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      Jody Dub

      Wondering if anyone has the non trespassing signs for Canada?  I only see ones for Australia.

      Thank you!

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      Use that one as a template, look up the trespassing laws in your own area to put in the notice, then just make one up, & make copies. It would be ‘easier’ if others have done it & posted them, but my guess is, most would not bother to take the time. if you don’t have a pc to work on, try your local library, they often pcs to use for an hour or so. If you already have a pc, & some sort of ‘word’ doc, then it should be doable. Hope this helps a bit.

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      Carsen Tarpay

      Hi All


      I have been a member for a while but this is my first post.

      To cut a long story short, I have been in dispute with my local City council and a developer which are intent on turning our quiet little back gravel lane into a haul road for his business. I have been told that they will be taking a portion of my fence line as it is in the road envelope, despite having stood that way for 35 years. That is a matter for SAT as I have an appeal lodged.

      Due to this ongoing disturbance, I have posted No Trespassing signs on my front gate, half way along my drive way and at my front door. On Thursday (I was in Perth at the time, 5hrs from home) the developer and an unknown person hand delivered a letter to my son, who was the only person at home at that time.

      On the sign is a statement that any trespass will incur a $150,00 invoice. What would be the correct way to deliver this invoice? As the developer has a legal team, I just want to make sure that I don’t accidentally do something that would negate my claim.

      Any advice will be appreciated.


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        Anne McIntyre.

        Hey Carsen Tarpay, just wondering if you have heard of Wayne Glew, a man on land who has had dealings over many years with the Geraldton local gov over non consent to payment of property taxes. He has been through many court cases and holds his title to his property and is well versed in common law. Wayne is on fb if you wish to look him up, I’m sure he would be happy to give you advise on you with your land right issue. All the best – Annie


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      as it turns out, Anne and Carsen, the upcoming webinar covers precisely this


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