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      Context: Tara asked Mark for help to avoid having her child vaccinated.

      Hi Tara,

      My apologies for the belated reply to your inquiry over the matter concerning attempts to have your offspring vaccinated.
      Is a tricky scenario in any court because the courts job is to protect the existing system

      I find the best approach is never to argue with the officers of the Court but to 
      accept what is being offered conditionally. This is the secret to success

      some key steps

      1. If you were served a claim or originating paperwork for the legal proceedings, this must be answered by way of defence. You will need to bring evidence to support your defence by way of affidavit & accompanying exhibits
          Evidence such as 
          (a) Your offspring’s ID, being a copy of the source document you completed that gave rise to the Birth certificate
          (b) evidence of what Drs, scientists are claiming around the world regarding the dangers of the CV vaccination
          (c) Summaries of worldwide Death rates and injury rates. This is readily available now through google searches. if you need examples I can email them
      2. In the Courtroom, never argue with what’s said
          Simply say:
          “Sir, I don’t consent to having my property trespassed, that is, my offspring vaccinated. I’m sure you’re aware that to trespass my property is a federal offence and also an assault and breach of the peace, these also being federal offences. I’m prepared to look at the proposal to vaccinate my property when I first see evidence;
            (a) SARS-CoV2 has been isolated anywhere on earth, and
            (b) Any CV19 vaccine is certified as having been thoroughly tested and safe for all mankind, something I’m yet to see despite doing thorough searches, and
            (c) There have been insignificant deaths and damages caused by the vaccines, as I’m in possession of evidence to the contrary, and
            (d) In writing the party vaccinating my property, and my offspring’s father has signed a document declaring they  themselves accept all liability for murder, genocide, manslaughter and all damages, injuries and ill health caused my property after receiving and as a result of accepting a CV19  vaccine. Do we have an accord?
      3. locate a solid witness, a health professional or scientist, a Dr, herbalist  – anybody that has standing in the health Industry who could testify for you in Court. Likely that will be a challenge as most health professionals don’t wish to be exposed as anti vacc for fear of losing their career.

      I cannot imagine the above conditions will be fulfilled & therefore your offspring will not be vaccinated.

      If his/her Honer offers that your offspring is to be vaccinated, you MUST on at least three separate occassions in the Courtroom express that you do not consent to your offspring (NOT “CHILD” being a creature of statute & hence the public’s property) being vaccinated and if your property is trespassed, you will pursue legal action against all parties conspiring to “destroy’ your property, being evidence of the act of genocide.

      This should stop any further attempt to make orders to vaccinate your offspring.

      If the Judge wishes to proceed with a vaccination Order, approach the bench with your own Notice of Liability and direct the Judge politely to sign it thereby accepting liability for the damages caused your offspring, seeing he/she is conspiring to harm your property when no prior due diligence has been undertaken to ensure the safety of the vaccine. A Judge is NOT permitted to harm a living soul!

      Wish you well


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