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      hi, I have been searching the website, albeit with difficulty, trying to find some information about how to address a parking fine received a few days ago.  Any info on how to find any info relevant to that on this sight, be appreciated, or any success stories regarding how to manage it. Thanks

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      Non consent to contract you send the fine back This from another member. If it is past 72 hours of receiving include a letter of apology

      In red pen I wrote diagonally across the infringement notice.

      Receipt of your offer of contract is acknowledged and hereby returned for discharge and closure for your failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted. I DO NOT CONSENT to contract with you.“NO CONTRACT – NO OBLIGATION” Revoked BY: Administrator (name eg First-Middle of the family Last) as CEO and Sole Shareholder of the Corporation/Legal Person – MR JOHN JOSEPH DOE. I am man created as male. “I Stand in Birthright & Dominion with the Creator” Date:…………………….. Autograph: ……………………………….. Beneficiary.I simply just taped it back up, blacked out the window and wrote on the envelope front and back.

      Front.”RETURN TO SENDER”Unsolicited mail.Please remove me from your mailing list.

      On the BACK:”NO CONTRACT – NO OBLIGATION”Revoked by Administrator(name eg First-Middle of the family Last)CEO and Sole Shareholder of theCorporation/Legal Person – MR JOHN JOSEF DOE”I stand in Birthright and Dominion”

      Then follow up with you conditional acceptance process if that does not do the trick





      I actually did something very similar with the first issue of my fine. They sent it back with a late fee. So I am doing a conditional acceptance now.

      Hi  I received a notice of intended prosecution for going through a red light in my car, like that’s possible. If you respond to them they will say you have contracted with them. I didn’t complete any of their forms but I did respond by parse syntaxing their letter disqualifying their claim against the legal fiction on the grounds of incorrect grammar. I Used UCC title 1341 fictitious name and address and sent them a copy of my Live Life Claim. Needless to say they have still pursued me all the way to Magistrate court with threats of sending bailiff to my home, clamping my property etc if i don’f pay the fine that was adjudicated against me. I have now sent them a Notice of Conditional Acceptance and awaiting a response. I have no intention a paying any fines “no victim no crime”. If you do respond to them find the physical address and do not respond to the PO Box address as it is a non contracting address.

      Infringement notices


      Open them up and write in red

      “Offer declined no consent equals no contract” then the date

      Put back in the envelope write in red on it

      “Return to sender offer declined no contract no consent” and the date









      Also put a photocopy of your license with all rights reserved in clear view.

      Do this within three days act quickly





      2.With no protection you can either pay it or drip feed the payments eg $5 per month (enclose $5, with a notice of payment offer, saying you are paying it off at  $5 per month without any further incurred default penalties or fees and with no interest added, If they keep the money and don’t return it within  72 hours of receiving it then they have agreed to the terms.

      If they don’t accept they must return it within 72 hours of receiving it; they never ever send it back.

      The payment must be with the notice, have the original signed by a JP as proof.


      3. A notice of non-consent and conditional acceptance. If you simply refuse to pay you become “a belligerent debtor” However it is very honourable if you put that you are prepared to pay on the basis that they validate their claim (conditional acceptance) Maxim in law- the burden of proof is upon the one that makes the claim. They’re making a claim against you for a certain amount upon directions from you they must provide evidence of their claim. If they can’t provide evidence then they have no claim. Then you win by default, it’s just a game of chess.

      “I’m prepared to pay the amount disclosed on the infringement notice however I wish to meet all my valid legal and lawful obligations and I just want to confirm precisely what  they are  I direct you to provide answers to the following  terms.

      1Your source of authority over a woman or man. (Acts or statutes don’t apply to a man or woman only to persons or slaves under contract.)

      2.Ask how that act applies to a man or woman they won’t answer

      3. Do you have evidence that [Your Full Name] is not a wo/man? (They can’t provide this evidence)

      4. Where and when may I see a completed bona fide completed and signed document that evidences a contract between you and I, whereby I expressed

      a. I consented to comply with the terms and conditions of the license

      b. I consented to subvert my status and standing to a creature of statute person or slave

      (Make sure you have photocopy of license with all rights reserved on it)

      5.Present your evidence I was “operating” under a license at the time of the alleged offence.

      It’s a polite way of saying proof or withdraw it.


      Public you have legislations

      Private you two rules Love thy neighbour and love thy creator. The legislation does not apply to a man or woman. Cruden vs Neale validates this and if they don’t answer then it will be presumed they have no answers in which case they have no jurisdiction or authority and they’ll have to withdraw their claim.



      If it is over the three day mark then scan it then take your red pen out and circle all the things that make it criminal and say

      “This is a criminal and counterfeit document and I decline to be part of a criminal contract”


      They won’t want to take any more action.


      When you are driving an unregistered car and they pull you over and say you are driving an unregistered car you say

      “How do you know this is an unregistered vehicle?”

      They’ll say it is in your name

      “But you just said it was unregistered so how do you know that?”


      Put a lien against them for unlawful acts, a lien is a claim against them an invoice for committing an unlawful detention. $100 per minute for how long they keep me unlawfully detained. $2000 for handcuffing $5000 for putting you in the back of the police car $10,000 for putting you in a holding cell.

