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      Marie Jean

      Would like to know other members ideas regarding the best documents to carry in our car or in our personal bags, to show vaious agents our standing in the private, and vax/lockdown exemption notices/certificates? Sorry if ive posted in wrong area. New to using the SE forums. Thank you

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      This is a great and timely question, would love to know the answer to this question also.

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      in Australia there are a few supreme court precedents regarding the right not to self incriminate – the right to remain silent.  and to not have to stop for the police or assist them in any way, if not under arrest. so this literally means freedom of movement.  it means if they say ‘ hey you’ you can keep walking.   Now,  it’s not necessarily recommended you do this as we know what police are like. but  anyway a document with these supreme court precedents to refer to – and to memorise also – to give to police is helpful.     austlii.edu.au  is the place to get the specific quotes from the cases,  so you can get the name of the judge,  and a couple of salients bits of info from the judgement.   there are also conditional acceptance Notices for the police ‘ i will only deal with you if you complete this notice’    and proof of completed processes , the Claim of Right being extremely powerful but it takes a bit of work to get through.  Do watch the webinar on claim of right to get an idea.  ( some people edit out the bits about driving with no licence plates)    There are also webinars on how to deal with police when stopped,  these give you info about which documents.

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      There is a webinar ‘ how to travel under lockdown conditions’  from July 2021.  Search through the webinars to locate it.   It has many references of laws and which documents to have and etc. The other intriguing reference is the passport of  every country has a paragraph asserting the right to travel freely without hindrance.   My suggestion is to make a colour photo copy of this.  First demonstrate the passport,  you could say ‘ do you know what this is?’  and the official will say ‘ a passport, so what’   and then you hand over the colour photo copy of the doucment, without surrendering the passport.   You can follow that up with ‘  isn’t this proof of a contract between me and the governor general ( or whoever is making the declaration in the countrys passport) ?’  ‘ if you obstruct me now are you not breaching the contract between me and this law maker?’    ‘ are you prepared to be personally liable for this by continuing to obstruct me, in which case i need you indemnity insurance number and identifying information so I can report you directly to the governor general and your superiors – or would you rather just let me be?’


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