Solutions Empowerment Protocol on Questions

1. Watch the appropriate webinars, which were designed to leverage the founder’s time & take the overload from the founder,
2. Ask the question within the member’s area where relevant as several members are competent to help answer the questions
3. For some questions, the answer/s can be found by conducting a Google (or DuckDuckGo) search,
4. Some answers can be identified by looking deep within the inner-self and reflecting on personal judgement,
5. Our support team may assist in basic questions where the above are not helpful (form is below),
6. Multiple and more complex questions can be answered by making an appointment with a Solutions Empowerment (S E) consultant, and
7. On the very rare occasion and where the above were insufficient the founder may attempt to assist

Please note: with many thousands of members and ten thousand non members on the S E database, it is impossible for the founder to address all the incoming questions.

Please note 2: S E is not a free legal service nor can it be as the Consultants are paid by S E.

Please respect S E was created as a self help resource to assist as many people as possible who otherwise had no alternative option/s to deal with current outstanding issues.