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      Hi All,

      Sorry but I cannot find where the ”Automated Forms” are??  The forms are a major reason why I took out membership here.

      Would greatly appreciate some assistance with that. 🙂

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      Which forms are you looking for? Non-consent forms for both lock downs and va>< are found here: https://www.solutionsempowerment.com/non-consent/help/

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        Hi Shaun

        Go to the link below which will take you to a video to watch first,

        Non Consent

        Once you have watched the video, click on the orange “I have watched the video button” it will take you to watch a video you may have already watched previously. However, scroll down and follow the instructions; The account set up is to set up your forms; follow the prompts; once this has been done, that’s when you’re letters will be emailed to you. However, as Mark states, make sure you have purchased your Registered Mail envelopes first, as the numbers on these registered envelopes will need to be entered when you’re setting up your account; this will populate throughout all of the letters.

        The first time you do this can be tricky.

        Good luck.


        PS: I am new to this as well, and I started Round 1 last week.


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      Thanks for your reply KH. I am after the conditional acceptance and follow up forms among others. Perhaps I have misunderstood what the automated forms are for.

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