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      My employer wants me to be vaccinated, what should I send them?

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      What evidence do you have that your being required to have the vaccination, first off any REQUIREMENT  to have the vaccine or lose your job type scenario is on prima facie evidence a criminal offence and it goes under the name of EXTORTION, wherever you are in Australia look up the offence of extortion in your states criminal Code, you will see that the elements of the offence fit within the parameters of vaccine requirements, learn this, why because when you have the written evidence or verbally recorded evidence that your employer will terminate you without vaccine you want to go to the police and lodge a complaint of extortion, they will try and fob you off as politically they don’t want to be involved.  But persevere nicely and say something like the evidence that I am giving you fits the elements of the charge of extortion, so therefore I want the person charged, and or I require a legal reasoning as to why my complaint is not valid and I want it in writing.

      Now of course if your not prepared to do the above then nothing else you do will make a difference, you can serve all the paperwork you like, but if its not a criminal offence to mandate the vaccine or lose your job then neither will you have hope of keeping your job via the civil arena.  I use to do this stuff for a living, so I know what I am talking about.

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        Appreciated mate!

        I’ve so far got a great relationship with my workplace and believe this requirement is coming from the government to them (obviously) so keeping it on best terms with them would be great.


        What’s the best option in sending them a notice of liability and coniditonal acceptance?

        Do we have a template on this website that we can send in to an employer?

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        I like!! Thanks for that!

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        Maybe you can try this:


        I got this information from a World Dr Alliance telegram page

        Advice from a Barrister on how to deal with vax demands from your employer or anyone else:

        Contact your doctor and book a Vaccine anxiety appointment. At this point you become a medical case as anxiety is a real issue. Then collect information about adverse effects and send that to you doctor and get them to answer your concerns. If they don’t answer then claim this gives you further anxiety.

        Then ask your doctor to agree to a thorough medical for you BEFORE any injection so if you are made to have the injection you have baseline medical evidence from medical experts to prove it affected you adversely if it does. If they refuse, claim further anxiety.

        Then say you want a contract with the doctor administering the injection and their practice having full liability if you are medically poorly for up to end of life. The doctor will refuse this proving the vaccine might be unsafe and that ADDS to your anxiety.

        While this is all going on tell your employer you are looking in to it with advice from your doctor. YOU WILL WIN!! Anyone that does this will win. Use it. I have a degree in law and this is the process I have applied. It works! 🙂 (Copy and paste where ever you like anyone).


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          thanks for this Andeor,upon receiving a staff group message last week recommending vaccination by my employer in preparation for re opening in late october/november i will probably go down this route initially as compared to the Discrimination act and privacy act as those could come across as  threatning to begin with though im not afraid to use them & the ‘Commonwealth of Australia Constitution’in any discussion.

          i have a good rapport with my employer thus far and am happy to discuss my reasons for refusing to participate in an experiment on the basis of anxiety.

          Im the only one at work when open that doesnt wear a mask since it was declared  mandatory last July 2020 and my employer has never bothered me but this time is going to be different i can feel it,the stakes have ramped up.i have an exemption for not wearing the face mask.

          i havent subscibed to the exemption forms/notices in regards to vaccines that are available on here yet,i may look into submitting those as well,if theres anyone on here who has the time to clue me up on that process id sure appreciate it,



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      There was a document called Protectio-From-Vaccination which is a 1 page liability form. Can’t seem to locate it.

      The Freebies section has a number of notices. There is one which I think is intended to be given to a nursing home on behalf of a resident but I think it could be used for a workplace.

      Australia has Federal laws which say that injections are not mandatory. There is a Vaccination Handbook that I think is published by the Fed Health people which also states this.

      No one can be required to have an injection or medical treatment against their wish. There are also Privacy laws which say medical records are private and no one has to disclose anything medical to anyone else. So you don’t have to tell anyone if you are injected or not.

      Sorry, I seem to be unable to find the name of Act and Sections. I’ll add them when I can track them down or others can point to where they are perhaps.

      In the High Court case of Attorney-General (Vic) v The Commonwealth (“Pharmaceutical Benefits Case”) (1945) 71 CLR 237 at 257, on page 257, the Court clearly stated that, “But the Parliament could not pass a law requiring citizens of the States to keep their premises clean or to submit to vaccination or immunization.” So, quite clearly, the Government cannot make covid-19 vaccinations mandatory in any way, shape or form and that means that no employer can either!


