contract from you. Don’t allow empty space for them to attempt a redraft. Also “Z” out the back of each page, as you see on any normal contract.

      5. Sign the bottom of every page

      6. Enter the date near the signature

      7. Ensure you provide sufficient consideration to support a simple contract – one dollar being the mimimum whole number to support a simple contract, by affixing a $1 denominated postage stamp to the document

      8. Lastly, ensure the two pages are joined together – by using glue stick to glue the bottom of the 1st page to the top of the 2nd page to make an enjoinder and a valid contract. If the oages are not joined, there is no contininuity and no “meeting of the minds’ that is necessary for a contract.

      Download example completed forms:




      Kindest Regards
      Mark & team
      Solutions Empowerment

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      What is the suggested action for someone who has already completed and returned this form prior to reading your advice?

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        Hi Luisito, I am following up with Mark. – Noel

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          Kate B

          Yes I am wondering this as well. I sent mine last week in a panic not thinking about any of this. Now I feel worried again as I have my 3 babes on the form. I didnt even sign with all rights reserved :/

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          He said just do it again – Noel

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        Hello Friends,


        I just got a letter from Medicare after completing and sending the AIR Form Mark’s way (altering the offer).

        Anyhow, see what response I got..ouch

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          Hi Mark.                                                                   I got the same letter dated 9th November sent paperwork 17 September what do we do now now

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          Click on Elaham’s name and it will go to his page, then scroll down his page until you see his question above and you will see some answers to this.

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      Hi Mark,

      Do we fill in our offspring’s details under question 7 of the form? For example, do we cross out ‘child’ and insert ‘offspring’ and then fill in their name as ‘answering to….’), DOB, medicare number, and address?  Thank you!

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        I would like to know the answer to this too!

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      To clarify. Would we add our offspring’s “medicare number”?

      Thank you

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      G’day Mark,
      Have a few questions if it’s possible for you to answer?
      1- is it best to Fill in the form with your own hand writing? Or can you fill in Medicare no, names , b’dates on line? Then finish it off with ones hand writing? As I have already done.
      2- can we all use your clause 10?
      3- with adding the stamp do you also need to write Bills of Exchange Act 1909 ( cth) s 32 (A) next to it?

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      V K

      Hi All,

      Back in May, I used the below link as a guide after reading about AIR on NSW Freedom Keepers Instagram account.


      I contacted Human Services last week to ask about the status of the “AIR Ceasing correspondence and release of information” given 3 months had passed and I had ticked Boxes 1 and 3 expecting the “release of information”.

      The young lady told me a mistake had been made with my form, they had no record of any immunisation for me and the mistake may have been due to trainee error???? She also told me that doctors/vaccination providers now have to report vaccinations to AIR effective 1 July 2021 – perhaps they have been given a deadline to get this information across to AIR?

      I didn’t mind hearing about the “no record” as my doctor still uses pen and paper so I was happy about that. However, revealing a mistake had been made sent alarm bells ringing. What on earth are they doing and what’s with the delay?

      I did not take a copy of the completed form unfortunately so I’m thinking the best thing to do would be to:

      1. Wait to see what comes in the mail this week as far as information and if the original form is attached

      2. Call them and have them mail me a copy of the original completed form so I can check they have done the right thing

      3. Send the form in again and complete properly as per Mark’s example. I really like Section 10 (unfortunately, the completed form I used our block letters name).

      Also, do we tick only the 2nd and 4th box or all four boxes? My understanding is that box 1 and 3 relates to opting out of receiving information about when the next scheduled date is for immunization for “a person or their child”. i.e. release of your information and hence you’re opted out of the system.

      Hope Mark’s reply can assist us. Thank you.

      Kind regards,



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      Can I ask if we have offspring do we need to tick all boxes on the AIR ceasing correspondence form 1-4 or just as Mark showed us 2 & 4?


      Thank you

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      Adriano Tarticchio

      Hi all,


      I have the following question regarding filling out the AIR form as per Mark’s example.

