Qld announces tough border lockdown measures to allow only vaccinated across the NSW/Qld border

Queensland introduces vaccine passport measure for NSW

Folks, the martial law dictatorship is rolling on & is escalating out of fear the ruling cabal are fearful of losing control.

Do NOT be deterred by their desperate actions but be inspired that our actions, as a unified community, is begginning to impact upon their acts of terr…orism.

For your benefit, things are happening behind the scenes & there are things you can do to assist:

1. There are two actions to begin shortly, detail;s of which can only be released through the phone app after it is in turn released within the next few days.

A Trust account will be opened, & the details released shortly, to accept contributions from all who can support the two actions. This will be to the benefit of all Australians

2. Learn to hold your position, “how does your source of authority apply to a man or woman”? etc

3. DON’T close your business, keep it open & continue employing staff & yourselves, keep the economy
moving. If you are threatened with a fine. “I don’t consent to a fine. You keep it!”. Hand it back or post it back to the officer or their police station within 72 hours of receing it, with “UNCLAIMED, DON’T ACCEPT OFFER TO CONTRACT, NO CONSENT = NO CONTRACT” written on the face of the envelope.

4. Keep the attached material at your fingertips as evidence you don’t have to wear a mask, reserve your right to not be vaccinated, can travel where & when you like

5. If the police or anyone else claim Martial Law is in effect, you can ask
“What is the cause of the Martial law declaration? Is it the CV Scamdemic? Where’s the massive amounts of deaths. Where is the pandemic? You know its false don’t you? Therefore the Martail law declaration is not bona fide is it? It’s not based on a legitimate cause of action. Ok, so there’s no martial law at all is there. I reserve my right to do ……..”

6. Don’t go out in singles. You are easy pickings. Always go out as a small group & with a recorder 7 know how to get film footage to Bitchute ASAP

7. Massive passive resistance

8. Don’t waer a mask! You want to poison yourself? There are more bugs coming from your mouth than your arse but would you breath the fumes from your arse? NO way!

9. Goes without saying, don’t get va..ccinated

10. Step up folks. It’s your future & your children’s future at stake

11. Rallies! We need national co-ordinators – for rallies in all big cities commencing on the same day to go for a week or longer, where everyone brings pots, pans 7 tins & bangs them for 24/7 until the gov capitulates. It takes massive action guys. The Danes did it! They’re free now. No more lockdowns in Denmark.

Together, we the people, can overcome this tyranny overnight if we pull together.

12. Let’s orgaise a 1,000 car, no 5,000 car rally to go through the NSW/Qld border. Let the numbers overwhelm the pol…ice. Anyone that attracts a fine, post it back! Nobody pays illegal fines…
– The corporation that issues them is unqualified. Police work as foreign mercinaries – impersonating State or federal police officers
– Courts are the same. There is no Australian Court in Australia. Not a one! All fraud

Is time the people woke up. We are being fleeced of our energy & productivity. STOP IT & NOW!

Can we get 5,000 cars ready for a date in around 1 week’s time – to be announced hours before the day 7 time to crash through the border?

This is manpower – the people speaking by their action.
Is there anyone with time to organise?

Kindest Regards
Solutions Empowerment