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      ‘Common Law’ is the only lawful jurisdiction on the land. When injustices are done, by those who rule & who mean to do all us harm, then ‘Lawful Rebellion’ is the duty of every living man, woman, son & daughter to bring these criminals to justice..!

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      Karl Lentz… is IMHO… the leading authority in ‘COMMON LAW’… Karl is self taught & after studying for many years the corrupt legalese ‘Crown’ system of supposed law and taking on the corrupt U.S. Government Inc… getting his offspring back, after they were seized/kidnapped by the State. This is probably one of the most important videos you’ll ever watch about ‘Common Law’… as Karl explains how very very simple ‘Common Law’ really is, when you understand how to actually be a living ‘Man / Woman’..!

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      Major thank you!  I have been binge watching Karl great source of information.

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