      As we are altering the offer and creating a contract between ourselves and the Gov by adding a $1 of consideration, should we also stamp each page with NON NEGOTIABLE NON-TRANSFERABLE WITHOUT RECOURSE so to ensure that they can’t amend or reject the contract?



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        Yes, this to me would make sense to add as they can’t renegotiate. Also I’m inclined to add “Notice” at the top too.

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      Hello Admin,

      So I called 5 local Australia post offices today and $1 denominated postage stamps are no longer in stock or being sold.

      Mark can we use a $2 denominated postage stamp instead?


      Thank you

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      australia post web site says $1.10 stamps are available as at this date.

      So long as it’s at least $1.00 should be ok?

      $2.00 doesn’t seem to be a standard demonination at this time. They would probably print out a label the same as they do when sending a parcel.

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      Alannah ERCK

      Hi All,

      Did anyone cross out part of section 8?

      the second paragraph says “your information maybe used by the depaertment, or given to other parties; where you have agreed to that, or where it is required by law (including reseach, investigations)

      Im just wondering if I should cross this whole paragraph out?

      Thanks for any discussion, Alannah

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        Michael Teo

        I was thinking the same thing and jumped on this forum to see if anyone else had the same thought. I’m going to cross it out and initial it.

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      Michael Gawn

      Hi Mark.    In point 7 of your guidelines you say “Ensure you provide sufficient consideration to support a simple contract,” and we do this with a postage stamp.   How come the “Offerer” does not do the same, if due consideration is required to validate a contract?   I realise of course that they put out the offer under sleight of hand and don’t want us to know that they are offering a contract, because that would awaken too many people from their perspective.   Thanks in advance.

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      Mark put NO to offspring in his care so if you DO then just complete accordingly, using the examples Mark has provided – you can see he wrote offspring in the following sections – it’s blank but if it applies to you then complete it.     Secondly, you can use any value stamp.  I don’t know if you need stamp duty , which would be $1 for the minimum consideration plus 5cent stamp.  But it can be any value above $1. Just don’t spend more than you need to 🙂 I pesonally would put $1.05 at least.


      Section 8 you can renegotiate by adding the words ‘ will ‘ or  ‘ will not’  or crossing out or..just amend the entire thing as you see is correct to do so

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        Adriano Tarticchio

        Anandrah,  I’m wondering if you think that adding the   5cent stamp for duty is appropriate.  I remember Mark saying in one of the webinars that the 5c stamp duty paid is required to make them perform.   Just looking for confirmation.



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        Michael Teo

        Actually, Mark checked “no” to “children in your care” and then wrote below it “offspring answering to the name”.

        From my understanding, this means that he has no “children” but is specifying that he does have “offspring”. I am assuming that he has changed “children/child” to “offspring” in section 7 in case someone decides to fill it out for him after it is sent in.

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          Michael Teo

          I’m reconsidering this since it is part of their privacy policy in the following paragraph so I am not sure that if it is crossed out that the contract would still be valid. I would appreciate a second opinion on this.

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      I actually don’t believe it’s relevant,   when we are creating an instrument to discharge a liablity that stamp duty is included.    But if in doubt, to cover all bases, use $1.05 as the minimum which is $1 plus .5c stamp duty.  Apparently $1 stamps aren’t available but .5c stamps are

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      Conella Bridgit

      Hi all

      I am trying to find Mark’s ‘creating contracts’ video – re the above – free to members.  I cannot find it.  I would like to get this form sent in and it be done correctly.  thanks in advance

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      You don’t need to see the webinar Conella. Mark has provided everything you need to know above. It’s pretty straight forward.  It’s just renegotiating the form and tightening up your lawful position. You don’t need to know the  greater specifics in the webinar.    However under the webinar tab you can scroll through all the topics. Unfortunately members conversation threads are included making it a bit harder to find the webinars, but not much harder. They are uploaded by SEAdmin and usually have a date in the title. Contracting On Your Own Terms is the name of it

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        Conella Bridgit

        Thanks Anandrah

        I was not sure about a few things so thought if I watched the video then it would make more sense as people had asked questions here and not had answers – I know Mark is busy 🙂

        Like – on the first page, above the aust govt sign Mark has ‘signature of offeror’ do we sign it as the offeror and put ‘BOE Act ….. with it?

        on 8 Mark has an asterisk with ‘The Department’ What is that for?

