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      Hi everyone,

      I’ve tried to do a search here and I can’t find anything about quarantine.

      Is there any way to go through a certain process of not having to pay for it? My husband had to tell western Australia health that Scott Morrison had said that if a ticket was booked prior to a certain date that people didn’t have to pay (which was the case) but now he has debt collectors after him for it. He received this via email and via text.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. We need to know how to deal with this.

      Thank you,

      Lea 🙂

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      We are not paying and have staved them off for 6-7 months now, they have tried all sorts of cajoling but every time the empire strikes, we strike back.
      had husband and daughter go through it, we did apply for hardship but they ignored that and just kept sending the bill, then they sent it to fines enforcement and they tried to get us to contract with them but we resisted, heard nothing till 2 weeks ago when fines enforcement sent us a “Civil Debt determination” notice, basically the same bill, and another offer by the look of it, have sent them another letter by reg post and only dealing with them by mail now, just keep sniping and told them willing to co to court for it so waiting to see what their reply is, haven`t even had to use any ammo on them yet just a few polite but firm letters have all sorts of weapons to hit them with such as unlawful arrest and detainment, bio security act etc
      You feel on edge when you get their letters but soon as you fire back with another letter of your own get empowered, just like the needlecraft, don`t cave in to their threats?offers

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        The debt collection agency is a third party interloper that is demanding money from you. Have you contracted with this third party to do business with them? Most likely not. How is it they can demand money from you when you havnt agreed to do business with them? You can send them a LIEN. Thats a process that takes 6 weeks and that is to ask them to provide information to back up the claim that they are making.  They are claiming that you owe them money for a service they have provided which you didnt ask for. Under what authority do they have the ability to do that. You need to ask them. They cant legally do that so you ask them 3 times to present the information you require. When they cant  provide the info, you create  an affadavit , which is your truth  and you publish it. If you reply to this post with your details, I can include you in a FB group where we learn how to do this. No cost. We are all learning how to be empowered




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          Hi, I’m interested Tjayb. Thanks in advance!

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