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      This is the link to the YT live stream of the Judgment hearing of Kassam vs Hazard. NSW Supreme Court.


      It is scheduled for NSW Time: 4PM Friday, 15 Oct 2021. After that the link will not work.

      *** It is live only for the duration of the hearing. It will not work afterwards and there is NO replay.


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      Apologies. It’s locked. I had brief access but I think someone turned on privacy or something.

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      as people will know the cases were dismissed. I’m struggling to see how the mandates and movement restrictions for people who are not sick doesn’t constitute coersion. Be limitted or get injected is a coersion.

      Perhaps this was not the question being considered? The reported reasoning was that the health act was designed to restrict people, however it requires specificity, not generality. Someone needs to be named and they need to be sick. A non specific order of “everyone” doesn’t seem to fit that criteria.

      Could these cases be set ups to lose on those key questions so that they cannot be bought to court again?

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