        And if there is no $1.00 stamps how do we make the stamp? What denomination would we use.  I read the above information but it did not make sense to me.

        Anyway, any further information would be greatly appreciated.

        PS I have read somewhere someone saying that know this information is vitally important at this time.  And I have tried to learn it.  I am not a dumb person but in all honesty this goes way, way above my head.

        Again thanks 🙂

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          Hi ‘signature of offeror’ will be the seal the corporation has put on the document, that being their wet ink signature (it’s briefly wet when printed out) as in the BOE Act. The BOE Act is quoted as evidence for this. The Government is the offeror not you, you are just completing the contract being offered. I think you use a denomination of $1 or higher as that is an amount sufficient to support a simple contract as in the BOE Act (1909) (CTH) section 32 (i). As for the Asterix I don’t know what that is for. If you can attach a PDF of the second page then I’ll be able to have a look for you.

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          Thanks Anandrah

          I was not sure about a few things so thought if I watched the video then it would make more sense as people had asked questions here and not had answers – I know Mark is busy

          Like – on the first page, above the aust govt sign Mark has ‘signature of offeror’ do we sign it as the offeror and put ‘BOE Act ….. with it?



          on 8 Mark has an asterisk with ‘The Department’ What is that for?


          And if there is no $1.00 stamps how do we make the stamp?


          What denomination would we use.  I read the above information but it did not make sense to me.

          Anyway, any further information would be greatly appreciated.

          PS I have read somewhere someone saying that know this information is vitally important at this time.  And I have tried to learn it.  I am not a dumb person but in all honesty this goes way, way above my head.

          Again thanks

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          Just make sure you initial every change you make on the document.

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      Hi Conella.  We never stop learning.  so don’t imagine you are backward or late to the party. it’s not a weekend seminar.  And it’s a complex arena.  It just happens to have a substantial DIY access that other complex subjects don’t have. So,  if an engineer was explaining a tertiary application to a total novice, and how they can do it themselves, is it the fault of the novice they are have challenges? Or is it simply not an entry level subject.    So don’t worry about the $1 stamp.  You can use any stamp.  $1 minimum.  But better to save your money and use a smaller denomination rather than a larger one. And yes you do write the things you asked about, that Mark has written.   Those  included hand written references are  rebutting presumptions and creating  equitable conditions. dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to renegotiate the contract so that the author is not considered a Debtor ( loser)


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      Rowan Hetherington

      Hi, I completed the Immunisation Register form for myself and my offspring, adding their names and Medicare numbers in and including them in the handwritten clause that I added at the bottom (with offspring answering to…, etc).

      My question is:

      I am married and my husband is also responsible for our children. He has not yet completed this form and I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince him to do it in the way Mark suggested, to turn it into a contract. Is one parent completing it with the children listed sufficient to protect them? Are there any risks involved with one parent completing it and another parent not completing it?

      Best regards, Rowan

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        Hi Rowan.  As you have already added your offspring to your contract, there is no need for your husband to add your offspring to his contract.  So it is in my family, all my offspring are added to my contract and my wife has a separate contract for herself only.

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      Hi All, Do we keep the original and send a copy?

    • #100012569

      Hey Everyone,

      Ive just noticed as of July 1st all vax records are to be shared. Does that mean if I send this form in it is already too late?


      Thank you



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        Hi Jess, I don’t believe its too late as all records can simply be removed from being shared when asked.  The data is simply kept in a central database that can be accessed by nominated parties..Its not sent out to all all nominated parties.  So therefore the data can be stopped from being shared at any time.

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      Hi SE, Morag and Anandrah or anyone else that has heard from SE as to how to fill out the AIR form correctly…

      1. Does anyone know if I’m meant to fill out my offspring on the second page or just complete as Mark did for “Chase Jones”?

