Tweed Heads - Rules of the Game Part 2


Do YOU know how to “Hold Your Position” & attain closure & settlement?

Are you able to settle any issue privately?

Can you protect your property, wealth & “person”?

Do you know the strongest jurisdiction of law?

Do you know how to apply remedies, principles of equity,

in any situation to attain a favorable settlement?

Do YOU know how to “Hold Your Position” & win!

Protect yourself, your family & your estate from corporate pirates & predators!


 Daunted or intimidated by oppressive “authorities”?

 Want to know how to STOP or deal with it?

 Want to know how to successfully SETTLE outstanding matters privately & quickly?

 Tired & had enough of the alleged authority’s demands on your limited time & cash?

 Been “cleaned up” in court by public “authorities” & want to win against them?

 Ever wondered what rights you have, IF ANY?

Looking for practical solutions to implement IMMEDIATELY?

YOU have ALL the authority you need to settle ANY Claim, Liability or Issue but may only lack the knowledge, skills or processes to execute it!

The “RULES OF THE GAME – Part 2” Workshop focuses on:

 How to address police to prevent issuing of infringements.

 How to facilitate withdrawal of infringements & fines.

 How to address courts & have charges withdrawn in criminal (traffic) matters.

 How to address courts, set ground work to have civil proceedings withdrawn or discontinued.

 How to “HOLD YOUR POSITION” – stop any attempt by an adversary to steam roll or “fleece” you.

 How to achieve private settlements with any adversary at a round table meeting.

 With abundant role plays to see winning strategies at work!

$179 per attendee, genuine spouse $50. Early Bird Special $159 if Paid by 12th July.

Children under 18 can attend for FREE when accompanied by a paying adult

Book your ticket today before they sell out!

AND confirm your attendance at:

Payment may be made to:  Bendigo Bank Name: Solutions Trust. BSB: 633000  Acc: 151063328


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