      Many people are concerned about their employers forcing, or coercing them, into getting a covid vaccine, with some even threatening to fire them. Please read this important article from the Safe Work Australia, which explains why they simply CANNOT do that! be sure to print it out and give it to your employer if you are in that situation.


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      Gman 3, you are correct but your missing the point, sure they can’t physically force such vaccine but as people can see and hear they are being refused jobs work etc, so in the end simply saying they can’t force you to vaccinate means nothing.  In the end the ONLY WAY to enforce your position is via the Criminal Code, because either what they are doing is illegal or it is not, if you can’t convict them under the Criminal Code or Crimes Act then you have no chance convicting them by any civil contract basis, its as simple as that


      Floyd, you don’t know enough to do anything, yes you can serve your employer some liability paperwork, but do you honestly think they are going to take kindly to that, there is no way you are going to maintain cordial relations once you serve them some paper work, why because in the end you are going to lose your job, think about it, they either give in to you and get hammered by the Government or they do the bidding of the Government and hammer you, now think about what their choices are and which way they are likely to go,  Remember all companies are licenced by the Government so they have way less rights and privileges compared to people.  Now if you want to do anything you find a template on this site or search the internet and put on it something like this, I xxxxxx(person who is making the demand of you) hereby personally accept all criminal and civil liability arising out of any injury or death that may occur to xxxxxxx(your name) as a result of me requiring  xxxxx(your name) to be vaccinated/medicated etc( what ever way you want to put it.)  Get that person to sign it, now of course they aint going to sign it, so what are you going to do then.

      In the end you are going to have to either bow down to them, or call their (hopeful bluff), lets assume you try and call their bluff, and they do actually sack you, well then what are you going to do about it, see that is the real issue here, who cares about perceived rights because in the end if your not prepared to or know how to enforce your position, then your position in the end is worth nothing, so think about what I just said and decide what your going to do.  The other thing you could do is give a conditional acceptance that you would be willing o be vaccinated but only with for example Novavax, I am assuming your not completely anti vax.  The novavax uses a much more traditional method of creating vaccines, so as an example the Hepatitis B vaccine which has been around for more than 30 years uses the same technology.  Me personally I have not been vaccinated yet but as more data comes to hand I may choose to go that route if I am happy with the data, but who knows

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      thanks tttimotheous.. didn’t think I was missing the point, just providing some starting places. The Freebies section has liability pro-forma documents like the suggestion you have offered.

      that Workplace link says requiring injections is problematic and may create legal issues for the employer. So create legal issues then.

      And everyone does have to make their choice. The OP doesn’t say if they are in a “mandated” sector although the wording suggests is. Federal Govt acts say people can’t be mandated to get injected. State health acts don’t over ride it. Mandates don’t over ride it.  Even though they are saying that they are doing it. They’re crooks.

      What would be useful is a decision that people can rely on. There is a case going forward at the moment against injection mandates. Unsure what it will result in. I haven’t read anything on it. I know Hazard was mentioned in it. I think the affidavit submission was 600 or 700 pages in length. I have heard the court has allowed international expert witnesses.

      question: where do people stand if their on a employment contract and the in force one is being unilaterally changed by employer? Where is the compensation? Could that be a launch pad to do something else work wise?

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      hi everybody,

      just as an aside has anybody here sat down with theyre employer and had a chat in regards to reasons why you’ll be refusing a vaccination ? like a one on one or 2 on 2 ( 1 of the people present is your witness)

      Reason im asking is i want to get a gauge on how heavy to be in that first sit down.For eg, faced with the possibility of getting told my hours could be reduced on account that i refuse to be vaccinated , i dont want to lose my cool in the very first meeting and show my hand.

      i ve had  a conversation over the phone with my employer and all i said was theres still a lot of water to go under the bridge from now (9th sept) until end of october and not to be hasty despite whats said in the media. That was before the FWO released theyre updates on work place relations pertaining to vaccinations updated yesterday

      all recommendations much appreciated,thanks,sean

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      Read the safe work australia web page linked above. Read it all… the way… to the end.

      Read it a couple times.

      The bold sections are cancelled out by the rest of the content so don’t let the bold sections give you conclusions that are not correct.

      What / where is the FWO? And what did they say? And is it just blowing smoke? That’s mostly what is going on.

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      watch this video on Constitutional Guarantees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxu5nF3XtzM

      This relates to civil conscription for medical purposes. Section 51.23a.

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