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      I was forced to use black pen to sign the declaration for non consent by the JP……As opposed to a blue pen,

      Is that still valid?

      She also wrote my drivers license number under my name and she signed that….

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      Irma DeVries

      My oh my, the JP is playing games.  By putting your DL under your name and her signature she still created the security to raid your birth Certificate estate.  Did you put “without prejudice” above and touching your name?


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      From memory Mark has suggested not to use without prejudice as you don’t want to throw out the baby out with the bath water if you say without prejudice and take it to court they cannot see it or hear it… so be careful using this… as for the JP go to someone else I wouldn’t use that JP

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      Freedom Goy

      There are some teachers within these circles (mostly Americans) who claim that colour of pen used to autograph is inconsequential and doesn’t matter. I don’t know enough or have enough experience dealing with the courts or court clerks to verify if this is true or not. But Mark has said that at the very least, the purple pen ink copies better. So you at least have something practical to go by.

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