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      Joerg M

      Hi all,

      I am doing my lockdown non-consent documents and I realized that the letters do not get delivered. It looks like the letters to the Minister get delivered but not to the Governor General at the Government house. Initially I sent a registered mail to each of the minister independently to avoid like last time that it does not get picked up at all. Even with the reply request I got only 2 out of 4 returned. Then the second round I have sent out by express mail but even this got only delivered to the Parliament House but not to the Governor General. It is currently in a facility in Fyshwick for about 2 weeks now, again this is express mail which supposed to be delivered at least 2 days after sending.

      I had a very similar thing when I did it the first time. It got delivered to the Parliament House and ended up in their “to pickup” facility and it never got picked up but then returned to sender (me).

      Did anyone else had a similar issue? The question now is, if the documents are not getting delivered, are they still valid? Or is this a trick from their side avoiding any accountability?



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      Hi Joerg

      I had the same problem with one of my vax non-consent rounds.

      I ended up calling Aus post & the woman I spoke to confirmed it had been delivered & sent me an email confirming that it had been delivered. Suggest you try that, Mesheril




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      You can use a ‘Process server’ to hand deliver and then write an Affidavit stating the facts. Search for ‘Process server +yourhometown’

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