      Maybe Mark doesn’t have offspring in his care hence ticking no to question 6. And his offspring might be older than 14 (As I have offspring younger than 14 in my care who have Medicare Numbers etc…)

      2. Should I add their ref: numbers? And or their date of birth and c/- address etc…To question 7.

      3.Is the address supposed to be C/- or CO/-? Was it a typo?

      4. And should I add a certificate of mailing witness page to the contract? And glue this as the front page with all 3 pages stuck together? Also adding the RPP# etc on each page of AIR form?

      5. Or just glue the AIR Medicare form together?

      6. Would it be a good idea to take a copy into Medicare aswell?

      7. Would it be best at question 8. Your information may be used by the department, BUT NOT given to other parties…etc?

      thank you for your help 🌟

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      Very new to this so two questions. I am starting the non-consent processes as well.
      1. Can I do this form in a black pen or would ideally I use blue or purple?
      2. Do I need to wait to update my signature before using all rights reserved on this form?

      And actually now I’m wondering if I am jumping the gun and need to learn and understand more first. Would Rules of the Game be the best place to start?

      • #100013366

        Use Blue or Purple..Never black (black symbolizes a dead entity).  Throw out your black pens.  According to UCC laws (contract laws) always sign/autograph in red.

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      Paul Bate

      I have filled in the document as shown. My wife, Mother and Father have also completed the document to send to:

      Department of Human Services
      Australian Immunisation Register
      PO Box 7852
      CANBERRA BC ACT 2610

      I intent to enclose them all into the same envelope. I was wondering if I would need to add a declaration of contents, signed by a witness? I’ve also seen a lot of messages from members who have already completed this process but haven’t had confirmation of acceptance. I am assuming that I should also pay for registered mail so that I have a record of them accepting the mail, then I can record the date and monitor the post for the following 21 days. If anyone can verify any of my queries I’d be greatly appreciative. Thanks in advance!

    • #100012701

      Yes it’s good to do a certificate of mailing and have a witness sign it I also add my name and sign it also as the way it reads I think it best to do it… you add on there what forms you have completed and guess you would add the names I would probably do it separately if you don’t all live at the one address but I don’t know…  you only need a small registered post envelope and pay for delivery confirmation  it will come back if you have filled in the slip correctly keep your receipts take photos and Colour copies Complete in blue pen and sign the way Mark and Sonya have shown.

      i received my delivery confirmation receipt back but recently re did mine due to a mistake I left out one of the most important things being exempt from vaccinations so I did it again…

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        Paul Bate

        Thanks for your feedback Taz, below is what I came up with. I just made up the document number. I think it looks good to me, but if anyone can confirm that would be great. Thanks in advance!

        Certificate of Mailing

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          Hi All.  Just on the certificate of mailing process.  Certificates of mailing are the most important part of the documents your sending, as its evidence that the documents have been sent, and therefore it puts your recipients on notice, as they simply cannot say that said documents wernt in the envelope or the envelop was empty.  Ive personally noticed the effect these certificates of mailing have on the recipients, causing them to address your documents swiftly.  More then once Ive gotten a return reply within 2 days from various corporations; which I attribute directly to my certificates of mailing.

          Pointers on using them effectively:

          1. Always have a post master sign the certificates and stamp them with a postal stamp.  This is the equivalent to using a nuke in the contracting world, because post masters are the highest authority in the land.  Post masters certify mail all the time, so you shouldn’t have issues getting them to do this.

          2. If your using a post master, and you should, add the post masters post office address to the form.  For instance I have on my forms:

          I, …………………………………………….. of Ballarat North LPO, of the state of Victoria, do hereby affirm…

          Then in the signature section of the certificate I put the following:

          ……………………………………………                                                                           …………………………………………….

          Postmaster Signature                                                                                             Postmaster Name


          3. Have 2 copies of the certificate of mailings for each envelope, both will be originals, for the post master to sign.  Keep one for your self, and put one in the envelope.  On the certificate you keep for yourself, affix the ‘sender to keep’ label.

          warmest regards


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      That’s great 🌟I also add my name and sign it before the witness basically signing that I do here by affirm etc so it would seem we need to also have our autograph on it… that’s what I have done on all my letters as well…

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        Paul Bate

        Thanks everyone for the feedback I have amended it based on your recommendations.