      They were told they were committing an unlawful detention and they still did it so here’s the fees.Acting under the legal system They ignored that so a reminder notice was sent and they ignored it,  he then produced an ex debito judicia which does not require a judgement that does not require a court because they had not replied. Then you send an affidavit and they have an opportunity to rebut that affidavit (which they don’t) Then the affidavit stands as truth in law. Then file a commercial lien against them for the amounts on the invoices.State in the invoices that if they are not paid they have to pay 3% cumulative interest per day. This is enforceable under their legal system. If they don’t pay then the legal system has been proven to be not worth anything. These debts can be sold to international debt dealers. Or it can be implemented through the Common Law Court.


      No one has consented to these decrees that are being handed down. Fines are an offer they are offering you the choice of paying them some money. The charge hasn’t been assessed by a proper jury.

      Infringement notices are unlawful because there has been no lawful case heard that has said the infringement has taken place it’s only an alleged infringement. When they send you an infringement with a penalty it’s unlawful you can’t determine a penalty when it hasn’t been validated by a lawful process.

      An act is not law it is a pretence that tries to trick you into consent. It requires you to consent for it to be valid. Eg if you register your car you have consented and all the parts of that act you have agreed to.

      If you don’t consent to it you can’t be held accountable by it, it is not lawful.


      You can be tried by Common Law Court for crimes but they will try and drag you into their legal system by arraigning you. The minute you are arraigned you come under the crimes act because you have consented.

      Committing murder and you can be tried under Common Law because you have broken the law of the land. If they try to bring me in front of their courts you can say “I don’t consent to legislation. I don’t consent to being arraigned , I want to be tried by a jury of my peers” we have a right to trial by jury, that can never be denied you. A right to be tried outside of the legislative system. You have to consent to being arraigned for them to take the right for trial by jury, outside of their system, away from you.


      If they try to get you to court on eg non payment of registration you say “ I am more than happy to attend any mediation on the condition that you provide me with your claim of authority over me as a living man” If you study the claim they are not asking you they are asking the paperman the non-living entity. Another tack you can take, send the infringement notice to the registrar general saying “Please pay this invoice” Because the registrar general is the trustee of the  paper man entity account (of which you are the beneficiary) and he is obliged to pay it. He pays it out of your trust account. They try to trick you into acting as the trustee to get your to agree to pay it. But you say I’m not the trustee the registrar general is the trustee and you send it to the registrar general with an instruction to pay it. Ask “if you are not the current trustee who is?”

      If you send a letter to the registrar general asking for all the information on that account and he doesn’t reply then you can charge him with misfeasement of office.

      You can claim ownership of the fictitious name through the common law court, that means two things you can transfer the property into your name eg your house and car, once you control the fictitious


      The courts are not corrupt but the living beings that control them are. Magistrates and Judges. Ask him to revoke his oath to the bar. You have to use their laws against them so the judge can only make a ruling in your favour or else he will expose the fraud.

      When you take your speeding fine into court, the magistrate is getting a commission on your fine and so is the person who is bringing it forward, as a non-living entity you have no rights.

      In a normal court case the person who is making the claim is listed first and the respondent is listed second but if you go to court you’ll find the respondent listed first (the accused) and the reason they do that is because the person who claims bears the cost. You call the court on that you say “well this has been listed incorrectly, it’s in the wrong jurisdiction, they’ve put me in a traffic claim and it’s listed as criminal, there’s no crime been committed.” They’ll even sometimes say (the police)” this is not a criminal matter your honour it’s a traffic matter” and yet they bring it forward under criminal jurisdiction. You have to understand how it works because there are no lengths to which they will not go to trick you unless you call them out on it. They will try to trick you into getting legal advice, the legal advice will represent the interests of the bar (the Vatican)




      1. Know your  CLC rights

      2. Contact CLC info@commonlawcourt.com


      Any offers to contract that you don’t wish to engage with. Fines, debt collectors etc.






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        thank you kindly Morag-Janet, most grateful for your reply and the very helpful information you have provided.

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        Hi Morag-Janet & empowered humans!


        I am in a similar boat to Arielle and am wondering,

        it has been more than three days since this infringement was issued – and i’m wondering what parts of the infringement notice are to be circled as criminal?


        Will this still work if i simply write in red “Offer declined no consent equals no contract” then the date?

        And if they do still choose to follow up with a payment reminder/additional fee, how do i go about writing a conditional acceptance notice?

        New here and would really appreciate any help you can give me.



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          You can try what you suggest above and see what happens and then come back to let us know how it goes and ask for more advice if you need it. While you are waiting for a reply then hunker down and start learning. Because you are completely new to this it’s probably better to plead financial hardship and offer to pay $5 per week as in the above post. Then study the webinars you need to to learn how to write conditional acceptances etc. for any future fines because it takes quite a bit of study to get comfortable with the procedures you need to carry out and if they are not done properly you can end up getting in even more trouble inadvertently. If you complete the non consent process to vaccines and lockdown that shows you the conditional acceptance process and Mark does all the work of writing the documents. Once you have completed that process then you can use them as templates for any future action you need to take. Also get your license signed with the All rights reserved signature and then you can send a photocopy in with any traffic fines and that would get it instantly cancelled.


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