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      I havnt received any mail for 2 or more years after waking up removed my number plates and was assaulted firstly with pig smacked me in mouth with the breath – alcohol test plastic and cleared an was taking off and pig tried to grab my motorbike key out of bars and I stopped him causing him to call back up and 9 police 2 on bikes two hiway patrol arrive smashing me into ground 3 of them an assaulting me trying to break my arm demanding I tell him my name! I comply but state I do not consent I am bleeding wrist and fore arm from cuffs and another pig starts giving me first aid they damaged my bike and find I am licensed and registered,so uncuff me and tell me they send me fine 100$,I don’t open dead mans contracting mail and return to sender : stop and correct,there non contracting venue wrong name and venue NCRTS ETC ETC and have never opened fictitious mail for there is no return address for rebuttal! So many fines appear they returned with window covered.have not driven or rode since then they broke inn to back yard damaged my property vandalised both bike and car covering them with huge yellow stickers warnings not to remove or blar blar I through in bin and yesterday years of no mail arrives claim to contract an 3,330.35 $???  Debt owed ! I have photo evidence of assaults and have been on this journey seeking truth in honour! And have been studying SPC UCC -1 redemption 4.5 edition and came across Mark,now all that’s been said does anyone have solution empowerment,for Western Australian state revenue department-dept collection agents? Would appreciate any feed back b4 72 hours . My gratitude to all, in land of the dead … HELL.

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