    • #100012860

      Hi all,

      My son is 19 years old, would I just add him to my AIR form or create another for him?

      Also if I add him to my AIR form, I’m not sure if I cross out 14 and write 19 as he is an adult now?

      Or do I write it as 18 ?

      All to a bit confusing….overthinking here.


      Please help


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      Tom Ogi

      Instruction no. 8 states to join the pages together.

      Can I print double sided and skip this or is there reason for this instruction of joining 2 pages together?

      • #100013364

        @Tom Ogi : Separate Pieces of paper need to be joined seamlessly so as to create a single contact /agreement document. Separated pages are not joined into the same contract / agreement. Stapling them is not a suitable method. They should be glued bottom of page to top of next page.

        if you have more than 3 pages of text, printing double sided and trying to join paper 1 and paper 2 will need to be thought on to get them in the right sequence of text.

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      Hi all,

      Why has Mark not ticked all the boxes? If 1 & 3  are not ticked won’t I keep receiving updates about vaccination status of my kids, for example? Saying they are overdue, etc?



      • #100013604

        Could it be that he DOES want to receive info about his/his offspring’s AIR record?


    • #100013409


      It is deliberate I can’t remember what they say in it but do not tick them.

      something I think to do with checking what they do have and if you tick it you will not have access to this information…


    • #100013605

      I am filling out one for my mother as her EPOA. Is there a term equivalent to ‘offspring’ (instead of children) for mother/father/parent?


    • #100013621
      The Kelmeister

      What does ‘no first have knowledge to the best of my knowledge’ mean next to 3?

      • #100013625

        It says ‘No First hand personal knowledge to the best of my knowledge’ it is referring to your birth date and it means because you weren’t able to have a memory of your birth you have no first hand personal knowledge of your birth date therefore it is classed as hearsay which cannot be used in a court of law. Therefore if it is used on an official document, it needs to be stated that it is hearsay so as to not be accused of lying or making things up and to let them know they cannot use this in court against you.

        • #100013630
          The Kelmeister

          Can anyone direct me to what to do with letters from AIR about offspring’s ‘immunisation/s may be overdue’ letters? Or does the above fix that?

        • #100013631

          You could try this….Open them up and write in red
          “Offer declined no consent equals no contract” then the date
          Put back in the envelope write in red on it
          “Return to sender offer declined no contract no consent” and the date

        • #100013643

          Q…Just received documents from Australian Immunisation Register  for my 14 year old daughter stating her immunisation is overdue and are we not getting them done, what do we reply to that?


          A…Well you can reply and ask them well on what authority do they stand to dictate to you a woman that your offspring is required to be immunised when they don’t consent and you don’t consent and she me where it is compelled or mandated to be immunised, what law compels them to be immunised. Where is there evidence that there is any Act statute or code that states my offspring, the girl answering to the name …… is compelled to be vaccinated without her consent. She doesn’t consent. She and I do not consent to being vaccinated. We reserve our right to elect what vaccinations we accept. There is no law on earth that your offspring have to be immunised because it is all by consent. Informed consent is part of contract and there is no legislation on earth that can diminish, override or otherwise annul the rules of  contract, because by way of three areas of jurisprudence, legislation, rules of common law and rules of equity; rules of equity prevail, this is an integral part of rules of contract. So by asking the questions you establish there is no equity therefore there is no contract.

    • #100013657

      Greetings, I was able to order x10 wallet of $1 stamps from the Auspost Online store.


    • #100013679
      Matt Rusty

      Hi guys this is my first time doing this sort of thing, geez it’s been an awesome journey so far.

      One other thing I was wondering, where it says “Child’s family name” or “Child’s date of birth” should we cross that out and replace with “My young man’s/woman’s family name” and “Born on the day of”

      Also should all initial’s be in Red when changing points in the doc.


