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      Clinton C

      I bought the solutions empowerment manual and on page 194 it refers to Kidman, Kable, Pape and Lane. The website listed where we could get the information (www.community-law.info) is no longer accessible.

      If anyone knows the title of the cases, can they please list them.

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      Not enough information to go on. Does it say on page 194 what the Subject matter is? Tax? Constitution?

      I never got my manual so can’t read for myself.

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      ^thank you

      just reading through this Kable summary/analysis. Very interesting. Goes to things in Statutes that Legislators try and get Courts to do, which bypass justice or constitutional constraints

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      I found an archive of the www. community Law info web site at archive.org
      Link to the archived site is here. I tiny URL’d the links because I’m having trouble posting long URLS.

      CLRG Info web site – Archived

      The Pape decision and comments on the Constitution by the High Court on the 7th July 2009
      Case Name: Pape v Commissioner of Taxation [2009] HCA 23 (7 July 2009)
      Link to the Case Comments on CLRG

      The Kale Case
      KABLE – BRENNAN – DAWSON & FOUR MORE: Act ruled Invalid
      Case name unknown
      Link to the Judges comments on CLRG web site

      The Lane Case:
      LANE v Morrison Condensed
      Lane v Morrison [2009] HCA 29 (26 August 2009)

      Link to case on CLRG web site

      The Kidman Case:
      Australian Sovereignty Decisions R V Kidman (1915)

      Case name: R v Kidman [1915] HCA 58; (1915) 20 CLR 425 (16 September 1915)

      Link to Kidman Case review on CLRG

      Lots of other good info on that web site. I’m going to see if I can get a copy.

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