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      Pure gold Mark thank you. You have so much experience that most of your information now comes off the top of your head. What a valuable resource you are for every living man and woman in the world. I am so happy I am in the right place to learn the remedies to the tyranny that is going on in the world.

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      Can we ask our questions for the next session on here?

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      Thank you Mark!! I was wondering that too.  I have some, didn’t know where to write them for the last time. I was sort of disappointed  that so many of the questions were pertaining to areas you’ve covered rather thoroughly before. …. only a few were actually new ones….I can see why you must get overwhelmed , going over & over the same old ground time & time again. Thank you both for being so patient.

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      Hey guys, Mark is so flat out literally with a backlog that he won’t be able to answer questions here… Not at this stage anyway.

      Mark is talking about hiring another two staff but the cost is also a heavy load and for most members at just $99 a year it does make hiring a new staff member very challenging. I have been on Mark’s back for three months now trying to convince him to put the prices up as there is simply not enough cash flow to expand.

      The best thing to do is to jump on the live Q and A and ask your question there.

      I won’t kid you… it may be with the multitude of other questions coming in and not everyone will get their questions answered but there is a small team now and we are all giving our all, especially Mark.

      Hope everyone here understands…

      We are also hoping to make some positive changes to free up more of Mark’s time in the future so he can spend some more time doing Q and A sessions to help everyone even more.

      Much gratitude to everyone

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      I don’t want answers here but just wondering if I can leave a question here for it to be passed on to Mark or is there some where else I can leave a question. Why not have a page dedicated to questions that Mark can receive, before the zoom meeting?

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        Hi Morag.

        Are you open to connecting via email or other comms channels? You are very active here and i would like to learn from you. My email is glbx1wd@protonmail.com

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          Hi Anthony, I have just watched many of the webinars, taken notes and then taken action. Other information I share I have cut and pasted from previous threads just in case others needed the information. I’m just trying things that I need to do to protect my family and I am happy to share any information if I have it. I don’t pass any of this information on in emails though but if you ever have any questions, I’ll do my utmost to help you on this forum.

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          Morag-janet, that is wise. Keep it in house as much as possible. I  too, think it would be a good idea to have a specific page for Q&A prior to Marks live stream. Here in the  US,  at his time, it is 4am  …sometimes I am up that late, sometimes not, but I can’t seem to connect well to ZOOm for the live anyways, so asking questions ( which might just be answered before the live stream) would be good alternative.  *** I wanted to ‘like’ your posts, (among others) but I don’t see an icon for that, is there one & I’m simply not seeing it?

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          it’s frustrating when there is no like button, I feel the lack of those too. Hopefully they will start a facility for people to ask questions at any time that can be passed on to Mark at the Q & A sessions. As you say it sometimes doesn’t work for people to be able to be there live.

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      We also need to do the best we can with whats available. We are receiving SO much on a golden platter, all the work and all the mistakes have been done for us, over decades. Mark had to refine so much through trial and error.  And so many were learning pre-internet,  and then learning through videos and paperwork, because this website didn’t exist until recently. So,  we are in an AMAZING position with an absolute wealth of resources at our feet now.  As much as I appreciate the need to ask questions, and the need for an available forum for those who can’t attend the webinar  – I have my questions too & I can’t attend – there could risk being a forum of 5 pages of queries Mark has to wade through and organise intellectually and somehow choose which ones to answer.  We’re not just doing the best we can, we are experiecing something light years beyond ‘our best’. All of us.       As for a ‘like’ button, there seems to be an option for that on comments on this site.   I find it just extra noise, what does it really offer apart from a bit of dopamine.  There is enough complexity here.  Do we need an extra 10 notifications informing us of the 10 people that ‘liked’ our post?  I’m not expecting anything, but my preference would be for the ‘forums’ and the ‘groups’ sections to be merged for simplicity.  Reading & responding to posts/comments is a major utility of this site but the the multitude of comments channels, organised across  categories,  I can’t get my head around.   I’m just grateful for everything we have here, though.

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        I agree with your assessments, there is so much to do & so little time to get it all correct. combining the  forums with the questions pertaining to the particular areas would be a good thing, although many questions are presented with crossovers from one subject problem to the next….I too, am extremely grateful for Mark, Sonya & all the admin helpers, & for this site. I know of no other place to go to get this info in so straightforward a manner. ..This is a battle for our freedoms, they are not going to be handed to us, we all have to apply ourselves & do the best we can to continually learn, THEN APPLY, what we have learned. When I feel I’m wimping out, I like to review the videos of those who are USING the knowledge they have gained….& succeeding….:-}

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      Josephine Parkin

      This is an awesome find!

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