      Cheers guys, Matt

    • #100013683
      Matt Rusty

      Also I noticed there is two additional points or terms with the number 11. preceding them on page 2. Is that correct?


    • #100013805


      I am just starting with this and have gone through the instructions and comments and still have a few questions that I hope someone could answer.

      1. Could I get some clarification on what a postmaster is? Is it just someone that works at the Post Office or do I have to ask for a Postmaster?
      2. I understand not to use a Black pen but do I need to use Red for my signature?
      3. It was mentioned to stamp each page with NON NEGOTIABLE NON-TRANSFERABLE WITHOUT RECOURSE – is there a specific place where I do this and in what format? Do I just write the words anywhere?
      4. Can I use sticky tape to join the pages? I am guessing it is ok but just want to make sure this doesn’t have a ‘negative’ affect instead.


      • #100013820

        Hi Lawrence.  Answers to your questions.

        1. In Australia, only a postmaster can open a post office branch.  So there’s at least one postmaster at each post office, the owner.   Do what I did, go in there, ask for a postmaster to certify my mail.  Thats it.  After using them over 50 times to certify my mail, we are on first name basis, and there’s 2 postmasters at my LPO.  Not all workers at the post office are postmasters.

        2. Red or Blue or Purple are all acceptable colours for signatures.  I personally use purple ink and I don’t sign any document, I autograph with my right hand thumb print.  This works for every document even documents that need to be certified by justice of the peace.  I bring my purple ink pad with me, walk in to the cop shop, go to the justice of the peace and ask them to certify my documents, and proceed to thumb print the whole lot.  The only comment you will get from them is “Ive never certified a thumb print before”, and they proceed to do it without any issues.

        3. best recognized place is the bottom right hand corner of the pages.  You can put it anywhere on the document, but its common place to put it bottom, right hand side, so says the JP i deal with.

        4. best way to do it, is glue each document along the long edge, about 5-7 mm wide, paste the pages together, then you can staple down the long edge, over the glue, use at least 4 staples, then sticky tape the edge with tape, covering the glued area and the staples, generally 8 – 10mm wide.


        • #100013832

          Thank you so much.

        • #100013834

          Sorry, just one more question, if I may.

          Due to adding point 11 (outlining the damages to be paid upon breach), I did not have space for my signature, so I signed the second page on the left hand side rather than the right. Does this matter and will this void my document?

        • #100013847

          no, its fine.

        • #100013999

          I created a Certificate of Mailing and went to the Post office and asked if the Post Master could sign and stamp the document and she just went on a rant saying she would not do that and that my document is not a legal document, so it was actually illegal!

          Anyway, I just sent my form via Registered Mail with Receipt. Should I be expecting anything from the DHS, such as acknowledgement that they accept my contract? Or do I assume they have if they have not replied?

          Thanks and Regards.

        • #100014428

          Hi Mate, It has nothing to do with the type of documents you send at all, these are your personal documents and she has no authority or jurisdiction or subject matter expertise to ascertain anything to do with your documents.  All your getting her to do is, “”certify the sending”” of the documents.  She is certifying that the correct documents were put in the envelop and the envelop was sealed, this is there bread and butter, they do this all the time.

          The problem here was that you wernt able to articulate the process properly and she thought you wanted her to “certify your documents” instead of “certifying the sending” of your documents, and she gave you the what for, as that’s is not there responsibility, so she was right to do reject your proposal.

          Hope this clarifies the process for you.  Remember, every word you use is crucial when your in this space.

    • #100014004

      Hi, a question this concerning section 7. Instead of Child 1, etc. should that be crossed out and offspring written instead?

      • #100014118

        I did that based on all the other references to Children being replaced by Offspring. Not sure if it is right but I assume so.

      • #100014581

        Thanks for your response. Yep, I do understand that it is a Certificate of Mailing and it is for the Postmaster to witness me placing the documents within the envelope, sealing it and sending it. I told her that’s all I wanted her to certify but she said that was a ridiculous notion and that the Registered Mail served that purpose. When I responded that the Certificate of Mailing was to ensure the recipient could not claim there was nothing in the envelope, she again said that was ridiculous and that no such person would claim such a thing.

