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      So I’ll preface this by saying

      I live in Sydney CBD district, within the bounds is Victoria Park where I choose to exercise

      On the 24th of July, 2021 at around 2:15pm I left my residence to go to Victoria Park, in my workout gear, heading to the outdoor gym.

      I carry my a handheld pocket camera everywhere I go. I bought it because it is a pocket camera with that allows me to slip it in my pocket anywhere I go.

      At the park there was an anti lockdown protest,

      There were police everywhere however access to the park was unrestricted

      I was not demonstrating or protesting with signs or any of the like nor did I head there with the intention to do so. I was aware there were protests on george street, however the whole city was littered with police.

      At the park to reach the workout area I had to pass through some police. They were staging themselves in lines. I passed multiple lines of police without drama. I advised them I was headed to the other side of the park to the workout area.

      Trying to pass further into the park (and away from the protest) I was advised to step back, not to pass. I did step back, whilst filming the events.

      Whilst waiting to pass I was engaging with protestors to try to de-escalate their anger as anger gets you nowhere. You’ll never win if you’re acting unreasonably or belligerently

      At around 2:45pm the police started to rush in a hoard towards a man unrelated to me. I turned to filmed it, as did everyone else around me.

      Now here transpires my assault:

      Seconds later of turning to film the situation behind me, I am blindsided by a tackle, with such force it ripped the lanyard cord and broke off my camera attached to my hand.

      I was held down by multiple officers and handcuffed (rather tight!)

      I proclaimed my innocence, I asked for the cause for my ‘arrest’. I did not resist in any way and did proclaim I would comply under duress.

      After asking what grounds I was being arrested for multiple times, I was told I was given a ‘move on’ directive (FALSE – EVIDENCE IS ON MY CAMERA WHICH WAS STOLEN) which I did not follow therefore I was being arrested.

      I was NEVER given a move-on order or directive. I understand what they are. I understand fully and I would have followed the directive under threat of menace, should it have ever been ordered to me.

      I made several attempts for the officers to retrieve my personal belongings which they violently separated from my body by being tackled. They refused. This camera has all the evidence of this recount as being 100% factual and I would put an oath in an affidavit stating so.

      I was taken to be ‘booked’ at the bus, still cuffed. I was essentially kidnapped without warning, detained upon fabricated pretense (all on my video recording) and unlawfully searched after expressing my non consent.

      I was not fighting.

      I was only ever respectful. Should I ever get the camera back it will show this.

      Whilst being questioned I simply kept asking for their reason to assault me.

      One second I’m standing in a park filming this event (like hundreds others) and the next I’m violently tackled and assaulted and had my goods stolen.

      The officers refused to identify other than being from Burwood.

      I was threatened again with fines and potentially being thrown in a cage.

      I was intimidated with attempts to coerce me into incriminating myself. I did not answer any questions.

      During their unlawful search and seizure of my body they found identifying documents, as I know I must carry them in accordance with the public health order. I did not volunteer this information as they searched me without my consent and without reasonable cause or suspicion or a breach of order.

      All throughout I answered no question. I had no reason to. There was no crime committed by myself. I was even in my legal right under the Health Order to be where I was.

      Ultimately I was let go with a ‘warning’, more of a threat to throw me in a cage should I attempt to come anywhere near the park again before their operation was over. I complied under duress and threats of menace and walked home, without my camera. I was not issued a fine, nor taken into custody.

      I just wanted my personal belongings back.

      The officers let me go because indeed they found out that I was not acting outside of legislative orders or criminally.

      There were several attempts to plead to the officers to retrieve my personal belongings out in the park which where stripped of me when I was assaulted. They refused.

      The officers did not identify. The officers refused to turn on their body cams (I know that is their right – but still – suspicious).

      The only information I have is that the arresting officer was from burwood.




      Later that day I served in person two local district police stations with a notice of demand for better particulars. I know they wont respond though.


      How could I go about getting a subpoena for a masked, unnamed officer whom the only information i have is that he is from burwood?

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      30one@protonmail.com if anyone wishes to offer any advice. I’m unsure how to go about issuing a subpoena to a masked man refusing to identify. Knowing they’re from Burwood is all I got.

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        Hi 30one,

        I suggest booking a Consultation with one of our legal advisers. Here’s the link: https://www.solutionsempowerment.com/1-hour-consultation-booking/




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          I’d love to however without being able to work in Sydney I can barely afford living as it is. I’ve went to multiple police stations, multiple times at one station… They close their doors on me at the reception and don’t offer me help. They don’t even identify themselves. I dress very professionally and I hear them mocking me, a victim, for trying to get help.

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