I have seen some horrendous events of late where jabbed people have dropped & died on the spot, where shop keepers are harassed by purported “authorities” (but are not), police & soldiers. The country is insane!

1. Say “No, I don’t consent”, however gov no longer asks for consent & the employees of gov ask the kids direct & brow beat them until they accept the jab. It’s dangerous for the kids to be at school so now I suggest:

2. Take the kids out of school while they are still alive & healthy 7 bring them up at home, or

3. The parent go to school with a copy of a document titled Notice of Liability (have examples of letters on Freebies section) and get the Principal to sign the letter so he accepts liability personally for any sickness, illness, injury or death of your kids. They won’t sign it, therefore neither are your children required to be jabbed

4. educate the teacher & the principal.
SARS-CoV2 has NEVER yet been isolated, so if it doesn’t exist, how can there be a disease? (see attached THREE separate FOI that state – there is no evidence of CV isolation)
If it doesn’t exist, why jab someone for something that doesn’t exist?
If the jab doesn’t prevent anyone from catching a cold, why have the jab?

Here’s the real killer shot for you:

5 August 2021 Administrative Appeals Tribunal Decision by Justice White in
Rex patrick v Scott Moron aka Secretary, Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet

The wonderful decision that reverberated around the freedom movement is:

The national Cabinet that Morrison operates out of to bring about all the scamdemic lockdown directions is not the Federal cabinet and is not a committee of the Federal cabinet, being that;

1. there is no proper or formal process followed to validate its legitimate existence, and

2. To qualify as a committee of the federal cabinet, the members must all be Federal Ministers which the national cabinet fails on, by reason only Scott Moron is a member whereas all other members are State Ministers

The repercussions of this almighty decision (there is still a smidgen of remedy in these fake Aussie courts) is

That all the directions & legislation issued from the national cabinet is totally void, and essential a fraud by reason of duping the people into thinking the whole lockdown process was legal & lawful when the facts show it NEVER WAS!

So you are free to do as you will, travel, associate, socialise, shop whatever.

On another point, what the hell is the army on the Qld/NSW borders for when the army is Federal jurisdiction & can be invoked to perform local tasks only from orders at a Federal level? Yet the State Premier apparently ordered the troops in, when she has zero authority to do so!

The soldiers are committing treason against the people (whom they’ve foresworn to protect) & the Commonwealth while breaching their oath of office, breaching the Constitution & are renegade – essentially mercenaries of a foreign occupying force.

You only need ask them at the borders
“aren’t you foresworn to protect the people of Australia?
Do you not serve the people of Australia?

How do you claim authority to lock the borders when;

1. There is no foreign threat

2. The party that allegedly moved for your services is a State Premier, and not the Governor General, prime Minister or even the Defence Minister? Aren’t you out of jurisdiction & committing offences against the people and the Commonwealth?

3. Is your chief boss not the Governor General? If so, why do you defy, ignore & disrespect the GG’s directions, as per entry on my passport, to assist me in every capacity to travel throughout the Commonwealth?

Can you not be Court Martialled for delinquency and dereliction of duty?”

It’s becoming increasingly dangerous these days to get around & simply exercise your rights & people really need to step up & learn to exercise their rights. All the material people need are in any of several recorded webinars.

I suggest folks copy & paste this message, study it & internalise the questions so you are armed & ready when confronted by any pirate or mercenary while on your travels.

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