        Anyway, I will try to find another Postmaster next time.

        Thanks once again for your help.

    • #100014235
      Rowan Hetherington

      My form was not processed – what should I do?

      Hi, I completed and sent my form on 12 August, per Mark’s instructions, and received proof of delivery via tracking that it was delivered to Canberra MC Mail Processing.

      I checked with a medical professional last week to see whether my immunisation history was visible or not and they said it was. So my form was not processed.

      Has anyone else checked to see whether their form was processed?

      What should I do now? Should I send the form completed the standard way (hoping they will process that) and then send a new form using Mark’s contract format?

      Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

      • #100014416

        Hi Rowan, I would like to find out the same, did you find this info out?


    • #100014321


      Can anyone assist with the follow up procedure? Still new to this so don’t want to get anything wrong in the process.

      I received a response for my submitted application, stating that they would not process my form due to me altering the form and not completing it correctly and also because I included my offspring that is over 14 years old.

      Regarding my offspring, I am thinking I respond by saying that he is not an adult and still under my care so he cannot provide any consent. But I am at a loss to how I respond about the form being altered.

      And when I do respond, do I just send them a letter or do I also need to resend the form?

      This is all a bit confusing because couldn’t they just not accept anything I send them?

      Thanks and Regards.

    • #100014857
      Alannah ERCK

      Hello All,


      What is the process now , as Ive received a letter back from AIR saying-

      before we process the enclosed form, details need to be updated. Because

      – the form was altered and not completed correctly.

      and basically, I need to provide the missing or requested information.

      What is the correct response here?

      Would I start by asking is the particular form involved here a contract? Yes or No

      Grateful for any help here.

      Kind Alannah

      • #100015337
        Alan Fassina

        Hi All,

        I received a letter back from AIRS using the example given in this forum,

        they stated they are unable to process

        as  the enclosed form, details need to be updated. Because

        – the form was altered and not completed correctly.

        and basically, I need to provide the missing or requested information.

        Is any one able to assist on a correct response ?





        • #100015366
          The Kelmeister

          Right up the top of this thread, EH posts about receiving the same letter. Click on his name and it will go to his page, then scroll down his page until you see his question above and you will see some answers to this. He has a reply template and fax number to use.

    • #100015916

      Ahoy all.

      Each of my family have all received a second letter back from the A.I.R. saying that they cannot process our IM017 Forms because they “have been altered … incomplete” etc etc . This time, they struck a pink diagonal line across the front of my wife’s letter with a highlighter. My daughter received an A4 page in her response titled “Received As Is”. My second response back had a green highlight marks on it. Do we just re-send another copy of our IM017 forms?

      To date, we’ve sent the original completed IM017 Forms, then a second letter in response to them saying the form was incomplete. So, this will be our third communication with them

      To date, this is how the communications have gone.

      Us: Here’s our completed IM017 form.
      Them: It’s not completed correctly and/or there’s information missing.
      Us: Here’s another copy of our IM017 form. Please tell us what is incorrect and what is missing.
      Them: It’s not completed correctly and/or there’s information missing.

      Next Steps?
      Us: … do we simply re-send our IM017 form again, along with us asking what is incorrect and what is missing?

      Cheers for now, Peace!

    • #100016541

      Hello Friends,

      Well, I’ve now received my third letter back from A.I.R. stating that they cannot process my IM017 Forms because they “have been altered … incomplete” etc etc …

      To date, it looks like this …

      Us: Here’s our completed IM017 form.
      Them: It’s not completed correctly and/or there’s information missing.
      Us: Here’s a SECOND copy of our IM017 form. Please tell us what is incorrect and what is missing.
      Them: It’s not completed correctly and/or there’s information missing.
      Us: Here’s a THIRD copy of our IM017 form. Please tell us what is incorrect and what is missing.
      Them: It’s not completed correctly and/or there’s information missing.

      Interestingly, my wife, my daughter, and myself all sent our THIRD responses back to A.I.R. on the same day.
      To date, they have not received the old, “Your form is not completed correctly and/or there’s information missing”.

      My other daughter sent her IM017 Form  in last year, annotated Mark style, and has not heard back from the A.I.R.


    • #100016568
      Matt D

      Following on from some of the other comments on here….

      I sent off the first round as per the suggested format from Mark. I got the same response back from them.

      Then I replied back a second time with a letter similar to the one provided below:


      Then yesterday i had a phone call directly from one of the Program Support Officers at AIR. He was very nicely spoken and asked me to verify my identity which i declined (he had called from a line with no caller ID) I got their number and called back to verify and ended up speaking to him. Very polite and helpful but told me the following:

      They cannot process the form due to the alterations. The addition of the extra conditions (10 & 11) were the main issue, although after i then asked for clarification he also said that any of the amendments also meant they were not able to process the form.

      I noted that all the boxes contained the information needed to update the records, and then asked if there was information missing that prevented them doing the update. He stated no, nothing missing and yes it was all populated correctly – again, just the amendments

      The response letter also asks a series of questions, which he said he could only answer one of… He did confirm that the IM017 Form is an ‘’offer’’ to contract – but back to the form amendment issue still…so they didnt like or respect the ‘right to respond to it by altering any terms and conditions that are unfavourable’ – I should have clarified that

      I also verbally asked who the “Director” of AIR is and why they had not provided name or other details, and he said its standard and that the person may change. He didn’t appear to want to name anyone either,

      The conversation continued and i asked for a bunch of details around what else the form does, who are the 3rd parties they may disclose data to etc etc and he answered everything very openly and very helpful. Honestly by the end of it i wasn’t even that concerned about the process or impact of completing the form as they ask, so at least it was an interesting learning experience. Not sure what i’ll do next if anything 🙂


      More information for anyone interested.

      The AIR began in 1996 as a childhood register, and only opened up to adults in 2017 as a ‘whole of life’ register. When we sign up to Medicare we effectively consented to have an AIR record created for us. (I wonder now if we can just withdraw our consent to this and have the record deleted?)

      He confirmed that ticking the boxes on the form will only allow them to update the record to prevent a 3rd party from accessing the information. If they try, they will just get an error message instead of seeing the records. They then need your consent to access it. 3rd party ‘V’ providers can still push updates into the system, but not read from it. The 3rd parties are typically your GP, hospitals, or Pop-up V providers. He mentioned that they have had some work places calling trying to access information on their employees and they never release that anyway. I asked about other 3rd party companies/organisations and their access and he said no. Whether we believe this or not is another question i guess.. Interestingly he noted that Centrelink does still have access to the records in the context of your offspring’s records where they may relate to benefits payments etc. (even if you opt out of the sharing as per the form)

      Hope this helps others…


    • #100016570

      Great response Matt. Wow, a phone call from them. That’s service eh?

      That information about them claiming to take issue with the amendments is valuable. So, other than that, all the information they require is there – they could process the form if they wanted to. I wonder if we got a form and just wrote a random phrase somewhere on the page, like ‘leave us alone’, if they’d still process the form or say that the form had been amended.

      It’s interesting and makes sense that they object to the sentence; ‘right to respond to it by altering any terms and conditions that are unfavourable’ because they want to control the terms and conditions, which is not the true nature of a contract.

      Another interesting question that popped into my head when they say, “They cannot process the form due to the alterations”, is whether that’s department policy, office policy, or there’s specific legislation stating clearly that they shall not process ‘altered forms’. I’m always a bit suss when they want to speak on the phone. It’s all words that just vanish into thin air. If there’s not legislation specifically stating that forms cannot be amended, then who is giving them the authority to decide when a form can be declared to be amended. 

      Then the bit about the Director. “…it’s standard and that the person may change” sounds so bogus too. Imagine if all government departments did that. I wonder? Are they trying to save ink? That would also seem to be a point to explore even more, if he didn’t want to name the director. You can only wonder why.

      Once again, great stuff. Please let us know what you end up doing.

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